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  1. What a great reply. Thank you for that. It is very much appreciated.
  2. I am not really sure what the remand instructions all mean, and I didn't know what the C&P was for until I got there. It just popped up the other day on ebenefits, how long does it take these things to move along after the C&P is made available, or does that even mean anything? Thanks in advance. I am slow. so be patient with any replies. Redacted Decision Letter.pdf
  3. THANK you. Answered my question very well. Glad to hear I can transition them to CHAMPVA when they are ineligable for Tricare at that age. you rock!
  4. I am sorry, was this a response to my question?
  5. Thank you! Yeah, we will live an hour away from a base...one I was stationed at when I met her.
  6. My question is more along the lines on if we are required to use the Tricare because of her retired status or if we have an option. If we have an option which one is commonly thought of as "better".
  7. So back story. I am 100%P&T, but my wife is being medically retired from Army, and we have 2children under 18 and one 18yr old living at home going to school. I am curious how the coverage works. During her out-processing they said she has to make a choice in which Tricare she is going to go with. Do we not have a choice between Champva vs Tricare? Thank you for the help. I did read the FAQ but wasn't sure if rules have changed with any of the latest changes passed by congress.
  8. So this was a response I got from my VSO when I notified her I filed a claim for "ED secondary to PTSD" and asked about the retroactive rating since it was listed in a C&P back in 2011. " A claim is filed for when you file for it. There isn't a such thing in this regard (ED secondary to PTSD) as an implied claim. Implied claims are ED secondary to Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 as this is VERY typically associated. You can claim whatever. It would have nice to run it by your VSO prior to filing after all this is what I am here for ( to offer insight). To answer
  9. So I already have a date for a C&P for next week. So I noticed in my records I had a C&P in 2011 that identified E.D. as being caused by my medications, should it have been rated then? Is there a way to have this rating retroactive if granted? It was also noted another 13 times in records since 2011 by both Psych and Primary care. Just curious. Thank you all for your comments and Happy Holidays!
  10. This is yet another ED post. I just wanted your thoughts on if I should have a DBQ or Nexus letter done, and who should fill it out, my VA provider or since I am still a Dependent have my PCM at the army medical center complete one of the two? (Backstory) I was diagnosed with PTSD w/Anxiety & Depression after an Iraq deployment in 2006, a year later another event on another deployment further caused trauma and that's when my ED and psychotropic medication started. I got out in 2011 and worked with VA providers to resolve the issue by changing medications. In 2015 I began being prescrib
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