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  1. When you go and open a new chat box at the bottom, there is a paperclip Icon. You can click on it and just click on the documents you want to upload. Make sure it is the accepted kind.
  2. We really need to see the Redacted copy (minus your information) as the VA loves to put little things in there and are hoping you miss them. Please post this so we can put eyes on it to give the best advice. So what matters is did the VA state you do not have BPD? Do you have that letter? If not then you might want to file for this, because they could keep coming at you. Once you have a doctor say you have something, and without them saying no it is not this, it is this then it holds no water. As for the PTSD, as longs as this had not gotten better they have no reason to reduce
  3. can you post the reduction minus your information? Have you gotten better? I am assuming not. Please post the letter. They are asking you the last year to see if you have improved. As for UI you do not need to be at 100%. I believe you only need to be at 60% combined. Can you post this letter also? We need to see what is going on so we can give advice on what to do.
  4. Welcome to Hadit. We are in need of a bit more information. Are you fighting any denials? Have you filed to TDUI? Are you employed? Have you filed for A&A? I would not get an attorney until you need one. You have more lanes to go down imo. Have you called the White house hotline? Hare you called Peggy? Have you contacted your Congress persons? As for the attorney, you should not go beyond 20%. I am using Berry law firm for my CAVC remand. They are great! As for your situation, the lawyer might be able to get it done sooner. If it wer
  5. So they are taking a look at what is not there so they can hopefully make a good decision. Just have to wait for them to resolve it and see what they deciede to do.
  6. I am assuming you just had a change? If so the website is not operated by the VA. They can be slow to update and you really need to wait for the envelope to know what happened. This is why we always tell people to take VA.GOV and Ebenefits with a spoon full of salt, because if it never right. I can be somewhat right, but rarely right on.
  7. Hello, The best advice I can give is to tell them when you feel pain. Do not let them push you to where you are in pain and they want to see how far it will go. Be honest, but don't try to MAN UP and not say there is pain. This is the main view the VA will have of you. Make sure they know what you can't do and when you have the most issues. What problems it causes and if you fall or any issue you have with them.
  8. another part of the PTSD is to make sure you give them a real idea in that C&P of how bad it is. When they great you, they are normally happy and are looking to see what you do. If you respond with I am having the best day of my life, then they will see this as you really have little issues. They don't know about the nightmares or the flashbacks or the anger issues you have. Whatever they might be. I would say I am ok or fine. Then go on to explain a bad day. Give them ALL the details, remember this is the ONLY view they will see of you. IMO the C&P carries 70% of the wei
  9. Hello, It is great to go and see someone, but the VA is the only one who can service connect you for PTSD. It is great to have a mental health professional see you and give their opinion. You can add this to your information you hand in for the PTSD claim and it can strengthen your claim. I would also get lay statements from yourself, and your family and anyone who has seen your issues with PTSD. I would put in the claim for PTSD and for TDIU. I would also put in for an increase for you back. Sounds like it has gotten worse. I would start your claim today on Ebenefits to make
  10. Hello, I would explain it in your terms. Tell them how it affects you on a daily basis and what a bad day looks like. This type of issue happens a lot as one side of the body affects the other side. Keep fighting it and come back here for support, because we have people here who have seen almost everything. They can help!
  11. It means it is assigned to someone and they have not gotten to it yet.
  12. Ok so they found two error, so now it is their duty to assist you on both of them. How they work them is totally up to them. They could work them together or they will work them one after another in-between other work they have. Unless they combine the two, then they will not be worked together.
  13. Hello, I am a bit confused. Did you send your new conditions in for an initial review or straight to the HLR? If so this will cause a bunch of issues and they could kick it out. The HLR is only for a review after it has gone through the claim process. You can't add anything to the original claim.
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