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  1. Greetings! Need help in the procedures of parting ways with an attorney. Many issues of not advocating on my behalf aggressively. I don't know much but i seem to know more than my attorney because the many helpful topics on here. Bert, TBird nd crusier. Anyone with knowledge please help
  2. Greetings. Seeking opinions from you. File a claim in 97 that was denied and became final. I try to reopen it in 2000 and it got denied and final in 2004. In 2006 i try once again to reopen and got denied. I appeal it within the year. BVA remand it in 2013. BVA states that the RO used private, VA record and in service records in determined their decision. The 2004 decision letter did not list in service records were used. The in service records were vital and would established that disability in incurred in service and link to my current disability. Is this grounds for CUE? Thank you
  3. MikeHunt i finally got someone to pick up. they had me on the phone for 10 mins getting his infro and making sure our records not be interwined again. they instruct to send it to Freedom of Information at/Privacy Act Office 9700 Page Ave St Louis MO. 63132. The RO has me on alert to recieved a phone call from them. i am about to put it in the mail.
  4. MilkHunt i faxed the issue to evidence intake on Feb. 14 2017. i did not know if it was lagal for me to send the veteran his decision letter. i called RO but can not get someone to pick up. i will keep calling and also wait for RO to reply how to the paperwork back to me. i will give you an update once i get them on the phone
  5. greetings. i have 5 issues that were at the BVA. BVA remanded 3 issues and awarded 2 issues. the Ro sent a decsion letter for the 2 awarded issues.  the RO also sent me another veteran decison letter which he was denied claims. i called the 800 number several time but no one answer. What kind of storm is this going to cause on my behalf and the other veteran? what should i do

  6. bva remand 3 issues and award 2 issues. the RO sent me a decison on the 2 issues that were awarded by the BVA.. They also sent me another veteran decision letter. Does anyone know what to do? what kind of storm will this error cause
  7. thank you berta. i try to explain it to my lawyer and he shug it off and said lets wait for the decesion and then put in a NOD. he did not even want to hear that i should of have a medical opinion only from the records and that the feet examiner did a exam for my migraine which she gave a bad report by stating migraine is less frequent attacks. i believe that is a 0% rating for migraine. thank you so much and i will sent RO a letter of what went on and to the BVA. THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING ME TO GO FORWARD
  8. berta i pull of of myhealthvet records pertaining to the vet, including va dr prior exam and letter by psycholigist an IMO. as whether the migraines were cause by the depression, i concur withe the va dr that there is scant literture to support depression directly causing migraines to the degree and severity with which vet experience. in fact the research has drawn a much clearer connection between migraines and bipolar disorder. as whether the migraines have been made chronically worse by the vet depression, i concede it is AT LEAST AS LIKELY AS NOT that vet depressive disorder can worsen pain conditions including migranous disorders physical pain and depression have a deeper biological connection than simple cause and effect; neurotransmitters that influence both pain and mood are serontonin and norepinephine. dysregulation of these transmitter is linked to both depression and pain, TRIVEDI MH. THE LINK BETWEEN DEPRESSION AND PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS. PRIMARY CARE COMPANION TO THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY. 2004;6(supp 1); 12-16 i called RO in SC and they had it in their system on 03/02/2017
  9. berta the docket no. 07-38 965 and i have not google her name and i yes i felt like the feet examiner did not have the right to examiner my feet and my migraine i google the examiner name and she specialty is family medicine, focus on adolescent medicine. there is no rating on her page but she does have an office which she see patients outside of VA. I ASSUME VA hire her to do what she did not knowing she hurt my claim by not knowing what the remand wanted.
  10. hi berta. thanks for the infro. i am rated at p&t. i had a pych dr. did the opin and she opin that migraine is at least likely as not that mdd made migraines worse and she signed it on 03/02/2017 . bva also remand feet conditions and state vet is to be afforded another va examination and was giving by another dr and she sign here report on 03/03/2017. in doing so the examiner not only give exam for feeet but also gave one for my migraine and wrote that migraine is with less frequency attacks. i think they violate the remand again and the foot examiner try to combine the migraine opin results from anther dr with her results of migraine and feet exam. what do you think is going on?
  11. can anyone please help give me insight on this matter? BVA remand: Forward entire claims in electronic records to the examiner who prepared the April 2013 VA migraine headaches opinion or, if that examiner is unavailable, to a suitably qualified VA examiner. the examiner should review all pertinent records associated with the claims file, including the veterans service records, post service medical records and lay statements. the examiner must indicate that the entire claims file was reviewed prior to rendering the opinion the examiner should provide an opinion as to whether it is at least likely as likely as not( a 50 percent probililty or greater) that any diagnosed migraines have been caused or made chrinically worse by the veterans service connected major depressive disorde a well reasoned opinion must be provided with a detailed explanation for all conclusions reached by the reviewer. citations to the record or relevent medical principles should be included as necessary to explain the opinion, and complete rationale must be given for all opinions and conclusions expressed. does this mean that only my file is going to be exam and an opinion is needed and i do not need to have my body there? thanks for any feed back. i just joined the site but i were reading you all post for several years
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