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    So I am a GW veteran with service in southwest Asia Persian Gulf area. I have been out of service since 2004. I have had muscle and joint pain symptoms of Fibro over the past few years and was just recently diagnosis by a VA rheumatologist with Fibromyalgia. I have no documentation of this condition or related symptoms in my STR, unless TMJ joint pain systems would be a consideration? My question: since I didn't have any symptoms of Fibro on active duty, can I file a claim as "Fibromyalgia presumptive to service in the Gulf War/southwest Asia"? WOULD APPRECIATE ANY GUIDANCE!
  2. Valid increase? I am was rated service connected 20% percent for prostate enlargement and received an increase to 40% percent 7 years later for urinary frequency more than 11 times per day and over 5 times at night. I have now recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Would this be a case for a claim for an increases in my disability? Can anybody help with this one?
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