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  1. Haven't seen any movement at all and Peggy refuses to give me a straight answer on anything. My rep keeps me posted of what's going on because he is waiting on payment also. BVA grant May 1st and a remand.
  2. It's up to the RO ro rate you. The judge can only grant a disability on evidence, not give a rating. Waiting on the RO can take a long time. Depends on how backlogged it is.
  3. I had a BVA grant May 1st. Haven't seen any movement until September when my rep filed for their fees. Then rep received email telling them my rating and how far back I was getting payed. Was told it could take up to 90 days for implementation from September 27. Good luck with yours. Mine was a partial grant with 1 remand.
  4. The BVA just changed its docket date to January 2017. I have a form 9 filed for the beginning of 2017 and it hasn't even been certified to the board yet. How is this going to work? Actually I have 2 form 9s files in 2017. One at the beginning of the year and one at the end.
  5. It didn't even show the Biloxi VAMC. Figures.
  6. I was going through the same thing. I have a grant and remand from May 1st. My rep finally sent a email to whoever they go through to get paid last week. He called me yesterday and told me my rating and said it should be implemented anywhere from 10 to 90 days now. Now I'm just waiting for the new c&p exam ordered by the bva and getting this remand finished.
  7. Was just informed today by my rep that I have been rated 20 percent on my shoulder going back to Jan 2012. Just waiting on the RO ro implement and send out the award letter. The rep sent out a email last week regarding their pay from VA and finally it's getting done. Granted by bva May 1st.
  8. I had a BVA grant and remand May 1st and have seen no movement at all. Nobody can give me a answer on my grant. Sometimes I'm told they might be waiting on my remand to be completed. frustrating.
  9. Treysnonna, when I said reps I meant paid attorneys. Sorry for the misunderstanding. They are the ones who complained the remands were taking too long at the RO level. They felt like the vets who were paying for reps were being punished. But like I said, i havent been able to confirm anything yet. Supposedly this went into effect in April so...
  10. I was just informed by my rep yesterday that all demands were going to the AMC now. He gave the reason that the AMC took less time to complete a remand than the RO and all the reps complained about it. According to him the AMC took 200 days on average and the RO took around 500 days on average. I havent confirmed this with anyone else yet.
  11. It' going to take a week or two for the judge to write up the decision. Mine was decided 19th of April and i didnt find out the decision until the 3rd of May. Nobody will tell you the decision over the phone. Just be patient. Vets.gov let me know the decision a coie of days before i received the letter.
  12. Treysnonna, if you look up the boa rd of veterans appeals, you will see customer service. They give you the number there.
  13. Richard1954, I first used them in 2013 for my SSDI. They have been around for a while.
  14. Mine was in front of the judge for week. Every case is going to be different. I guess it determines the judge, how complicated the case is and how much evidence is presented. I had my arthritis granted and ptsd remanded. So It still could take a while.
  15. I don' know what stage in the process you're at, but I would do some research for a good attorney, then let them worry about it. Sure, they get some of your back pay, but they have a better chance of winning your appeal than you do. Then sit back, send any info they ask for and wait. Let them fight for you. Just research va attorneys until you find one you feel comfortable with.

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