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  1. I have 4 months left into the navy . I've been seeing a psychologist at Behavior Health for the passed 3 years for adhd , social anxiety , and what I thought until now ... depression . I've been diagnosed as having MMD like 2 years ago but it isn't current but every other time I have a appointment I told to fill out that questionnaire that shows I wasn't doing well mentally . Apparently my doc didn't feel the need to order any meds for depression so I trusted his judgement even though I expressed verbally and on the questionnaires I wasn't good to go . Now doing some research of want I can claim , I see the depression symptoms for 50% and they line up perfectly for what i'm going through for the past 3 years . I guess what i'm trying to ask is Do I have to be prescribe medication for depression to claim any benefit from it ? And what can I do to lock in my depression claim from here ?

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