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  1. As of right now the case is moving forward. There is no date set yet for it to finish. This claim has nothing to do with my rating with the VA nor will it change my rating if i do received any monetary value from the damage caused. This was something I wanted to be made very clear and it was written in the paperwork I signed. To answer your question the VA cannot help you with this lawsuit. You can an should use your va medical records. You need an attorney and if you want to file you need to hurry as I believe that time frame is coming to a close.
  2. I would not worry yet. This is normal for the VA. Just need to wait and see what they say to do. If there is need they will contact you, but just be honest in you C&P or IMO. Too often we tend to suck things up and not share the truth. Now is not the time to do this. It is hard to hurry up and wait, but that is what they do. Just be patient and share what they give you so we can help navigate these waters. We got your back!
  3. I am using berry law firm, and they are doing great. I would look and find one, and they will ask for some of your information. I would suggest to wait until after the BVA as at the CAVC it is all covered for that portion.
  4. I am so sorry. This Virus is the the worst. We are here for you! please reach out if you need to talk.
  5. I found the answer. You are covered to go to the Dental/Vision at the VA hospital. or the out patient area. There is no charge.
  6. Now that i have reached P&T how does it work for the veteran with vision and dental? Do we go to the VA for this or how does this work?
  7. Sounds like you are on the right track. Now remember after they fix it they can drop it to zero if there is no Pain/Tenderness/Unstable scaring. I have had many issues with mine after the surgery like loss of feeling in the area. Sharp pains at certain times when walking. Change in weather. Just make sure when they bring this up that they know all the issues you are having with it, if there are none then they did an amazing job! If it is SC then the VA will cover it.
  8. So do you have rating for the hernia? If not you need to file for it. ASAP! Next since you are below the 50% then unless the condition is SC then they say it is elective, unless it is causing you pain. Going untreated will cause more health issues and can cause you guts to bind up and could lead to death if not taken care of. Maybe there is a way to get his taken care of as someone else may have had this issue. Mine was in service and it was not elective. The doctor told me I could not deploy to Iraq with this issue. It will not get better on it's own so you need surgery.
  9. If it is in your C-file or you have the documents to prove this, then you can file and it should go through. I say should as they can always deny it and you will need to keep fighting. I would file and get the ball rolling so you don't miss out on more benefits.
  10. Keep up the fight! Trust me, I am about to finish my CAVC claim and it will be life changing. No more debt!
  11. Depending on they review this information, then it is likely it would be. Like with mine we had to go to the CAVC to get them to rate it properly. The other issue you have for SC is it must be a MH doctor saying you have PTSD and thus if your primary doctors say this then that is great, but will not SC you for PTSD.
  12. I don't think there is a way to extend it, but you do have access to Voc rehab. I know a few people who have done this and had great success. I believe they give monies for schooling and book, it won't be some fancy school but a Metro college or something. I know the one in my state is ran with the Unemployment office. I know mine ran out but I had used it all up.
  13. They are so strange about the way they word things. I would appeal the effective date and you can appeal the hernia. I have had a few time they are not sure what they are talking about and you have to appeal to get someone to word it correctly. I would keep pushing it forward until it is where you feel it should be.
  14. You can always try, but the issue is if you don't show it somewhere in your records where you complained about pain or something like this then they will go with when you did. You can always fight with lay statements to try and show it as you and those around you can fill out. I always try to document everything with the VA as it will save you in the long run. I would go through your C-file and look as it is very likely you did complain about it at some point. Then use that information to fight it.
  15. Buck you are correct. He has to fight for the increase and get scheduler to be able to work. There is nothing saying you have to stay at this said rating. If this were true I would have never made it past 40%. This is why my fight will not stop until all of the issue I believe are service connected should be and are! Yes tell them to keep fighting this and to not listen to VSO's who work for the organization and not the VET!
  16. Your doctor would have nothing to do with a claim with the VA. Unless they ware writing an opinion for you about your claim. If you have sleep apnea then you need to get it checked and get what you need for it. The VA doc is there to make sure the patient has any medical issues taken care of. As for the hearing issues, the VA does have things to help you with the ringing in the ears. They have ear plugs that when tuned properly can reduce or eliminate the ringing. Are you talking to the Audiology department about this? If not I sure would. here are a some things which could
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