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  1. Hi All, I appreciate any tips or advice on how to win my claim! Here is a basic overview: 1. Got denied for Lumbar condition even though I clearly have it documented from '05 until my retirement in '12 with diagnosis of Lumbar strain and chronic pain shown. I literally have two medical records that give a summary of my history of pain going back for 4 years since the initial ER visit in '05, with no prior history of back issues. 2. VA claim decision states in part "the evidence does not show a chronic disability during service nor after active duty, therefore service connection is denied....although there is a record of treatment for thoracolumbar spine condition, no permanent residual or chronic disability subject to service connection is shown by the service medical records or demonstrated by evidence following service..." 3. NOD is due by August 15, 2018 - does anyone believe that I can get that overturned at the Regional level? I have a doctor about to write a nexus opinion and with a current MRI diagnosis of DDD (stenosis and bulging disc, radial tear, foraminal narrowing) of Lumbar region, taking inflammatory meds for pain and valiums for spasms, seeing Physical Therapy recently as well. Regards!
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