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  1. Good afternoon All and Thank you all for your service!I do not have any awards as of yet but for those who do how common is it for the VA to initiate/open a dependency claim while your compensation claim is still active? I submitted a FDC on 1/17/2017 and it included the 21-686c for Status of Dependents. Is this a good sign for potential service connection award for those familiar or working at VA?I was in the USAF Reserves and have been out since May 2012.There was a suspense date for the dependency claim of 5/2/17, asking for a "rating" (assuming associated with my compensation claim), howev
  2. Do presumptive chronic conditions typically have language regarding direct service connection for the medical opinion?
  3. I'm sure this is a very anxious period for you, however it sounds like you may need additional help based on your last statement... And i did read that you have depression. I'll pray for you, for internal peace and guidance, regardless of the outcome. I'm going through my initial claim as well and have read some horror stories as well. Be well...
  4. Hello,I am filing for presumptive SC for hypertension; working with VSO and my readings and diagnosis fit within the criteria for disabling (at least 10%) within 1 year of discharge from active duty, but the medical opinion from my c&p states there is no "direct service connection". Has anyone experienced this before? Will the VSR ask for another medical opinion based on presumptive SC or is this how the medical opinions are always worded regardless? Here is verbiage directly from the physician's medical opinion strictly for hypertension: SC:MEDICAL OPINION SUMMARY--------------
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