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  1. I posted a question in one section for another condition. But I am interested to know another answer for another claimed condition question. My claim would fall under CFR 3.317. I'm already 80% combined. I went to the WRIISC last April and was given a lot of info on my conditions. All was really only to improve my health, and it has. Now I feel my health has improved as much as possible, I am prepared to file a claim and seek compensation for items that aren't getting any better. I have at least 2 types of headaches - Cluster and migraine. They are occupationally debilitating and I take 2 types of medication and have to carry a high flow oxygen tank in my company vehicle for when they manifest. I was originally denied as there were no complaints in service, and migraines are a diagnosed condition and do not fall under CFR 3.317. However, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 0% and plan on filing an increase as I'm on meds, and have constant pain and it's still no refractory to therapy. The headaches are going to be a secondary condition to the fibromyalgia. Is this the best path to take? My other issue. I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy. I do not have diabetes, nor any indications I'm pre-diabetic. There are some studies that show a correlation between neuropathy, gulf war veterans and fibromyalgia. This disease in contrast to the others is very disabling as well so I feel entitled to compensation for it. Especially since there is a strong correlation between neuropathy and toxic exposure. But I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with a claim on it or not? Thanks for any guidance.
  2. Here is what the pulmonologist wrote in my notes. "He is a 45-year-old white male nonsmoker, who was referred to pulmonary clinic for evaluation of reactive airways disease/asthma. He had no history of asthma or breathing problems prior to exposure to oil fires and other fumes during the Gulf War 19901991. He failed his exercise test because of shortness of breath in 1997 and was discharged from the Army Reserves. CT scan of the chest was done to exclude the possibility of pulmonary emphysema, interstitial pulmonary fibrosis or mixed dust pneumoconiosis as the cause of his lung disease with his significant history of exposure to oil fires and other noxious fumes. " I likely will be following broncovets advice. I need to gain the evidence first though. My chain of evidence will include my lay statement of my exposures to oil well fires, organophosphate pesticides, burning diesel fuel and human feces, burn pits and dust storms among any others that I can think of. i'll also include how this is affecting my life and occupation. I'll also need to get a pulmonologist to look at me records and offer his/her nexus statement that based on my HX of nonsmoker and occupation that it's as least likely as not related to my exposures of military service. I am open for any tips or suggestions that may help with this. And of course, if you think it's a waste of time please let me know and I'll reverse my course.
  3. I was deployed to ODS so I fall under CFR 3.317. However, I'm thinking since it's diagnosed, then it would need a nexus to service. I will try and get the last docs note word for word. But in my opinion he did state only that I had HX of exposure to oil fires and dust storms during deployment to SWA.
  4. I'm an 80% combined PTSD, IBS, Fibro and Tinnitus. I have been dealing with SOB and breathing issues since I got out. I got out of the Reserves because I couldn't pass the PT test in the run. Anyway, fast forward to today and it's affecting my life and job. I'm on 3 different meds and a rescue inhaler. At 45, I never thought I would be in this bad shape. Plus, I do not have a HX of smoking or occupational exposure. What I can say is I have been exposed while deployed to numerous choking dust storms, oil well fires, noxious burning fuels, and burn pits. There are more items, but you can get the point. My lay statement is the only nexus I have. No in service connection in my SMR's. But I do have a DX from VA doctor who indicated the exposures in my notes. I'm considering filing for this. I am also considering getting an IMO before I file. I'm open to opinions to see if it's worth my time. I feel like my environmental exposures have contributed to this disease. Thanks
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