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  1. IMO isn't needed anymore - he just looked at ebennies and he is now rated properly at 100%! Thanks to everyone here for all the support. It is so nice to have this resolved. We will add more info as soon as we receive the letter.
  2. Berta- Just got a quote from your favorite IMO doctor but it is completely unaffordable. Will go to plan b now.
  3. Even funnier is that there was no treadmill involved. It was a non-exercise stress test with an injection instead of treadmill/bike. Just a little detail but look at how the addenda gets hijacked by "treadmill".
  4. I think you misunderstood what I meant by IME- An IME (Independent Medial Exam or evaluation) follows the criteria for IMOs/IMEs at hadit and is performed by a Non VA doctor with expertise in the field of disability. I searched hadit for "IME criteria" and came up with 134 hits so I'm attaching the exam/treatment notes with medical orders from the private doctor who is a known expert witness, has 8 years history with veteran, directs the local cath lab: exam with medical orders.pdf ===== What you attached is not an IME.So no potential CUE basis there. What about h
  5. OMG there are 2 of them in cahoots on this?! No signature etc etc - not a very probative addendum (in my humble opinion). I'm almost certain that this would get tossed if a reasonable mind had to consider it as legal evidence.
  6. I can't tell if it was one doctor or two who wrote it. The commentary was part of the "opinion". I only typed the title and changed the dr name. Seriously.
  7. Check out this "medical opinion" by a VA M.D. for another comical read. Medical Opinion.docx Conflicts itself.
  8. At this point I feel like I should and I'm not a Veteran. Honestly, I'm just really grateful that this rater is behind a desk and not in charge of the nuclear codes or covering anyone's back. Ya know? I want to be on the citizen's committee that approves bonuses for raters.....
  9. Berta and I need to take a class in prescience. For the record, if you got a 10>100<60% in one rating, what you have is an increase from 10 to 100 as a temporary rating and then 60 as a permanent (for now) rating. That is, technically, a Fenderson Staged rating but not quite. A true Fenderson would be a retroactive grant either via a CUE correction or a 3.156(c) decision. This would generate a gradual increase over a number of years based on available medrecs from the contemporary time involved. Any time you see a 10 go to 100 and back to 60% with no proposed reduction is due to a fili
  10. I realize after reading your helpful replies that I really know-almost-nothing about the advanced post-decision and appeal process. I'm still at the CUE level and am carefully watching the NOD clock. This claim has so many CUE's that it would surely get remanded. I honestly think the rater was pissed at me because it is was such a sloppy decision. I will keep your info in mind to help with planning CUE's with the appeal in mind. There should be a community college degree program: you know - maybe even a "BS" in VA Claims Advocacy. (my sense of humor).
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