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  1. We are here to help every step of the way! If you have questions please ask and also keep us posted!
  2. Also I would contact your congressman or woman. Once I got them on it they had it out in a week
  3. Granted

               New and material evidence to reopen claim for service connection, Sleep Apnea I saw this in the va .gov website  can you please tell me what this means did they grant me service connection or just reopened it for sleep apnea  

  4. if it were me I would go ahead and get it submited. Honestly they will just do their own anyways with the DBQ.
  5. this would not delay getting your C-File. It will not go through the process the same way. Wait for someone else to chime in, but I am fairly certain it is not in the same boat.
  6. I think this is great to put into a Lay statement and get it added. What they really want to see is a current diagnosis of IBS. Sounds like you did all that and just need to get it to them.
  7. So mine was going on 8 months for the implementation of the grant portion of the remand. Had to get my congressman involved to make it get applied.
  8. Like Broncovet said above you need a VA doctor to say yes or no said person has PTSD. It looks like you are seeing a doctor at the VA for PTSD? The VA should have scheduled a C&P exam to rate weather you have PTSD or not? did this happen? This sounds very strange the Va would ask you to fill this out. I am hoping you have kept this alive since 2017? If not it sounds like you need to start rattling the cage again. You need a C&P exam where you can bring in your notes from the VA doctors.
  9. I would attack this two ways. Presumptive being a GWV. And also from the medications like said above have good documents to support.
  10. Look up the medication and see if that is a side effect. When did you serve? asking because Headaches are presumptive for gulf war vets
  11. You can try to call your Regional VSO, but the best thing to do is wait for the paperwork. If you have it then you are just waiting on the RO to apply the benefit. Check the letter when you get it and make sure they did not mess up your EED. The VA loves to play this game when they can!
  12. Ok so with LHI and any of them, they have to use someone who is qualified in their view. You are going to have a few issues here. 1 DO NOT MISS AN APPOINTMENT. This is the fastest way to get a denial. 2 LHI should have given you a number to call. You need to call them ASAP! Explain what your issue is and see if they can accommodate. I am not saying they can or will, but make sure they not everything they tell you and you tell them so it is in your file. You only get one chance to reschedule the appointment. See if they will do a telehealth visit over the phone. Tell them you are worried about the corona virus. Worth a shot! Let's assume this does not work. Do not miss that appointment. Not sure what else can be done, maybe someone has another idea.
  13. I think you can open a new claim and request for P&T when you go through the filling out of the request. Also at the end you are allowed to send notes with it to give a better discription. I am not sure there is a code for it, but I would get it going asap!
  14. If it were me, I would have already put in for it. That being said not it is not too late. You can always bring it up, the only issue is the benefits might not retro.
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