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  1. I was denied for 5 years and had to go to the BVA to get awarded. I know the struggle. I finally got 60% on one of my disabilities.
  2. This is a typical thing the VA does. They will go off the date they see, and don't always look to see what the EED is. You need to file to a review of the EED. I have two in right now where they are off by 2 years. The fight continues and you will win! Keep it up.
  3. Does anyone know if your significant others can get the vaccine when we get ours?
  4. So it sounds like regardless of what you do at some point they will review this as you said the 100% is Temporary? The P&T is good, but I believe they can drop the % unless they have removed the temporary and said it is permanent. If I am wrong here some please correct me. Do you have access to Ebenefits? If so go to your disabilities there and see if it says you are temporary or not. I would then check your letters and see what the benefits section there says. Which VA rep did you talk too? I would find out from them if they are keeping it at 100%. Also the
  5. So they updated this today. Now it say Missed Covid Test. I am like what are you talking about? I have had 3 and negative each time. I think it is something administrative.
  6. It could be a review of your claim to make sure everything is right and there is not pyramiding or something they missed.
  7. Thanks everyone. I will not worry unless something does come in the mail.
  8. I have 4 claims open right now. Sleep Apnea for EED HLR CFS which I had dropped as I don't think this one was winnable. The lawyer did submit it again. Now says defered. Limitation of leg motion HLR Then the last one. The CAVC remand which was just decided on by a BVA judge for increase of PTSD. I am wondering if this is about the CFS as I had written to remove it from my claims, and the lawyer went and put it back in. I did contact my lawyer and they are looking into it. Hope to know something today.
  9. I received the image below and I have been googling it all day and have not found this anywhere. Has anyone seen this before and if so what is happening?
  10. This is what won my sleep apnea. Please feel free to use this in your fight against the VA. Most would not need to be this long, but I would use what you feel is needed and fits with your claim. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: Supplemental Claim is elected. If additional evidence or clarification is needed, please contact me by facsimile, telephone, or U.S. mail. The above veteran received a Rating Decision dated March 12, 2020 and wishes to appeal this decision regarding the following issues: 1. Service connection for sleep apnea. The Veteran is entitled to service connection fo
  11. They sure can, If you go check out my older posts, I made a post about how a won my denied Sleep apnea claim. I attached the letter which won the case for me.
  12. I have never heard of this. If anything you should file for OSA secondary. OSA can cause a lot of problems with sleeping and can make your MDD much worse. I would think about filing to get this added.
  13. You can only have one, BUT! it sounds like it is worse than your initial, so you should put in for an increase. This is just my opinion.
  14. They don't always need a C&P. Sometimes they will just look at your records and make a decision.
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