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  1. Yes keep going. Canceling could screw things up. Finish your exams. I know it seems like the fight is not worth it sometimes but it really is better to do it now and not try again in 15 years.
  2. Buck is right, I have a condition where I was not seen for a long time and my wife filled out a lay statement and it tipped the scales. You might also want to talk to him and see how he is really doing as I was pretty good at hiding my pain most days. I have trigger days where something happened in my past and I would be in a really bad mood and not know why, but after some therapy I found out those dates corresponded with events in my past. So now I can better deal with those days and my wife knows if this happens to ask if I need anything, but to let me deal with it. The lay statement is only a page and a half long so you might need more than one.
  3. So what if he has not seen anyone? Should he start? To show it has gotten worse?
  4. From what I understand you have to show how they affect you differently so it does not pyramid.
  5. They will need a new c&p and it is always good to have some records to back up your conditions. There might be better people here to answer this but it really depends on the exam.
  6. The VA has to do a Compensation and Pension Examination. They are not going to give you a rating where you could get a payment each month for a disability from a non VA examination. You might as well try to turn back time and change the constitution. As for the appointment the VA allows (1) time to change this event, so I would highly recommend you get time off and make it to this appointment if you want any chance at this. Bronco is 100% right if you miss this they will just deny you.
  7. Ok so let me take a swing at this one. So VSOs will almost always error on the side of don’t rock the boat! Most of us here on this site are boat rockers and don’t stop! There is always a chance they could decrease but as you get older your conditions don’t get better but they can and do aggravate or cause other conditions to get worse. The c&p will want a current mri/X-ray to she the condition of your back they will compare your old and new images. You could go get another to see if it has gotten worse but it sounds like you already know. Submit whatever you think is relevant. they can look at any service connected disability. Sounds like you could have secondary conditions to look into. There is tons of help here just make sure you start you claim before the first or you will miss out on another month and you have a year to finish it.
  8. Thanks guys. Great info. I have a friend who uses it and has had great results. The good stuff is typically more expensive and she had tried most of them until she found this one. My works says I am good so waiting for my vet discount to order.
  9. About a week and half ago I had what I am guessing was a pain flare up. I felt it coming for a week prior to it happening. During the event I was working and the pain moved and crossed every muscle and join in my body. It last for 14 hours. I am waiting on a doctors appointment next week, but I have messaged my doctor about the event. What I am wondering is can I talk to my doctor at the VA about CBD oil? The reason being is I do not want to become another vet that get 50 different prescriptions. I want something that will manage my pain and other issues without the very bad side effects.
  10. I am guessing it means neutral. Meaning it would fall to the veteran.
  11. So let me understand this better. You had an issue and your had a recommendation for a certain doctor for an IMO (Independent Medical Opinion)? Correct? You pain for the IMO ($2000+). Not sure what happened during this interaction, but the IMO was never given. From all the reactions here at Hadit you did not reach out here to get your issue with and INDEPENDENT doctor resolved or to get your monies back? or maybe you did? So you became salty with HADIT, because you had a bad experience with an independent doctor. You are acting like you paid HADIT for this service and never got your fries. This would be like me taking a recommendation from a friend for food and had a bad meal and then blamed the friend for the bad meal. I guess I just don't get why you blamed someone else instead of reaching out here for help (like we all do and get help) to get the higher ups here to help resolve your issue. Even though I believe there are other was to approach this doctor to get you money back. This mission here from what I see is to never leave a fellow vet in the mud, but to rather pick them up and give them a shower and get some food.
  12. Hey Ray this may help. Customer Service Currently, the Board is generally distributing cases to Veterans Law Judges (VLJs) for adjudication with docket dates up to April 2017. Login to Vets.gov to view the status of your case! As for how messed up the VA can be, people on here are pretty open about their experiences and will give you help. We do not talk politics here. We want to hear if you had a bad day or had a great day. I have gotten nothing but support at the times I needed it and some tough love when needed.
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