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  1. So i have about half of these type of headaches. I have also had a spinal headache and let me tell you holy crap that one take the cake! They checked my spinal fluid and i had a leak in my spine for about a week before it filled back up.
  2. Yes I got mine at 30%. What they need to know and hear from you. How bad do you attacks get? Do you need to go lay down? How long do they last? Do they impair your ability to work? You need to have a headache journal. make sure it is detailed to the smallest detail. I allowed my headaches to happen and to see how bad they got WITHOUT medication. So i could understand what they are looking for. I know you understand this as you can feel when one of the bad ones are coming on. I am not saying to not take medication when you need it but find out how bad it is. Make your log and work it that way. They are really looking to see how it impacts your work. Not what you can fight through but how it affects your work.
  3. Great advice above! I am just behind you at the CAVC and should get my decision in October. I have had two of these so far where they just review and one was good and one not, so it can go either way. I assume in the remand they gave specific instructions? I am assuming they will have the same kind of process as the BVA to make sure everyone below is doing what the court ordered. From what I understand the CAVC does move faster. I have a lawyer so they will update me every so often so I know if there are any changes and they can see everything the court has and is doing.
  4. Buck is right on. I will look them in the face very intensely and let them know to not go any further as it is painful! It is the only way to get them to stop and to take the proper rating. Did you tell them how many painful joints you have? It sounds like hopefully they will give some review to connect it, but it might have to go to the BVA.
  5. These ratings cannot be used in addition to ratings for limited motion. One or the other. Any rheumatoid arthritis less severe than noted above is just rated upon its symptoms, such as limited motion. In these cases individual joints can be rated. So, if three joints are involved, but there are no incapacitating episodes, all three can be rated separately on limited motion. A minimum of 10% is given for every joint that at least has pain with motion. You need to tell them each joint which has pain with motion. Remember it is not how far you can go but if it is painful or not!
  6. You need to hit all the points that apply as they will be grading you off of these: Code 5002: Rheumatoid arthritis is the destruction of the soft tissues in a joint because of swelling. Regardless of how many joints are affected, if the arthritis is severe enough that you cannot function, but are completely incapacitated and bedridden, then it is rated 100%. If there is significant weight loss, anemia, and overall severe decrease in health but not complete incapacitation, or if severe incapacitating episodes happen 4 or more times a year, then it is rated 60%. If there is a definite decline in overall health, or if incapacitating episodes happen 3 or more times a year, then it is rated 40%. One or two episodes a year rates 20%. These ratings cannot be used in addition to ratings for limited motion. One or the other. Any rheumatoid arthritis less severe than noted above is just rated upon its symptoms, such as limited motion. In these cases individual joints can be rated. So, if three joints are involved, but there are no incapacitating episodes, all three can be rated separately on limited motion. A minimum of 10% is given for every joint that at least has pain with motion. Notice the Episode count, as it look like this will be a major factor in the decision. They are looking to find out how bad it is. They are not looking for hospital visits. They are looking to see the affect it has on your life! So when you go in there you need to talk about how bad it is and how it affects your every day life!
  7. I would disregard what this is saying. Yes you are in line and they will inform you once the judge has your case. watching this will drive you nuts. Mine was at about 42K when the judge picked mine up. Mine was an appeal from July2015and was completed in March2019. So if you go off of mine yours is moving like a rocket ship. sounds like you are getting closer to the front!
  8. I do one or two a week right now. It will ask for your information. Only things they would know to verify you and then will let you sign into the video call. It is self explaining.
  9. if that were true they would want the 5 days back? Not the 11 1/2 years.
  10. I have never even seen this. To get A&A you have to be in some bad shape. Also if they see you can work why would they give you A&A?
  11. So let me understand this. You had a warrant and had no idea of it? Or did you just not report in or go to court like the paperwork stated? I know normally if you get a ticket of whatever nature it is there are instruction along with what you have to do. Any time there is a bench warrant they will inform you at you legal residence. It sounds like you need to ask a lawyer a few questions, because without that Felony status being removed it sounds like they will keep coming after you! I know I had a ticket before joining the service and the judge ripped me a new one for not showing up. He was like it was $300 bucks why did you not pay it? it is was just $60 if i would have taken care of it. When you let legal things fester they only get worse. In this case it sounds like you need to talk to someone about the law and see if you can ask for some sympathy or something.
  12. I think broken is right. If you can get a doctor to write you SC shoulder caused the issue in your other shoulder.
  13. They don't go out of their way to get the same ones, but if they are seeing you for a specific thing then you will probably get the same on. I would probably go to you VA hospital and go talk to the C&P doctor who over sees all the claims and tell them what happened and you would like a new C&P by a different doctor. I would also lodge a complaint with the white house hotline to let them know they have a biased PA/doctor doing C&P exams. Doctors should not do this, they should stick with the evidence and asking questions if they are needed. I would keep fighting this!
  14. All the above advice is great and I would follow it. I assume you are working? If not listen to Bronco's advice above. If so the Migraine route is probably the way to go. Keep a detailed log of how often and intensity and what you have to do to deal with it! Also any medications you take to deal with it and how much it impacts the work day.
  15. It sounds like you already are P&T. On ebenefits go to your main page. In main links just below the heading you will see MANAGE. Hover this link and go down Documents and Records and click it. Next VA Letters. click it. Next Click Benefits Summary - Veteran Benefits and scroll down there should be a box there at the bottom which will tell you if you are or not. I believe you need P&T to get your own loans forgiven.
  16. Did they pay for the IMO? If so I believe they own it until the end of the case. As for why they would not let you talk to your attorney is very strange. I talk to mine as often as we need too. I could be wrong and someone jump in here but I am not sure they will give a copy until the case is complete. I would be finding out what the issue is and why they are having this issue. The attorney is there for you, there is no reason for them not to talk to you as you are their client. I mean short of making threat to them, I don't see a reason they would not talk to you.
  17. Congratulations! you served your country and trust me your issues can get worse. If this is where you are rated then this is where at minimum you should be at.
  18. I have had over 150 removed now and any time you tell them it is painful or uncomfortable it is covered. I know I don't pay for them anymore, but when I saw a private doctor the nurse told me about this once they code it this way the insurance has to cover the cost. As for cancer if the doctor has given you a referral because they think something is wrong then 99% of the time this is covered. Someone could have coded it incorrectly.
  19. Another point these places normally make a mistake and if someone before them did not do their job correctly they just keep pushing something which should be resolved. My wife get 3-4 a year she has to call in on because it was covered and they try to not cover it. She is also the one who will call them prior and make sure it is covered. it is possible they made a mistake.
  20. Bronco is right on! I have 3 turn me down then I had 4 accept me. There are a lot of factors and for me I found Berry law Firm and they are great! Keep trying and I will work it's self out!
  21. Hold on I am having the opposite issue with GERD I am denied on GERD as not being service connected. I have a diagnosis, but they said it was denied as not having in service condition. I am at 30% IBS since 2013. Where does it show GERD is presumptive? Anyway for you I would keep fighting as SMC-S is always in reach when you start adding more issues.
  22. perfect. So get service connected first then you can fight the Effective date!
  23. So you need a doctor to say you have IBS. I would file on Ebenefits today so you save your date. Then apply and there is no need to go secondary as it will be presumptive since you were in the gulf war. I am hoping you got a diagnosis at some point because you can then fight the effective date.
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