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  1. Thanks, very grateful to have this benefit but, don't want to use it if it's not going to get me where I need to be at the end.
  2. Hello, I was approved for Voc Rehab with the conditions of Serious Employment Handicap. They granted me 14 months and was wondering if it's possible to get more? I've gone to school previously and used up my GI Bill and went to an unaccredited school. None of my credits will transfer and won't be able to get a Degree within 14 months, maybe a certification. Anyone use the 14 months to learn something new like being a VSO or Rehab Counselor?
  3. I've been going back and forth with HR and Doctors Office for little over a year now to allow me to work from home. Speaking with HR, I've been grilled as though, I was making up my disability. They gave me a form for Reasonable Accommodations and gave it to my Neuro Surgeon 3x. Each time, I get confirmation from the Doctors office it has been faxed but, my HR never gets it and turns in to a loop. And, I got frustrated and gave up. Dropped off the Reasonable Accommodations letter again last week with another doctor in the same practice who performed my hip surgery, and is well aware of my situation. Waiting to hear back and see if it ever makes it through. Being able to work from home a couple of days and attend physical therapy might help in the short term, while, I work with my physicians, Voc Rehab and gather all my evidence to file for TDUI.
  4. I do have long term disability insurance but, have returned to work in fear of getting laid off or replaced. Thanks, I had to reschedule my Voc Rehab appointment due to my disability from 3 months ago and going in the next couple of weeks. Will discuss my options with the counselor.
  5. Currently rated at 60% and was previously rated at 20% since 2001 through 2017. My rating(s) is for lumbar disc disease and then for a spinal fusion. With my spinal fusion in 2017, I've got nerve damage on my left leg and then had hip surgery in 2018 to help elevate the chronic pain in my leg. This hasn't improved much and dealing with chronic pain every day is miserable. Over the past 2 years, I've missed countless days of work and have been very fortunate not to be fired yet. This last stretch, I had to take off 11 weeks of FMLA due to a deep depression and medication withdrawal due to one of the medications that were prescribed to me for nerve pain. I've been white knuckling the pain and trying to live and work, but it's becoming too much, impacting my health and mental state. After, speaking to two of my doctors (psychiatrist ongoing since 2006) & (therapist past year) they both have seen my downward decline and mentioned, that I shouldn't be working. I also recently submitted new claims/secondary claims for major depression, anxiety, increases for radiculopathy in both legs and for my hip surgery. Not sure if I should wait it out and see how all of these pans out or, just jump to what needs to be done and apply for TDUI. With all the above should I apply for TDUI and would a lawyer help with my claim? I personally think I have enough proof but don't want to be one of the many who gets denied and drag this out over the years.
  6. Thanks for through answer @acesup Yes, after my surgery, was given only 3 months temporary 100% and given a rating increase from 20% to 60%. Filed all my medical records for 3 years of treatments + surgery records. They did backdate from the date of surgery and not the date, I opened the claim for an increase, which was nice. I have everything on file and even opened a claim with my job through MetLife where it describes why I had to miss work, and what the problems where. My doctor had me slowly wing off cymbalta in increments. Went from 60mg down to 50..40..30.. 20.. 0 and one hell of a roller coaster ride on the way down. Now I am dealing with the nerve pain and having a really hard time. Submitted for an increase for Siatic and new claim for Major Depression & Anxiety with Nexus.
  7. After my spinal fusion, I was Rx the medication Cymbalta. This was supposed to help with my nerve pain and from the depression from the surgery. I took the medication for around a year and noticed that I had a lot of side effects (fatigue, headaches, brain snaps, and overall feeling something wasn't right) I tried to decrease from 60mg down to 30mg to wing myself off and this caused me to fall into a major depression, and feel like I was having a constant hangover. This lasted for weeks and I ended up missing around 11 weeks of work. during this time, I had to slowly decrease the dose to eventually overcome the dependency my body had built up to it. (It was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through). Now I am completely off the medication. My question is, would I be able to file a claim for 100% during the time I was off work? I have a service connection to my lower back and was in bad shape during the time off from work. Bed rest 100% of the time because of the effects of the withdrawals.
  8. Thank you broncovet! I really appreciate your feedback.
  9. Thanks, I am being treated for depression for my chronic pain. Will look into a Nexus letter from each doctor. Pretty sad when I have 3-4 different doctors treating me for my various conditions
  10. Hello, I recently went from 20% to 60% from a recent spinal fusion (1.5 years ago). Processed my claim online and prefer to do things myself. Find it more effective. Now, I need some advice from the pros about Secondary Conditions. - I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my hip due to my Degenerative Disc Disease in my spine. And, just had surgery on my left hip for a labral tear. Also, having a hard time mentally due to the chronic pain as I have nerve damage on my left side ( had a nerve test done and have documentation to back this up). Work has been rough and they aren’t being the best to accommodate my symptoms and allowing me to work from home. Life has been pretty crappy How should I proceed with filing for these secondary conditions? Do I need to have my Doctor(s) fill out a DBQ and submit a personal statement or, submit my records from my doctor and a nexus letter?
  11. Yes, I went from 20% to 60% after the decision and can see the new ratings. Just curious how they came up with the retro pay and convalescent pay. Would like to look over the break down as it seems a little off and would like to appeal if they didn't pay me out correctly.
  12. My case was closed on 7/06/2017 and shows as Decision Letter Sent. I still have yet to receive my letter. Anyone else's letter taking forever?
  13. Little update. The claim was closed and checked online. I have a combined rating of 60% now. Was previously at 20%. - Waiting for the decision letter to come in and see if I was approved for 3 months of total disability. Was on bed rest after my surgery. Now to start on my other claims. Thanks for all the great info provided here on the site.
  14. Hello, I have submitted my secondary claim due to a recent surgery that was service connected. And now I am wondering if I could open another claim due to complications from a discectomy I had while in service. I recently underwent a spinal fusion and was it supposed to be a routine surgery (2 hours), but the Doctor ran into complications due to my previous surgery and the surgery ended up taking a total of 6 hours and with a longer hospital stay and recovery time. On top of that, I now have permanent nerve damage. How would I approach this from a claims perspective? Should, I wait until my claim is finished for my increase (awaiting decision), or speak with a VA Lawyer on how to pursue? I have all the documentation from my doctor's surgical report. And included it in my initial rating increase. But would like to file separately? Thanks again for all the helpful advice
  15. Had my C&P Exam... took all my paperwork with me. the assistant who was taking the notes prior to being seen by the doctor only looked at the first 2 pages out of 3 years worth of progress reports and surgery report. The doctor was ok, she glanced over the paperwork, ended up asking me all the questions about why I was there and symptoms. Seemed to work in my favor as my symptoms were flaring up and they could see I was in a lot of pain. My major rant is with the company/contractor who scheduled my appointments. They left me a voicemail with all the instructions. (not very clear) and never sent me any paperwork. At each appointment, I was asked for paperwork and had to explain to them I never got them and ended up wasting a lot of time and missed work due to them not being very clear. Ended up missing an appointment, but went in the next day as I though I would be able to go as they explained. WRONG! Called and they said the if you miss an appointment they CAN NOT reschedule and they have to submit my file as is. Is this true? was for Xrays? (I have X-Rays and MRI images all on disc from my primary doctor) So I am not concerned.
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