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  1. My Combat Action Ribbon was not entered on my DD-214 when I left active duty. Later, in the Reserves, I was essentially told the same thing you were..."no big deal, we know you got the CAR...just wear the ribbon". Of course, it was no big deal to them and, at the time, me neither. We were all still serving. That was just more paperwork. Afterwards, though, I was a full time civilian with service connected issues I needed help with and, suddenly, I wished my CAR was on my DD-214. It took multiple attempts over the course of more than a dozen years before I got them to correct my DD-214. My
  2. I know this thread is a little old now, but I was looking for someone who has filed for and been awarded service connection for bruxism. I do not have a diagnosis (yet), but have had bruxism for years. I have multiple broken teeth and some missing from where I have destroyed them from the grinding. I don't only grind my teeth during sleep, but often times I do it during the day, as well. I was just awarded SC for PTSD earlier this year and would like to file a claim for bruxism as secondary to the PTSD. There's little doubt in my mind that they're related. Anyway, my real question is, how
  3. I am still awaiting the notification letter with full details but, according to eBenefits, they have denied my claim for hypertension secondary to PTSD. The basis of my claim was not so much that the PTSD caused the hypertension (although I suspect it may have), but that my PTSD aggravates the hypertension. It looks like the decision was based on the C&P examiners opinion that my hypertension is caused by my weight, rather than my PTSD. His notes do not address the issue of the one aggravating the other. I guess I'll appeal the decision, although I'm not sure how that process works, or rea
  4. eBenefits now shows that I was sent a letter of notification, plus under my "disabilities" tab, it now lists a decision for my three latest claims. It appears that they have service connected my hearing loss at 0%, which was the most I could have expected on that one. Basically, I just wanted to go ahead and get it service connected to save the hassle down the road if/when my hearing deteriorates into the the compensable range of loss. My sleep apnea secondary to PTSD has been "deferred". I know what the word deferred means, but I don't understand what it means in this particular context
  5. I just checked eBenefits this morning and it says my claim has now gone to "Preparation for Notification". So, they apparently have made their decision - right at a month from the date I filed the claims. Nothing is showing yet to indicate whether the claims were awarded or denied, but the way this all rolled out doesn't leave me with much confidence in a positive outcome. My sleep apnea diagnosis was done by a VA contractor, but it was a home sleep study, not the full blown in-clinic study. I would think if they were serious about examining my case, they would have set up a C&P Exam
  6. I just had two C&P exams this morning and am trying to keep a positive mindset, but the glass looks half empty to me. Maybe someone else can offer some insight on my situation. Since April, I have been rated at 60%; 50% for PTSD and 10% for tinnitus. The claims process for those went pretty smoothly, really, and I was awarded my disability ratings in very short time. I have since then filed three additional claims. My intent to file was back in April, but I submitted the claims on July 25. These three claims are for hypertension secondary to PTSD, sleep apnea secondary to PTSD and for
  7. I was recently rated at 60%, about a month ago, 50% of which is for PTSD. The notes/results from my C&P exams never showed up on myHealtheVet, even when my claim was closed out, up until today. So, I'd already started drawing my compensation before I'd ever known, or seen, exactly what was in my C&P results. All I knew is that my claims were awarded. So, today I'm reading the results from my Mental Health C&P Exam and it says that I have PTSD and Moderate Depression Disorder as a secondary result. Of course, there is only one combined mental health rating and it's 50%, like I
  8. Okay. Even if it's a slim chance, I'll file the claim for hearing loss, now that I know it's possible to get more than a 0% rating. The impression I had been given was that they would just rate you at 0% and give you some hearing aids, which seemed like a waste of time if they would give me the hearing aids anyway. I definitely have hearing loss, but it's been about 9 years since my last hearing test and that was at a MEPS Center. I have no idea how to retrieve those records. At the time, though, I was told that I barely passed and the person said they would be surprised if I would, or co
  9. My MOS (Navy rating, actually) is listed as "low" for noise exposure, unfortunately, but I don't understand why. By its very nature, living on a ship exposes a person to an inordinate amount of noise, particularly if that ship also operates jet aircraft and fires very large guns. Seems like it would be based more on the environment of where you were stationed, in addition to what your job was. Regardless, they did approve me for tinnitus, so I guess they must have conceded that I had high noise exposure, or maybe they granted it because of my PTSD. Apparently, there's also a connection between
  10. I already filed and won for tinnitus and PTSD. The heart of my question is, if they give you free hearing aids anyway, what's the point in filing for hearing loss, if the reward for your trouble is just the free hearing aids you were already eligible for.
  11. I registered my intent to file a claim for hearing loss, but now I'm wondering if there's really any point. I was just granted 60% disability, so the VA should provide the majority of my health care at no cost now, right? I read somewhere that if your rating gets you free health care, that includes free hearing aids, regardless of whether or not you are rated for hearing loss. It's my understanding that there is no financial compensation for hearing loss, anyway. If you win your claim, they just give you the hearing aids for free. So, now I'm wondering if there's really any point in filin
  12. I just applied for Voc Rehab, which certainly doesn't make me an expert (I haven't heard back from them yet, either). However, in reading up on it, I'm pretty sure the language is something to the effect of "12 months from notification of your disability rating". You can just go on their publicly accessible webpage and double check that, but if I'm recalling correctly, it seems like having your date adjusted back 12 years shouldn't effect your eligibility in any regard, since the relevant notifications are all contemporary. In fact, when I read through their info the first time, I assumed that
  13. I had never set foot in a VA facility, or sought any help from the VA, until June of 2016 when I went in for my Gulf War screening exam. Doing so got me into the VA system and at that point, I signed up to get a Primary Care Physician to begin the process of addressing ongoing health issues, most of which I attribute to my military service. Also, in July, I registered my intent to file a claim for PTSD. In November, I added an intent to file for Tinnitus. After being referred for a mental health screening, I was, in fact, diagnosed with PTSD in December and in January I was sent to a series of
  14. Well, they have yet to enter the notes from my PTSD C&P exam, but as of today, they have closed out my two claims. I was online to renew a prescription through the VA and decided to check my blue button for the C&P exam record. Still nothing, almost a month later. Then I decided to check the status of my claim, which is usually an exercise in anger management, because they keep inexplicably pushing the estimated date of completion farther back. I was shocked to see that, coincidentally, they just closed out my claims today. Of course, I haven't gotten the letter/decision packet yet, bu
  15. I have two claims in process and have recently done the C&P Exams for both. The first one was a couple of weeks ago, which was a tinnitus exam, conducted solely over the phone. I asked the lady if I didn't need to go see anyone and she said, no, there's valid test for tinnitus, so they just do the phone interview. I already knew they couldn't medically test for tinnitus, but was still a little surprised that I didn't have to go in for some kind of appointment. At the end of the phone conversation, the person said a decision should be made on my claim in approximately 6-8 weeks. On Mon
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