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  1. Did they say why they combined the TBI and the PTSD? I think those two should be separate? Did they up your % when they combined them? So it depends on how they split it up and when they say each one happened. Can you post the decision letter minus your personal information? After they send the decision within a month or two they will send the breakdown on what they decided. Until we see that it is hard to say what they did. You may want to appeal, but again hard to say until we can see it
  2. You doctor notes are best. You can also tell them what is going on. I would take documentation with you and show them the issues you are having!.
  3. I know I had this thrown once and it was my service dates were off by one day and it would not tell me that, I could be what they have on their end is different from yours.
  4. Last time I filled it out I tried it from there, but it kicked me back to Ebenefits to finish the claim. I could be totally wrong as that was almost a year ago.
  5. Is this still on Ebenefits? or is it submitted to VA.gov?
  6. Hi taylor, The BVA will take a closer look at your claim and it will probably take them some time. I somewhat agree with GBArmy, but I would wait until after the BVA renders a decision as it could all go your way. Now if it does not and you want to appeal you get to take it to the CAVC in which the VA will pick up the tab for the lawyer at the CAVC level. This in turn can save you a bunch of retro. Now if they do Remand back to the BVA you would be on the hook for that portion, but at that time is good to have someone who does this everyday there to fight for you! Also the BVA can remand it back to an RO and this part can take a year by itself. I am sorry this takes so long, but make sure you keep up on appeals as the back pay if far worth it!
  7. They do not always need a C&P for a condition. They could have everything they need to make a decision based on what you gave them. Just have to play the waiting game now.
  8. It does not matter which way they do it. The biggest part is to say when you feel pain! They will have a divine that will measure your bend. Just like the video.
  9. It truly amazes me how some people think you owe them something?! regardless of what you have, they did not go through what you did! They did not sacrifice the way you did for our country! They do not have the every day health issues we have (Which we did not have prior to service)! The cost of "Freedom" is not free! It can be the ultimate price to pay! I think most of us would give up every penny to have our health back and be able to live a normal life! I know I would!!! Anyway you deserve everything you get! If you choose to smoke two packs a day or you want a New truck. It is your choice and no one else should tell you what to do with your money! My wife told me the other day she feels guilty and sometime feels like a hand out. I had to explain to her how I was 100% healthy before going into the military and now I have 3-4 surgeries a year and am on a list of medications just to get through a day! She said but still, and I said still nothing! could you imagine the amount of hospital bills we would have? I told her this is their cost for making us into human lab rats. I told her we also give a lot to charity and help a bunch of people. I can understand where she is coming from, but for me this is a battle I will have for a long time! I will prevail and I will pay it forward every chance I get!
  10. For the headaches do a 30 day log to show how bad it is and give them a copy. Next yes they will have you lay down for the Knee. Shoulder you should be standing. Here is something important to remember when you are in there. You tell them when it is painful! When you first feel the pain not when you get to the point you are about to cry. They will do a few tests on each one and just be honest. Don't try to man up on this test as it hurts you in the end.
  11. That is a good question, but I don't know if they put their review off of this. I would think your medical records would show it. I think they both have different rating systems for this. Someone else I am sure will chime in!
  12. So this will totally depend on if the RO feel they have all the evidence to make a decision. It is very likely they will want a new C&P. I think right now based on a FDC they show on their site under 124 days. Now this is depended on many things, so It could take less or it could take much longer. I think my first FDC took almost a year. Lately it seems they are speeding the process up a lot. There is no way to really tell, but this will give some sort of range.
  13. Wendy, Did you work for the DOD? I am assuming you did as I don't think the VA will withhold a benefit like that? I was also under the impression you could only got up to 30% and still be in the reserves?
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