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  1. Thanks and I will go again. I had a home sleep study done a while back and the CPAP was prescribed then. Is there anything else you see that I may have left out? And has anyone here been approved yet?
  2. Has anyone here had a favorable rating from this claim? My private psychiatrist said he is seeing this approved quite a bit now. I was initially denied and they stated that a phone interview was conducted with me.. it wasn't. I am rated at 70% for PTSD after being a combat door gunner in the USMC. I had submitted letters from my Dr stating 50% at least as likely than not that the OSA is 2nd to the PTSD. I also had the same letter from my psychologist, and he also stated case studies proving this and how the PTSD is aggravated by the OSA.. and how the OSA is aggravated by the PTSD. I had been diagnosed with OSA and prescribed a CPAP machine after a home sleep study was done and I have a letter from my Dr stating that this machine is medically necessary. I have a BDQ from my private DR stating all the same stuff too and again stating the 50% more likely than not.. After it was denied I appealed and was then sent to my 1st C&P exam for OSA. I drove 50 miles to a chiropractor's office where I met a DR that drives around from place to place just doing these exams. He was renting an office space there for the day. After I got there he asked me like 4 or 5 questions. I have all my paperwork with me. Every letter, studies, etc. He didn't want to see any of them. He typed and studied his laptop and is was silence for minutes with nothing... then he said we were done. I told him, you are kidding me right? I told him I drove 50 miles to get here and he is going to ask me a few questions and I am leaving? no exam? So I asked him what he thought about OSA being 2nd to PTSD. He said since he was working for the VA, he could not discuss his opinion. I told him I was scheduled through the VA for a sleep study next month at a hospital. Should I even go to the exam. It appeared he had already made up his mind. He said, yes go to the sleep study and after that info was entered into my records he could make a final decision.. Also in my initial denial letter, they stated that the CPAP machine was not medically necessary.. I asked him about that and he shook his head stating he didn't know where that came from .He said a CPAP is the correct prescription for OSA and it was medically necessary. So I don't know where I stand with the C&P. I got really mixed feelings about it. I will post the results from the sleep study and what happens next. If I can get the rating I deserve, I will be glad to share the info, DBQ, letters etc.. and show the steps taken to get there.
  3. I go to the next Sleep Study on March 22nd, so after that I should know something. I do wonder why he would tell me to go to the Sleep Study so he could see the results if he was going to deny it.. but then again, it doesn't have to make sense to me I guess...
  4. Good luck.. I just had a joke of a C&P exam myself yesterday. I was denied a while back for OSA secondary to PTSD. I am rated at 70% for PTSD. I submitted the first time and was denied for OSA secondary to PTSD. In the paperwork they referred to a phone interview that never happened.. I appealed and was sent to a DR yesterday. This Dr only does C&P exams for the VA and is an outside Dr. I showed up 45 minutes early for my appt, and they took me right in. This appointment was in a Chiropractor's office. The Dr said he comes to town weekly and rents space here to do the C&P?? He is a regular family doctor from what I understood. I had driven an hour to get here and when we sat down I thought I had all my ducks in a row. I had the same stuff I had originally submitted, I felt lie a lawyer coming in there.. I had my DBQ from my Dr saying 50% more likely than not, A NEXUS letter from my private Dr saying 50% more likely than not that my OSA was secondary to my PTSD. I had the same letter from my private phycologist stating he same thing and he stated case files and study info. I even had a letter from my Dr saying the CPAP was medically necessary. The C&P Dr did not want to see any of it. He said it was in my file already and he had seen them. I tried to give him the last letter stating the CPAP is medically necessary because it was not in there.. and he said to enter it in to MY VET stuff and he will see it there. REALLY? WOW He asked me maybe 4-5 questions and after he looked into the computer for a few minutes said we were done. I said Doc, I drove an hour to get here and in 10 minutes we are done. You don't want to see any of my paperwork I brought and we are just done? I asked if he believed if OSA is linked or secondary to PTSD. He said he couldn't answer that question because he was employed by the VA. I told him the VA had scheduled me another sleep study next month in March, should I even go to it or does it even matter. He said to yes, go and he will see the results and then he can make his decision. He said check with the nurse out front to fill out the pw for the travel pay. I asked her and she said she has no paperwork and doesn't know about travel pay. I just left... I didn't leave there feeling very warm and fuzzy if you know what I mean...
  5. Did you see my response on this thread?


    any other advice?

  6. Was anyone able to get any more info from the original guy that started this thread? I was denied as well for OSA 2nd to PTSD and I thought I had it all wrapped up tight.. not so as I found out. any more info here??
  7. Attached is the letter I got today from Veterans services. I didn't have this so she printed it for me. She also told me that she has had no success to this point getting OSA 2nd to PTSD. She said maybe 10% will go through but her office has yet to have one approved. Doesn't sound too good.. My award date where my PTSD went from 30% to 70% is 08-07-17 My sleep study diagnosis was 02-08-17 and I have no Sleep Specialist treatment notes. Only my Dr prescribing me a CPAP machine. Here also attached is the letter from my Doctor who is a PA but had the Dr he works with also sign the letter and the DBQ. and again.. thanks for all the help! denial.pdf denial1.pdf
  8. I apologize if I am confusing you (may be confusing myself) The sleep study was done, they prescribed me a CPAP machine so the sleep study is complete. I have been using the machine now for @ 1 year.OSA.docx I did attach the denial above. I will attach it again now. Can you open the document attached? thanks!
  9. Failed the sleep study meaning they did diagnose OSA and prescribed me a CPAP machine. I guess in my mind if I passed the sleep study, I would not have OSA. Also, I was never scheduled for an appointment for a C&P or sent to see anyone after I sent this in to them. They never saw me or examined me. just made the decision. I have attached the decision. OSA.docx
  10. I was never diagnosed in service with OSA. I weigh 220 and I am 6' tall. I am rated at 70% for PTSD and the meds I take add to the OSA. I had my personal Dr. and the Psychiatrist I see both write letters to support that the meds I take add to and cause the OSA. My Dr filled out the DBQ and sent it in as well. I had a failed sleep study results sent in with my claim. I also have documentation I sent it that back up the fact that OSA is tied to PTSD and is aggravated by PTSD. Then sleeping with the prescribed CPAP machine adds to the PTSD. Just curious if anyone has ever won this claim? I am going to appeal but wanted to get any advise here first if someone has any to share.. not sure if there is anyone who has gone this route before and won? thanks!
  11. I still have not received anything from the VA except a denial of OSA secondary to OTSD. They have approved several of my claims without even going to a C&P exam. My PTSD was raised from 30% to 70%, I got 10% for the Bruxism, 30% for migraines for a total of 80%. I had a letter from my dentist saying how bad my Bruxism is and it is causing my TMJ. My private Doctor filled out a DBQ for me stating that it was 50% greater than not, caused by my service connected PTSD. They then sent me to a VA dentist who agreed and it was done. I can see the award E Benefits but still have not received anything from the VA through the mail.
  12. So I have not received any paperwork from the VA yet, but I was granted 10% for Bruxism secondary to PTSD. They did not rate the TMJ at all but it looks on E benefits that the looped it n or joined it with the Bruxism.. I will know more when I get my PW back from them,,
  13. I never went for a C&P exam.. they sent the info I had submitted out for review and it was denied. I don't have the letter from the VA yet.. waiting to get it and look it over.
  14. Thanks for the info.. it was denied so I will do more research. Thanks for the advice..
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