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    1151 Claim

    Thank you for your replies! When I first filed, I was told by the VSO that I could not file against Univ of MO and found out 2 years later that I could and/or should. The two year filing limit was already up. I couldn't get an outside opinion because of the complexities of the case. I had a knee replacement that went horribly wrong. The VA worked on it until they had it beyond their capabilities to make it right. They referred me to Univ of MO. I ended up having 4 knee revisions and finally an amputation. Three of those surgeries were within 6 months. I am trying to prove the fact that the damage was started at the VA but since the amputation was because of an infection, they are denying it. They assume I contracted the infection at Univ of MO. Since the VA is an educational partner with Univ of MO I never would have thought that the VA would not be responsible. I ended up with metal from my hip to my ankle and was very unstable before the infection showed up. I feel like most of the reviewers of my case assume that the first revision took place because of an infection. The latest denial included the same law that Buck52 pointed out. I don't have a way of scanning it. It says that I would prevail if the damage was at a VA facility. Isn't the VA essentially furnishing care if they pay for it? This is so complicated. I have a hearing with a DRO on Dec 14 and then it's on to the court. I have never been able to meet with my rep from DAV and he doesn't talk much on the phone. He wants to spend 30 minutes with me before the hearing and that's it. What is an IME/IMO?
  2. Pegleg

    1151 Claim

    Thanks so much for the info!!! I've been searching and searching for months. Bless you
  3. Pegleg

    1151 Claim

    My claim was denied because they VA said the damage was done by their educational partner, Univ of Missouri and not at a V facility. The VA sent me there and paid for the 5 surgeries and above knee amputation. Has anyone faced this type of denial?
  4. I had my right leg amputated after a knee replacement. All surgeries (6) were performed at a VA hospital or their educational partners. I filed the claim in NC because I was residing there at the time. I had to move to MO and now The NC VSO says they can't represent me and the MO VSO told me that a change in representation will cause my claim to be back logged. I filed the NOD myself because I couldn't get help from the NC VSO. It was filed last February at the regional office in Winston Salem NC. Each call I make the same script is read to me about it taking 291 days. That has lapsed and I can't even find out if they have the correct address although I've tried several times to update it online, by phone and change of address form. I really need some advice.
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