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    Don's interest were his family.. PTSD kept him from having any friends. He did everything with his family and me. I didn't mind. He had a moving business and loved to drive cross country. Collected "Oldies & Goodies" and was very good at pool. and pinoccle cards. Loved his garden, green fried tomatoes and iced tea every day but most of all he loved "ME".

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  1. Poopsy Woopsy


    my husband was 70% PTSD with GAF score of 50% Viet Nam Vet.. He was killed by the VA 41/2 years ago, and so I receive Pension on those grounds. But before "They killed him" we had 3 claims pending: Agent orange : (needed to prove in contiguous waters) They are denying AO because he was on a ship and a "Secret Mission" so very hard to get verification. (waiting on C-Files). Aid and Attendance : ( I took care of him for several years) A&A : Outright denial.. He was on oxygen, 80 pills a day and 5 shots a day.. I also have recorded (from another non VA hospital.. he could not take care of any daily activities. So why the denial.. We were denied twice before he died. TDIU : back pay since (at least) PTSD rating. Beyond, because of Gross negligence on the part of the VA (Not including conceeding his death) which has all been very well documented. WHAT I NEED TO DO NOW IS!! figure out how to remove an old Social Security claim. (back trouble, of which he was receiving care for at the Va) but it should not "Supersede" his claim for TDIU.. (of which we had not been receiving any monies for, for a very long time. I don't know how to move forward. How would I get it removed or make the VA not use the SSI to deny his Unemployability claim??? I don't think going to SS office would be beneficial because it has been a "Mute" point with them for a long time.. So I am assuming it would lie somewhere within the VA system. BUT WHERE?? WHO?? and HOW??
  2. Bronco vet Thanks for the reply. I guess the place to start is to go back and read carefully through each claims paper and try try to figure out where I stand and if any claim is pending!! BUT that still doesn't answer what in the heck they want from the "accrued" latest claims paper. If it is for IU (even though he is deceased). I need to show medical evidence that he was unable to work! Correct??
  3. Thanks Berta Yes those were my posts. Ill try to be more clear (Sorry this brings out much pain) ANYWAY!! Don was 70% PTSD on 8-2011 / DIC on 8-2014 after his death on 5-2014 Don had a claim pending for TDIU, A&A and again AO. at the time of his death. BUT; in 10-2010 I received a letter stating, We have received your compensation claim for Heart Disease based on herbicide exposure, HOWEVER, this disease has not yet been added to the Dept of Vet affairs regulations governing disease presumptively associatd with herbicide exposure. Send evidence showing you served in VietNam. but now I needed to show evidence of "Disembarkement" I did not know how to go forward with that as they said, because his ship was on a secret mission, they had no more evidence. Now I dont know if there is still a pending case because of new VA evidence or has the lapse of time deemed it "Final" His death Certificate shows reason for death Congestive heart failure, COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Coronary Artery Disease. BUT, he got PTSD at 70% effective 7- 2011.Then DIC 6-2014.They stated "Service connection for cause of death on the claim of PTSD because I had a Cardiologist state the connection between the above heart issues and PTSD. The same letter that verified his death was caused by the neglect of the VA. So awarding DIC. Thus deeming PTSD as a cause of death also! So my dilemma now is the "Accrued benefits paper they sent me asking for more information. I am confused on what more information I should send. Does it encompass all the pending claims. (of which I am not even sure of what that is) or is it just for establishing TDIU and how far back to go.. He hasn't been granted TDIU yet! I was assuming at this point it was inferred! That still leaves me with "Can I use the Heart issues on his death certificate to "ALSO" say is from AO. or because they have already stated heart w/ PTSD is the cause of death so can't claim it for AO too. IF I still can claim AO. Thanks again and I hope this reply is more clear!
  4. I have (HAD) a new found determination for getting claims processed for my husband and then "I FELL APART".. So sorry after you took the time to answer. I am trying to not let the VA win after deeming my husband "Unworthy to live". I would like to try again as I feel I am at an impasse for moving forward after being sent new claims papers for "Accrued" benefits What are they ASKING me for?? By me sending them medical records on "stressors" (to determine how far back the "aggrivation" to his PTSD was caused. (caused by the VA and should be a secondary and ultimately IU). Are they asking for anything that would give me a correct claims date on how far back it should be given for the accrued benefit? Have they "Already Determined" that HE should get the accrued monies but are just allowing me to help determine a time frame for how far back it should go? Is secondary even inferred or can it be determined in making a good effective date? Is that what they are asking for? The original claim was for 100% inferring IU, I dont know if "Secondary" is in the one they are referring to. (and subsequently Diabetes Melitis II ). (I have specific info they we're neglagent on 3 seperate occasions. I guess our VA here in spokane "SUCKS"). Does that mean that I have to determine that they are specific "ONLY" to his 70% PTSD as a contributing or secondary?? OR, can it again be determined to be connected (If positive info emerges for his AO claim) for the AO claim ALSO? (At this point I think I only have to prove he left the ship, and it is stated in a claim way back in 2014 that he "Said" he remembers leaving a few times via helicopter that a VSO officer wrote in our very first filing. I have the month of NOV to send in any additional info related to this "Accrued" benefits claim.. and I'm just not sure of what I should be addressing.. And yes, I am going to a VSO officer here, but she is very inadequate and had made several mistakes in helping me with past claim..Having said that. They do their best to help. and she really tried with me but unfortunately I caght several mistakes.. Another thing. I am not sure exactly "WHAT" claim it is encompassing! Just IU or all the others too. Ischemic Heart, DiabetesMII, ED Unlike other claims papers i have received which stated "What" claim they were talking about! this one states "Nothing" (Just accrued) I have called the claims # to figure it out, but I get nothing cleared up in my head. I have also asked for my C-file. but don't know if I will get it in time. I myself have done the work and "RECEIVED" 2 prior claims.. One for the PTSD, (in record time), and then the one for DIC. (Obvious for his death). I know that they did ask for more info relating to RVN (awhile back now) but he was on a secret mission and I didn't know how to get "More" info. on that, so thought I was dead in the water. I missed the cut off for that claim, BUT shouldn't the "NEW" information on AO for adding Ischemic Heart null and void any previous cut off? Just want to say "Thank You" I feel at least "Not Alone" here and that someone cares!! Some days I want to "Fight like Hell" and other days my grieveing supersedes anything else!! Thank you for anything you may be able to clear up... Poopsy Woopsie AKA Jody
  5. Hi Berta. Been away since I went to my congressman VA rep to find out status of my deceased husbands claims and he told me there wasn't any open. Then I got a letter in the mail stating that they wanted any  evidence for an "Accrued Benefits"  DIC claim, I might want to apply. I am assuming it is on IU He was 70% PTSD, GAF 50. I thought IU should be inferred! (when PTSD was exacerbated because of neglectful and wrong doing in several documented instances perpetrated by the VA. It was obvious to me that it gave me an earlier date, starting with the first Neglect on the VA's part, that created for him exacerbation and worsening of his PTSD. So have been working on setting up Earliest date! My question now is He is also  NOT "boots on ground" but in Contiguous waters of RVN. Am trying to get ship logs for leaving his ship to qualify him, since he has Ischenmic Heart, DiabetesMelitisII, ED, and am in the process of getting proof. so if I state those things as Secondary, Or presumptive or aggrivation Through theory of entitlement for PTSD, does that keep me from inferring those things presumptive for AO, which would be, I assume easy if the ship proof comes thru.

    Thank you. 

    Poopsy Woopsy   

    1. Berta


      I will post your question in the main DIC forum so that otherss have a chance to respond as well as me.

    2. Poopsy Woopsy

      Poopsy Woopsy

      Here I am again Berta.. 

      As i have received my claims response as "Denied" 

      Everything was "IN PLACE". We had been waiting over 5 years.. For some reason I got papers closing the claim stating I had missed a  date I was not aware of. Then I got papers (pertaining  to the letter above) that they reinstated my claim for "Accrued Benefits" Well they sent me denial papers within a few weeks!!! (imagine that). Their reasoning was that my husband has an "OLD" Socail Security claim on his back, so they are denying the claim for that reason!! How do I get them not to "Consider" the old Social Security Benefits claim that we were "NOT"  receiving any money on!! 

  6. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    Hey Broncovet, Just went to my VArep and she told me she doesn't have any papers she filed.. She doesn't keep them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT. that wold be very foolish....I am going to sit down and go through the mounds of papers I have kept. This just keeps getting better and better. Another thing I didn't mention he was at Camp Lejune, in the right timeframe for that also, which was put on the claim paper too. Haven't heard anything about that either
  7. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    I think I am not going to have a choice in getting a lawyer broncovet but remember, a lawyer was the one that steered me away from anything to do with a Torte claim. (I wish I could remember if it was someone associated with VA or a lawyer against the Va. I would think that if it was a lawyer, he would have jumped on such a cut and dried case.) I was in such a stupor over the death of my "Donnyboy" I didn't even know what day it was. So "I pay?", NO, they will pay, HELL or high-water. Got any suggestions on getting a lawyer?
  8. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    Thanks Buck, and everyone who weighed in.. Your all my saving grace. Buck, I got the substitution of claimant filed. (just in time) I have all my records. on everything, so they will be dealing with my wrath as soon as I figure out all they have done, and didn't do. My main question really was. Is it too late for a "Torte claim" AND will the statutes of limitations, Null and void everything for me? ALSO: He had IHD, Diabetes Melitis. Neuropathy and ED. All of which are on the AO list of ailments. AND it has already been verified and processed that the VA was responsible for his death. I just don't know what else they need to know to have these claims retro active. The retroactive money is what we (I) have been waiting for for 3 years. I had "NO" idea there were "NO" claims. after all this time. As I said I have paper stating "They were working on it". It seems like a slam dunk rightfully so, but we are dealing with the VA, and they want you to "GET TIRED". Well now that I can't work, I've got nothin else to do. Cant wait to get the papers stating "There are no claims on Monday morning and I will be making a trip to the VA rep that helped me with filing the claims. God speed to all of you who deserve "MORE"
  9. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    Berta, I wanted them to retro IU and make him 100% and I still need to try to somehow verify him in waters of Viet Nam to be eligible for AO, even though as I said before, he had 4 of the diseases it takes for AO!! I think that speaks for itself!!! but he should have gotten 100% IU no matter what. So was interested in back pay, but now the whole ball game had changed because of the ability to file a "Torte" claim.(I can't get over the fact that they killed him, mostly because of the way he was treated at the VA, and I want them to "TAKE RESPONSIBILITY" for it. (Remember the letter I told you I wrote that got policy changes at VA). Can they make me responsible for missing the date? My VA rep here locally was very kind, but I had done the PTSD claim on my own, and got the PTSD. I knew she wasn't very knowledgeable, and I was very worried about that. I had to come back in the next day to change very pertinent info. she had gotten wrong. I was also under the gun to get the "substitution of claimant" in before the 1 year deadline, BECAUSE no one told me, I just happen to stumble on the info. When I told her she said, Oh yeah! Like it was nothing. PS. I guess I am confused as to why I did get CHAMPVA and ch35. after reading all this. I am getting the info of why there are no claims in, from the VA guy at the senators office on Mon for the "NO CLAIMS" so I guess I need to go from there. I have been so distraught and emotionally drained and physically now drained, and this whole mess just set me back big time. I had been seeing a Bio-feedback therapist because I just can't get over loosing my husband, but the therapist changed jobs and his new place of employment wouldn't take my secondary insurance, and now am not in a very good frame of mind for my surgery the day after Easter. Total hip replacement, and I just had my left shoulder done., This nightmare with the VA is consuming my life... FUNNY. I spent every moment of every day making sure he stayed alive. with oxygen, 70 pills a day, PTSD, and heart problems. and then they killed him in an instant. (46 years, gone). I still have not gotten my body to stop reacting to the high stress I had lived with. Not a good place to be in mentally for surgery..Anyway I appreciate all input to help me.. Looking forward to better days!!
  10. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    Thanks for all the update.. Guess I have to figure out what exactly I have. I get 1,230 on my allotment, confused because that isn't even 2017 standard. and no where did I get something saying all else was void by accepting the ChampVA. Am I null and void for a wrongful death "torte" claim, the difference monetarily is huge and right now I can't live on the allotment, but can't work because of the toll taking care of him took on me. and they denied A&A twice, even though I have medical records showing they wanted to put him in a home!!!! What about back pay for IU, which we should have been getting all along. At least we could have survived on it. not to mention A&A and AO. Ohh and also he was at Camp jejune when all the bad water was going on. So he has that claim also
  11. Yes that attitude is rampant in the VA facilities also.. I wrote a letter on the inexcusable treatment and attitude we encountered at the VA here in Wa. It took us 121/2 hours in the VA emergency room to be admitted, and there was only one other person in the emergency room with a sprained ankle and in 121/2 hours there was only 2 besides my husband..They had an attitude about addressing my husbands pain, after laying there for an hour in pain. My letter got policy change. I care about how the veterans were being treated at their own facility and wrote the letter on behalf of all veterans
  12. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    Hi broncovet! Thanks but I guess I should be more accurate. They didn't loose my claim. They just said I didn't even have one in!! Is that the same? It's been in and have been working on it. Can't figure out why this time I called (after getting letters that they have been working on it) that now they say "I don't have a claim in!) Does getting DIC eliminate any and all other claims on file. was looking for IU, AO, AA, for 100% and accrued or back pay, as this is all tied together.
  13. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    Thank You, hope I don't get too clouded as my grief is immeasurable, but now is my driving force. WE were living on his 70% PTSD so i guess that can't be changed, except that the IU and AO should have reflected on that. The Va rep checked the status (He said he went right to the top) and the "TOP" said I have no claims in.. Thats where is lies with me. How can that be! We have been waiting for almost 2 years before he died. and it has been three years since his death., I am at a total loss for "WHY" and what the heck I DO NOW!!
  14. Poopsy Woopsy

    Poopsy Woopsy

    I am just that!! Amazingly persistent, Organized and have records, dates and times of early on.. I don't trust the Va reps here as they have made mistake after mistake. I am concerned about missing something. No matter how much homework I do, it may not be enough. but not willing to try lawyer yet Oh and yes I filed a substitution of claimant. One of the things the Va rep forgot to tell me about.. I got it within "ONE" day of the cut off date

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