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  1. I know this thread is a little old now, but I was looking for someone who has filed for and been awarded service connection for bruxism. I do not have a diagnosis (yet), but have had bruxism for years. I have multiple broken teeth and some missing from where I have destroyed them from the grinding. I don't only grind my teeth during sleep, but often times I do it during the day, as well. I was just awarded SC for PTSD earlier this year and would like to file a claim for bruxism as secondary to the PTSD. There's little doubt in my mind that they're related. Anyway, my real question is, how
  2. Well, they have yet to enter the notes from my PTSD C&P exam, but as of today, they have closed out my two claims. I was online to renew a prescription through the VA and decided to check my blue button for the C&P exam record. Still nothing, almost a month later. Then I decided to check the status of my claim, which is usually an exercise in anger management, because they keep inexplicably pushing the estimated date of completion farther back. I was shocked to see that, coincidentally, they just closed out my claims today. Of course, I haven't gotten the letter/decision packet yet, bu
  3. I have two claims in process and have recently done the C&P Exams for both. The first one was a couple of weeks ago, which was a tinnitus exam, conducted solely over the phone. I asked the lady if I didn't need to go see anyone and she said, no, there's valid test for tinnitus, so they just do the phone interview. I already knew they couldn't medically test for tinnitus, but was still a little surprised that I didn't have to go in for some kind of appointment. At the end of the phone conversation, the person said a decision should be made on my claim in approximately 6-8 weeks. On Mon
  4. Hi, I've been reading these boards off and on for a while, but just recently registered. I'm a Navy vet, served 4 years on active duty from 1988-1992 and was in the Gulf War (Desert Shield/Storm). Did some reserve time, as well, but was never activated or deployed as a reservist. Until July 2016, I had never set foot in a VA facility, or sought any type of help/attention from them. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have waited 25 years, but I guess that was the result of a combination of factors. So, in November, I submitted a eClaim (or whatever it's called) for PTSD. I believe I'
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