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  1. That is what I did. I would start the file on your claim today. You can do you sleep study and see if you need a CPAP or not. Then you can file the claim or let it laps.
  2. This is not the denial letter. This is only talking about the possible benefits. The letter you are looking for will talk about everything in your claim and give their reasoning for the denial.
  3. IMO they should be addressed. Personally I would write a Lay statement and submit it to the claim, so it is on file. I would be straight forward in what was incorrect and what was correct. Do not go down the rabbit hole of maybe or it could have or any of that swamp. Tell what you know and the truth as far as you know it. It is ok to add in what those around you said, but make sure it is not your saying this is what happened when you actually have no idea. Just be clear and they should clear it up and if you have to go to the BVA/CAVC or higher then you have the evidence and can show it.
  4. Either and both can be. Are you TDIU? These things getting worse can cost you if you lose your job or if you get injured because of loosing you balance. For me I will file if I feel it is related to or affected by my conditions. Too many Vets were scared by the VA, and I know everyone has a different experience than I have. I have never had the VA look at me as I keep fighting, and I am now at the 10 year mark. Will probably get to 15 before it is fully resolved and by then it is possible some conditions could get worse and I will file again. Understand I am at 100% P&T I do not have a single condition at 100% so it is added up. I do not qualify for SMC-S or any of those and I hope to never be there, but if the military taught me anything it is to plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  5. For me, I would always go after a claim. If you feel your SC disabilities is causing issues with another then you should file. I don't know what % you are at so money wise it could be beneficial. I more do it for the day I kick the can too far down the road and my family is left without me. I want to make sure I am covered when that day comes. Also if you are not TDUI, this could push you there as I have heard people with this cannot work. Keep fighting IMO
  6. Can you please post the denial minus any Personal information. After reading this, you do not want a New claim for what you put in. You want them to change what was put in as it was incorrect. If you open a new claim the effective date will change. I would have a letter included that shows they did not look at your records and they did not read what you claimed. You can do an HLR, some have had good luck with them and they are a bit faster, but a lower success rate. I have been going with NOD (notice of disagreemetn) as this has given me the best results. We need to see the denial letter to give better adivce.
  7. The problem with saying you are a Navy seal is there are not that many. Then to have details about what happened in those specific places is another thing. Then to have the nerve to keep applying when he could have just left enough alone has me even more baffeled. I am glad they caught him and I hope they catch the person who was helping him.
  8. it all depends on how they are working it. they can act as if it was two different and have not gotten to the 2nd one yet. I have had this issue before. Do not trust those sites.
  9. It depends on what point in the process you are at. Are you at the BVA or the RO? As for the exam it could mean they want another C&P or they are reviewing your information. It is a little odd they would send this out without a decision on the TDIU. It sounds like they need more information to sway it one way or another. Right now you are in the middle, which in my opinion is not a bad place. They may call you and talk to you or they will ask for more evidence. They probably want to make sure you are not employed and have not been. I am guessing here as they did not tell you. It could also be a dozen other things. My advice is to see what they come back with and then come here and get some good advice to move forward with it. Keep fighting and you will get there
  10. We could throw out dates all day long and maybe someone will get it right. The issues is each case is very different from the next and there are expidited claims that could jump yours. Someone could call in sick for a week or two or you case could get reassinged. There really is no way to tell and there is not for sure date they will be done. My advice is the squeaky wheel gets greased. It has worked for me multiple time. I work all the lanes I can. WHH, Peggy, IRIS complaint, Congeressman, VSO, and anyone up and down the line who might have the power to make a change. The WHH has fixed two of my issues and the congressman aid fixed a big one. There are those who will say don't rock the boat, but or me I like to shake the hell out of the boat.
  11. The VA has the right to review anything they want. Even if they should not. With that being said, I have never had them say anything about any of my static conditions. I have filed 5 new claims for different issues and never had this problem. As for your Glaucoma, I think you should always keep fighting it. There is an issue with you eye and IMO you should keep fighting it all the way
  12. I have been having a hard time with this as I did serve durring this time and spent a deployment to Iraq. It hurts my heart to see the country be taken over and the people there have no choice in what happens next. It also sucks to see our leadership doing such a poor job of leaving the area. I am mad because I lost brothers and sister who will never get the chance to come home because of a war that in my eyes did nothing. We spent 20+ years and in 3 days they took it back. This is very disheartening for me. I really wish the poloticians had to serve so they know what their decisions do to soldiers. And the people we have left behind without a way out is crazy. What happened to the PPPPP?????
  13. I would go for it, what do you have to lose? I have been connected for a few things without any nexus and a mention of it in my file.
  14. It sounds like SMC-s to me. I am not the pro on this one, but from I am reading it is what I see
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