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  1. Will do and keep fighting them as it will get easier for others if we can smooth out the path! Also they try to not give a diagnosis unless they have too. Especially if you have the information.
  2. ok need a bit more information did you get approval for a higher rating? Or just the TDUI? The Tdui would go back to when you filed. If your nod is prior to this then you will have to wait for the decision.
  3. I don't think you need to put down the codes. I never have, I just address what code was assigned to the disability.
  4. @Buck52I wish I would have had it done while I was in. I am claiming secondary to PTSD. I showed my claim very well of how PTSD affects Sleep Apnea, so I think this is why they are having such a hard time or maybe someone is actually doing their job and trying to make sure there is a link. Right now it could go either way based on the last place my case has been sent. On a good note I have gotten favorable reports from LHI (which is where they sent for the next C&P) so I am 2 for 4 right now and #3 looks pretty good! I think it was @doc25who gave me the advice to fight it with PTSD. Hope to find out in the next few weeks!
  5. I am not service connected yet, but have thrown so many wrenches at their old philosophy they have not denied my claim. It is at the 4th or 5th C&P exam and I have never gone to one yet. Not sure why they are having such a hard time, but it will be interesting to share what happens.
  6. Buck and Vquest and Paul are all right on here. Don't stress out until you have asked. If they have already expressed you cannot work, then they should be willing to give and honest medical opinion. If not there are other options! Try this route and report back and we will all be here to help! Remember you are not alone in this fight! We are all at some phase of this crap! You got this!
  7. So a couple of things you can do here to combat this. Open a Claim for PTSD! As of right now they are not considering this in your claim. This is something I am guilty of is not putting in for new claims I should put in for when they come about. As for right now my IBS is causing GERD, so I need to claim this now. Also my Fibro is causing rheumatoid arthritis. And yes you can ask them to write an opinion. I have only been turned down once of the 8 times I have asked. Is your depression getting better? If not then you need to talk to your doctors about this as they have said it looks to be.
  8. sorry just opened your link. So did you only put in for TDUI? I assume this reopened your claim? If so then they are doing this to see if they can swindle you out of the range. So you need your IMO's from your doctors. You need to reply back that you disagree. Also you have to show them you are out of work for TDUI. It also looks like they are sending another letter for the reduction. When they do if we could see that.
  9. get your doc to write their IMO and you can also post some of the studies where they link sleep apnea to burn pits. You can win this!
  10. Getting them to write letters on your behalf is a great idea. Can you post why they want to reduce? From the sounds of it you do not have enough evidence or they are overlooking information you gave them? We need some more information plz.
  11. So I have had nothing but problems with the DAV in Nebraska, but not all of them are bad. I had one who never wanted to answer his phone. Told me to not rock the boat and just take whatever is given to me as they will lower it. He said I will never get service connected for anything other than my initial post exit exam. Needless to say he was wrong. It is like a long time ago someone came up with this and everyone believed it.
  12. So to show a secondary condition you need to show how you Diabetes has affected your other service connected disabilities. It only has to affect one, but you do need a Nexus or IMO to show the link. Also medical articles and medical journals all work to support your claim. Have you checked your medical records to see if you have a direct service connection? Is this something that can be see by a blood test? If so it is very likely the key to this could be right in your medical records.
  13. GBarmy you are right. The doctor asked me when the first time I realized I had sleep apnea, and I said it was after I had my tonsils out at 31. Luckily for me during basic training my tonsils flared hard to the point of going to sick bay for 2 days. So they have this record and it was just added to my claim, so we will see where it goes.
  14. Looks similar to mine. I am really interested to see what happens as this will be the third Doctor to look at mine. This thing must be right on the middle of the road if they can't deny but can't grant either.
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