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  1. @Berta Not a Vietnam Veteran. I was service connect for depression and anxiety summer of 2017.
  2. I'm still learning the process, does retro date start the date of submission of packet to BCRN?
  3. Not a Vietnam Veteran but I was service connected for depression/anxiety last summer (2017).
  4. Hello to all, First I want to thank everyone for all their advice, input and expressing your experiences. Very helpful to us all. I contacted the BCNR last week via email to confirm the status of my case (attempting to change personality disorder to secretarial authority). Their reply yesterday via email was: "Mr. Carter, Good morning. I boarded your case on 4 August 2018 and have submitted the necessary paperwork to my supervisor for review. Once he is finished, it will be given to the Executive Director for final signature. Once signed, it will be mailed to you and to NPC for
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