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  1. Hi! My husband was increased from 30% to 50%. Under "What We Decided" they changed one of the claims that was initially denied to 0% with an effective date of 10/2010. Then they increased another claim from 0% to 20% with an effective date of 2/1/2017 (claim was initially filed in 2010 for this and he got 0%..now they agree that his issue worsened). We are are trying to figure out if he would be eligible for backpay at all? Thanks for any info....
  2. My husband received his letter today. Good news is that overall he went from 30% to 50%. He received 0% on the issue that I was asking about earlier. It was denied in the past. So full benefit does not mean the top % allowable. One thing that confuses us is that there is no mention of retroactive pay at all. Original claim was 7 years ago. The claim that I mentioned earlier was dated back to 2010. However, it went from denial to 0% so that means no retroactive money. The claim that increased for 0 to 20% is one that they said worsened. However, they dated it effective this month. Anyway, a little disappointed that he will not get back pay after all of these years. However, thankful that he reached that 50% threshold for all of his injuries during active duty. Thanks for your help....
  3. Hi! Has anyone here received their decision in two separate letters ? The first letter had all of the claims listed (with a decision) except for one. The letter indicated that a favorable decision had been made on that missing claim but a detailed explanation would be sent in a separate correspondence. Also indicated that there was a full grant of the benefit requested. So does that mean the highest percentage allowed for that condition? Thanks for any info.
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