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  1. With my schedule, I don't have the time to do that before my NOD is due. I'll just submit what I have. Thanks for the replies.
  2. If you don't mind OP, can I ask if anyone knows whether Dr. Ellis will do an IMO without you going to their office. I don't think I'll be able to make it to his office before my appeal is due (June), but I'd like to submit the appeal with a good IMO.
  3. OK. It looks like I might have to have someone help me out with this then. I have a premium eBenefits account, but only the advanced myhealthevets account. I've tried following their directions to link the account, and I've tried logging in with my premium DS account, but I'm only getting a blank screen from there.
  4. I filed a claim for several issues. Some were approved, two were deferred, and a few were denied. I had some questions about the ones where I was denied. First issue is for my back. The VA's letter says: "Service connection may be granted for a disability which began in military service or was caused by some event or experience in service. A disability which began in service or was caused by some event in service must be considered "chronic" before service connection can be granted. Service treatment records dated October 11, 2012 and November 7, 2012 show minor back pain and/or stiffness. The medical opinion we received from Dr. [my doctor] M.D. indicates you have back pain, but does not provide a diagnosis for the lumbar spine. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not consider pain to be a disability that is subject to service connection without a definitive diagnosis. Objective findings at the VA exam reveal normal range of motion without painful motion of the thoracolumbar spine. The VA examiner informed there is insufficient pathology to support a diagnosis. Service connection for lumbar spine is denied because the evidence does not show that this condition was chronic on active duty and has persisted until the present, as a residual disability has not been clinically diagnosed." The other two issues read more or less the same. So I think I understand why I was denied. They are saying that I need to get a diagnosis, correct? I understand that even if this is service-connected it will probably be at 0% because I still have normal ROM, and I'm fine with that. The other thing is that they didn't reference two visits I made to our BAS in 2006 and 2007 for back pain. It looks like I'll have to correct that and see my doctor again.
  5. To piggyback on this, how do I get access to Blue Button? I have tried to link my premium eBenefits account, but it just goes to a blank screen when I try to connect to myhealthevet.
  6. OK, thanks for the replies everyone. Sounds like I just need to stay away from eBenefits for awhile. This is for knee and back issues that both began in service, so I guess it should go back to my intent to file. Thanks again.
  7. I just saw on eBenefits that some of what I claimed was service-connected. The effective date when I click 'Disabilities' is 1/27/2017 (Intent to File), but when I generate a letter it says "The effective date of the last change to your current award was: 12/01/2017." Is one more correct than the other, or do I need to just wait for my decision letter?
  8. My claim moved Prep for Decision, back to Gathering Evidence, then progressed again. I'm now at Preperation for Notification. I guess that means it's done and now I just wait until I get the letter in the mail?
  9. I didn't get a copy and don't know one way or the other if it was favorable. They only had me scheduled to cover 5/7 issues I'm claiming, and it didn't take long to get through everything. Mostly range of motion type stuff with some specific questions about each condition.
  10. I've read a few older topics on this, but is the VA's system any more accurate than it used to be? I had my C&P on 4 May, then last week my claim went to 'Preparation for Decision' with an estimated completion date of 5/18 - 5/27. My medical records were fairly well documented for most of the injuries I'm claiming, and I submitted a nexus letter from my PCP as well as some buddy letters. It seems like it's going a lot faster than I thought, but I'm not sure. My VA regional office is in Houston if that means anything. Thanks for running a great site (much better than the other one).
  11. I'm in a similar situation, except I don't have anything SC yet. Symptoms while in service, but no complaints. Diagnosed a few years after I separated. I'm working on getting buddy letters from everyone I can and I'm trying to cut my weight back down to where it was when I was in so they can't use that cop-out. It'll be an uphill battle for sure. CPAP is 50%, yes.
  12. The only medication I take is Motrin, which I eat like candy. I'll go ahead and submit for it with as much support as I can and see what happens. Appreciate it.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I wish I had listened to my wife when this stuff first popped up while I was on active duty. I'm sure I'm not alone in pushing it off because I didn't want to complain about being tired. Everyone is tired when you're doing patrols, shift work, early PT, etc and sleep apnea wasn't really well known, at least not by me. She finally convinced me to get a sleep study done, and I'm glad I did. Getting it treated is more important than the service connection. I'm filing claims for a few other things, but I don't know if I'd be able to use any of those things to connect it secondary. I'm thinking that I'll just drop the sleep apnea from my claim and focus on getting everything that's documented in my records approved first.
  14. I am planning to file a claim for sleep apnea after talking to my VSO. I was diagnosed with OSA last April, and separated early 2013. I don't have anything in my service medical records about sleep issues, so I understand that it will be an uphill battle. I've also gained weight since I got out, although I have lost weight since receiving my CPAP. I have a statement from my wife talking about my symptoms over the last 10 years and how I would never go to medical for it. I also have several buddy letters stating that I snored loud enough to wake them up, had to be moved into our server room to sleep, was tired and would doze off at work, napped during lunches and breaks, and woke often at night. I also have a buddy statement that verifies I spoke to a Corpsman in Iraq and was given an OTC sleep aid. We were attached to an infantry platoon and that never made it into my records. I have two videos that my wife took shortly before I separated that show me snoring loudly and sleeping with my mouth open. I also had weight issues off and on while I was in. I was assigned to BCP twice, and "diagnosed" with obesity a few times as well. My neck is the same size or smaller since I got out. If I'm able to give all this to a sleep specialist and get an opinion that it's likely that I had undiagnosed OSA while I was in, do I stand a chance at winning? The reason I ask is that I've been told by my VSO and my doctor that I probably won't win it because of my weight gain, and I'm considering pulling it off until I lose some more weight.
  15. I was diagnosed with a UPJ obstruction, which resulted in severe hydronephrosis and required the pyeloplasty. The hydronephrosis improved following the surgery, but scans still showed it occuring. I still get pain once in awhile, and have to use the bathroom just once every couple hours or less. My question is if hydronephrosis and freqent urination are two separate claims, or just one?
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