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  1. Take a breath! Monday you start to turn over every rock until you find one who will help! We will find someone to help! Don't feel like you can't ask us for help as I am sure we have ways to assist you! If it were me and I made every effort possible by the end of the month I would take it to the news and give them the story of how broken the system is! Keep doing it till someone gets off their ass and does their job to keep you and your family safe! Your family has served this country and now it is time for this country to serve you! This is your moment of need!
  2. You are welcome! We are all here to help, so check back often and ask any question you have!
  3. The VA does not want anymore bad new about Suicide or a family lost everything, because there was no program to help the vets family! Push back hard! There are more here who will chime in I am sure and they might have some good ideas!
  4. I would call up the DAV in the morning and ask for another representative as you are about to lose your home and are in need of urgent help! Remember when talking to them to bring up your children! There are those who will help, just find them soon!
  5. I just looked back on another post, did you contact the state ran Veteran service Organization?
  6. I am sorry I totally missed this post. I am sorry you had to go through this, but it sounds like things are better? Any more updates?
  7. sadly this is one area where I have seen gaps before. Who are your represented by? VFW, DAV, or AML ect? This guy sounds like a real ass! Sorry for the language, and I would be more colorful. Some of them are able to help out and sometimes you can find a great VSO who will bend over backwards to help you! It looks like you have reached out to some, so in my mind it is time to go above their heads and push the envelope with the government!
  8. Looks like you are doing everything on that side you can. I would really start to push the Mayor/gov and the senators. Trust me if they want to they can make it happen very fast! I would call everyday maybe a few times a day! They can make the VA move faster. I would also call WH hotline and let them know of your situation and make sure they hear you will be homeless at the end of September! and you have 4 children! 1-855-948-2311. Also if it is all men at that shelter I would say that might not be a good place to go, but I could be wrong.
  9. https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/oakland_county_michigan_homeless_pr.html here is one I know there are also other nonprofits which can also help out with housing. They may or may not advertise for veterans. https://communityhousingnetwork.org/other-services/veterans-resources/ I assume you may have tried these already.
  10. The VA is the one right now who should feel humiliated! They should be stepping up to help you figure this out, not making you have to make a mountain out of it. I would save this closer to that breaking point, but do what you have to, to keep your family safe and secure!
  11. Ok so it sounds like you know what to do. I would contact Gretchen Whitmer the governor and make them aware of the situation. I would then contact Gary Peters your other senator. What city or county do you live in? There are 31 pages of non profits which help out veterans from the search I just did, so probably need to narrow it down. Also I know I work at habitat for humanity in Nebraska. We also have some programs to help vets.
  12. As for if he will get better, that is a difficult question to answer. I would say if you get him the right doctor at the VA, then he has a good shot at being able to deal with those issues. He might need to go into their treatment program depending on how bad it is. Is he rated for any % with the VA? Since he is a VET you can take him to the veteran hospital to be seen, and if he is headed down this path then it sounds like he needs some help. They will also keep track of everything that happens and will give him the help he needs. I know my Vet hospital here has a bunch of different things even to the point of putting them into treatment 24/7 at the hospital. I know some of us here have been down this road and it is a tough road to go down. The military does a very poor job of teaching you how to deal with the aftermath of trauma. They do a great job at teaching you how to bring it into the world. There is hope for him, but he may need some help which is not at home.
  13. GBArmy is right. From your other post, I think you need to start attacking this from another angle as the VA will always be slow even when there is a hardship. Please refer back to your other post so we can point you in a direction to help figure out your current problem which can't wait on the VA.
  14. Ok so we are going to need a bit more information to help you here. There is a ton of help! First off what state do you live in? Do you live rural? How many total family members are in your family? I am asking these questions, because those on here who know what to do are going to need a bit more information to help you. Trust me Mayor/Gov and state senators do not want a veteran and the family thrown out on the street and to be on the 6 o'clock news because they did nothing. Also there are a lot of non profits who's job it is to make sure these things don't happen! Trust me a call from a senator or an official can get the wheels moving at the VA even if it is for one family! Please reply back so we can give you some better advice! I know there was a Vet on here who was going to go homeless with his child and I know a lot of people here came together to make sure this did not happen! We are here to help!
  15. GBarmy is right on this, the only way to get a real answer is threw the WH. They are pretty good about getting a claim answer in 21 days. Keep fighting do not let them win!
  16. First step would be to get her added to you. A VSO can do this easily and they typically don't give to much flak. I am not sure, but I think it asks on there when you were married. This might just clear it all up, or once she is added you could fight it.
  17. I would say go for what you are having issues with and let the VA sort it out. The VA also rates for pain now also. From what I can see of this one is nerve pain and arthritis is a join pain. Typically conditions get worse or they cause other problems. I would file for what you feel is happening.
  18. did you receive the updated files on your case? They should have send you what the board decided and what the remand entails. If not you should receive this and know what is going on prior to the remand instructions. As it is a Remand you and go to VA.gov and check there, the va will update this area so you can kind of see what the remand is about.
  19. Ricky Buck52 is right on. It all depends on what evidence you had to show them and what they now need to look at. They may try to send you to a new DBQ. I would print out the DBQ fill it out and bring it with you and kind of do a follow along with the doctor as they fill it out and make sure they get everything!
  20. So the CAVC will give detailed instructions on what the BVA should do. It should happen faster now that you are through the wait. Typically there is no long line to get in the door as you are already on the other side. I am sure there are far better people at describing this, but this is what I understand.
  21. Wow I am so sorry this happened to you! This is just trying to make you fail at everything. These three did not want to help in any way shape or form.
  22. Totally depends on if there is a remand or not. If there is a grant it will take more like 6-8 months or more. If it is a remand you are looking at a year plus. This is not a definite thing. Everyone is deferent and will take what it does. These are my times.
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