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  1. Treysnonna, when I said reps I meant paid attorneys. Sorry for the misunderstanding. They are the ones who complained the remands were taking too long at the RO level. They felt like the vets who were paying for reps were being punished. But like I said, i havent been able to confirm anything yet. Supposedly this went into effect in April so...
  2. I was just informed by my rep yesterday that all demands were going to the AMC now. He gave the reason that the AMC took less time to complete a remand than the RO and all the reps complained about it. According to him the AMC took 200 days on average and the RO took around 500 days on average. I havent confirmed this with anyone else yet.
  3. It' going to take a week or two for the judge to write up the decision. Mine was decided 19th of April and i didnt find out the decision until the 3rd of May. Nobody will tell you the decision over the phone. Just be patient. Vets.gov let me know the decision a coie of days before i received the letter.
  4. Treysnonna, if you look up the boa rd of veterans appeals, you will see customer service. They give you the number there.
  5. Richard1954, I first used them in 2013 for my SSDI. They have been around for a while.
  6. Mine was in front of the judge for week. Every case is going to be different. I guess it determines the judge, how complicated the case is and how much evidence is presented. I had my arthritis granted and ptsd remanded. So It still could take a while.
  7. I don' know what stage in the process you're at, but I would do some research for a good attorney, then let them worry about it. Sure, they get some of your back pay, but they have a better chance of winning your appeal than you do. Then sit back, send any info they ask for and wait. Let them fight for you. Just research va attorneys until you find one you feel comfortable with.
  8. Twice, years ago before it was sent to the BVA. Once, when I first claimed in 2012, then again when I filed nod and wanted a dro review in 2013.
  9. Degenerative arthritis granted. Ptsd remanded. Now just waiting on the snail mail to find out if evidence was missing, the RO screwed up or whatever the reason for the remand.
  10. Allsup actually have two separate departments. SSDI and Veterans. The veterans side only have a few people working. Brett Buchanan is the lawyer who is charge of the vets side. He is a actual veteran himself so he know what we are going through. The complaints I have always seen come from the SSDI side.
  11. broncovet, I started using Allsup after my third claim was denied and my county vso didnt want to do anything. They have been really helpful. It may cost some backlash, but my rep has found things in my medical history that I have completely forgotten about or just didn't notice. The company does SSDI and VA benefits.
  12. IraqVet, I don' know if this will help. On April 12 I found out my case was picked up by a judge on Tues. April 10. I called the BVA to confirm. Then I checked ebenefits on Thurs. April 19 and it said pending case dispatch, a decision has been made. I called the BVA again to confirm. They made a decision on my case in little over a week. This appeal was for ptsd and degenerative arthritis. Hopefully yours moves as fast and favorably. I' just waiting on the envelope now to find put the decision.
  13. Last week I found out a veterans law judge started on my file on Tues. April 10. I found out through vets.gov then called the BVA to confirm. Today, April 19 I looked on ebenefits and saw that a decision was was and my case was depending dispatch. Again I called the BVA to confirm and was told the same. My case was only in front of the judge a week. Has any else seen their cases move this fast? My claims were ptsd and degenerative arthritis of the shoulders. My docket # is 14-38 003
  14. jfrei, dont go by vets.gov says your number in line is. Wednesday it told me 49846 were ahead of me, and Thursday it informed me a judge picked it up. I called the BVA to confirm and yes it is now being reviewed by a judge.
  15. I'm 6 foot and was 274. I just started a keto type diet almost 3 weeks ago and have lost 15 pounds so far. Main thing is cut the carbs. It has helped with my blood pressure so far. Hope this helps.

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