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  1. Interesting. I will just wait to see what my packet says. What if i don't agree with everything stated such as housebound and SMC and I dont think I need it? Would it be a regular appeal? or is it something that can be done quickly especially if it's a financial hardship issue? EDIT: If i go to school 5 days a week and study all day there, obviously im not housebound nor need any SMC.
  2. What does that entail? I currently don't work, I just attend school. Quit all my jobs since separation because of combined stress.
  3. Here is some screenshots, kind of confused as to the different effective dates.
  4. Okay, I am still waiting for my notification letter, it was barely sent out on Friday. However, I will be calling my regional VA Tuesday to ask them about it. I filed within a year of discharge and my effective date is set for the day after my discharge so I should definitely be getting all that backpay aswell. Do they normally send one big check or how does that normally work?
  5. Not housebound, How would I find out about is there is any SMCs? My individual ratings were 50% migraine, 10% scar, 100% mental.
  6. Hello everybody, My claim was recently completed and I received a 100% rating overall. It says my monthly compensation amount is $3425.99. I only have my spouse added onto the claim. Why would this amount be well over the official $3068 with a spouse?
  7. So actually, my claim just finished way ahead of what the commonality is on this forum. I think we need to take into account the difference between modern electronic medical records and old carbon copies. My claim just finished today at exactly the 115 day mark and it WAS NOT a FDC. I even got way more of a rating than I was expecting/brainwashed to expect. It seems the only people who have any real issues with claims when you served pre 2000's to be honest and I personally give the VA lots of credit because I'm in shock.
  8. It actually seems like that 115-122 days mark is spot on currently. I would give the VA more credit nowadays. My claim just moved onto the Prep for notification today and its at 110 days so far since i submitted it back in October. A lot of my friends also have had their claims done in as little as 2 months up to 6 months just this last year.
  9. So I got on the chat with the VA, and she confirmed that they are awaiting C&P Exams still. I guess QTC medical obviously hasn't send them over yet for some reason.
  10. Okay, I figured it might be something of that nature. I had all 3 of my C&P exams last week but this has been like this for maybe 5 weeks now. I'll grab the records from that one visit in December and upload them and also find out exactly what the VA is requesting (via chat or...what phone number exactly?)
  11. Hello, So this has been on my profile for awhile now and the due date always just get set back in increments of 9-11 days about 3 times already. Is anybody familiar with this? I've been treated once at a VA facility near me, would that be any records from that facility possibly that I just need to assist with and upload? What does this mean? Appreciate any input you guys may have.
  12. Mine was not a fully developed claim. The C&P exams were done by QTC medical on Monday and on Wednesday this week. There is nothing yet uploaded to MyHealthevet as of yet. But I will post the exams once I obtain them, is the process different for QTC? Also, another question; What about this button? If I submitted all my evidence and had my C&P exams done; doesn't it make sense to hit this button ---> Ask VA to decide claim
  13. Hello everybody, I'm very new to the claims process and had just submitted my claim October 20th last year. This week I was scheduled and finished all my C&P exams (3 of them). What can I expect as a wait time once the exams are finished for a decision? I've read usually within a month to couple months? VA estimated time for completion of claim is between 5/17 and 9/17. Not too sure how accurate that is considering I've already gotten my C&P exams done only 2.5 months into my claim. Also, I'm not familiar with any of the terminologies used and abbreviations. I'm in the VA
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