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  1. Buck you are correct. He has to fight for the increase and get scheduler to be able to work. There is nothing saying you have to stay at this said rating. If this were true I would have never made it past 40%. This is why my fight will not stop until all of the issue I believe are service connected should be and are! Yes tell them to keep fighting this and to not listen to VSO's who work for the organization and not the VET!
  2. Your doctor would have nothing to do with a claim with the VA. Unless they ware writing an opinion for you about your claim. If you have sleep apnea then you need to get it checked and get what you need for it. The VA doc is there to make sure the patient has any medical issues taken care of. As for the hearing issues, the VA does have things to help you with the ringing in the ears. They have ear plugs that when tuned properly can reduce or eliminate the ringing. Are you talking to the Audiology department about this? If not I sure would. here are a some things which could
  3. So hold on, they will pay back more of your payments if your EED goes back further even if you have already applied?
  4. I am hoping I did not just hurt myself for getting my student loans discharged and getting payments back. So I went to the site and started the application and they send an intent to file in the mail. It states they are putting them on hold for 120 days. They encourage me to submit them in that 120 day. My question is this my one shot at getting them discharged? Or does nothing happen until I submit the paperwork?
  5. did you already have another claim going? They will add them together if you did. This has happened a few times to me.
  6. It will be the later of when the conditions worsened. So if you have medical records from months ago submit them. But as for now it would be April 2020
  7. There is no limit on time for them. We are the only ones who have a timeline on things. They will take whatever is needed (Wait as long as possible). It was much faster for me to get them and send them in, then they have no reason to wait, except to look at them.
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