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  1. got it and yes it is closer to me! thank you!
  2. Can I be seen at a different emergency ER and not the ER at the va? I need to know as I may have a serious neurological issue and I am not sure the va here has a good on.
  3. Ok so after cooling off a bit from this, I had a chance to talk to my wife and the questions still is what is the best way to proceed? But Vetquest you mentioned asking the BVA to reconsider? What would that entail? And would I go back to the beginning of the line again? The reason this is important to separate this it will put me at 100% and then I can be considered for P&T. Next is this a case the CAVC would even pick up? Thanks again everyone!
  4. The remanded instruction would be implemented by the RO and if it completed it would go back to judge to sign off. If you have another part of the remand which was not favorable it would go back to the Judge for them to review. The RO should give you a rating you then will need to decide if you think that is the correct decision. You will then have a chance to appeal.
  5. No the BVA decision is closed. So I now have the time period to file to the CVAC which is 120 days from the date of the decision.
  6. I am sorry I was just piggy backing off my old post. The issue is I have submitted my IMO. I submitted the letter Vetquest made which I thought was very solid. Then the judge does not even follower her own order about the remand. She double back and agreed with the RO to combine the scaring and my disease. Which in the letter Vetquest made for me It lays it out very clearly these are both different. I have a due date on this, but it is after the first of the year. Also I am not trying to submit any new evidence, but the things they refuse to even talk about which are in my file!
  7. I believe I am at the CAVC correct? I believe VFW told me they have a law firm which looks over all BVA claims to see if they want to take it up or not. If it is at the CAVC then they cover the cost of the law firm correct?
  8. They totally disregarded my IMO and never talked about it for PTSD. They did not even look at the letter @vetquest made for me. The judge went against their own order to the RO. I don't think this is a CUE, but I am not experienced in it. The next should be the CAVC? First BVA decision-Remand.pdf RO Remand back to BVA.pdf BVA Decision.pdf
  9. @vetquest@GBArmy@broncovet And many more on this subject. I received My BVA Remand back in the mail and the RO nor the Judge in my case read this letter at all. They did not read my IMO and they barley talked about my side of what is happening. Once I get to work today I will post the prior decision by the judge and the current one where the judge just goes along with the RO and combines two of my issues. I need someone help with this as the next step is CAVC??? Or is there an error here I am not seeing? Should be on here in about an hour, just wanted to bump this post up so I can see it. Advanced thank you!
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