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  1. I filed my husbands ramp form in May the VA can see it arrived and was scanned in on May 10 but hasn’t moved ... nothing it hasn’t been move to ramp and no one can explain it. Multiple calls and inquiries and still no one can explain anything. I guess my next email will be to our congressional rep she’s pretty user friendly.
  2. I called back Monday spoke with yet another rep who told me my origininal iris was sent back with no answers because it didn’t supply the veterans information no ss# or claim# just his name. So another rep sent it again I have worked with our congress woman’s office before and they helped immensely I’m giving it a couple more days and doing the same. Best of luck to you
  3. We seem to be in the same boat. I sent my husbands opt in back in May. The VA can see where the RAMP form was received on May 10. But nothing else has happened I was told give it until June as it takes 30 days to get it entered. Well I waited called back June 13 still nothing so an IRIS was sent to the RO , a month later still nothing no response from the RO or anyone else. I called Monday the lady I spoke with said she was handing it off to her supervisor as she couldn't understand what was going on with it either. May I ask what RO you are with? We are with Nashville.
  4. I sent my husbands RAMP opt in on May 5 , waited 2 weeks to call to follow up they said it was received on May 10 but it took 30 days for it to moved to ramp...ok I waited and called again in June still not in RAMP can see where paperwork was received but no response or reason as to why it's not in RAMP yet. I called again July 11 still not moved to ramp and no response from the inquiry that was sent before. Nothing has changed on Ebenefits, and on the Vets.gov the section where his appeal was showing has been unable to show his appeal for since last week.....I guess I'll call again next week...
  5. So I called back after being told it takes 30 days to get it into RAMP after they receive the paperwork...this time around on June 13, 2018 I'm told they received it back can't find where it is at so they have to send an inquiry to the regional office. Basically through IRIS and I should receive a response in 10-14 days.....I plan to call back today and see what the next rep says....
  6. Even if we fire the attorney from what I read he is still eligible to receive part of John's award. As for forms I called the attorney we went over the notice he received in September and yes the attorney told me to fill out the TDIU paperwork and submit it. I got everything together and submitted it via ebenefits.
  7. I called the ebenefits lines Thursday according to them John's opt in letter was received on may 10 but has not been scanned in and processed yet. The rep said it takes 30 days for them to get the info put in the system. Plus side of phone call she did state the VA has everything they were looking for for John's remand and his file is in the ready to work stage according to her that means it needs a someone to sign off on it ...lol on Vets.gov they have that little timeline thing at the bottom showing how many appeals are in front of yours 17,101 to be processed before John's and if that thing is just an estimate they are only processing about 250 a week or 1000 a month..so it would take another 17+ months for his appeal to reach the front of the line. I plan to check back on June 12 to see if it has indeed been moved to ramp. I'll up as I get info..lets see if 125 days is accurate.
  8. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thinks an attorney might not be in a big hurry to get your appeal settled because the longer it takes the more they stand to gain. My husband hired this attorney in 2011 before we met. Until I started handling the contact with the VA and the attorney literally nothing was done in John's favor for 5 years for the last 3 years I have been the one filing out all of the paperwork and submitting all of the necessary documentation. Unfortunately his "attorney" will gain from my work and I don't think there is anything I can actually do other than count that 25% as a loss.
  9. Is there an actual negative to opting in? I received the invitation in the mail yesterday. My husband's appeal has been with the VA since 2011. September 2017 he was granted 70% back to his original date which was 2011 in the same letter granting him a 70% rating for his PTSD he was advised to file the paperwork for TDIU in the actual letter granting him the 70%. A deadline of Oct.22,2017 was given to file , we filed that was 210 days ago. I'm thinking why not chose the RAMP higher level review if we have to appeal we can in Feb.2019 not much more of a wait. I'm going to send it in.
  10. Broncovet , I’m sorry you had to go through that. I hope you win your war. I’m fighting anothe battle with the va not just johns benefits. He was slapped by a va police officer while in a mental health crisis we’ve been fortunate to get some people to listen but it caused more trauma now it’s hell to take him to an appointment at the va campus. Good luck on your journey.
  11. Thank you Broncovet, I do hope you're teasing about the first scenario I can be patient and if nothing changes or we don't get a letter I'll call. I've learned to keep copies of everything. thank you again
  12. I'll try to make this as short as possible with all of the info. Husbands info granted 60% for ptsd back in 2011 filed appeal using an attorney his ptsd has become so bad (medicated and lots of trips to the psych's) he resigned from his job which coincidentally was with the VAMC. His attorney isn't worth a crap so I took over and managed to get him increased to 70% in march ( I faxed hardship letter and supporting doc's in feb and 3 weeks later he received the increase.) His appeal finally went in front of VA law judge and we received a determination that He should have been rated at 70% from 2011 and in the words of the document the veterans appears to have been eligible for TDIU recommend veteran files form 21-8940 so I filled it out and uploaded it as requested on ebenefits along with the other forms they required last work place and some more medical files from the civilian hospital I had to commit him to because the VA didn't have a bed. Now they asked for the forms to be completed before Oct 12 2017 I finished everything double checked and uploaded all the requested information and forms. 10 days ago it went from under review to pending decision approval, yesterday I logged in to see if anything had changed and where it all was under manage claims there are no open claims now and under pending disabilities it is also gone and has not been moved to historical claims...any ideas? Thank you
  13. Thank you Berta I'll sit down this evening and send him an email I can also attach the pdfs of the witness statements ...
  14. I'll edit the witness statement that outlines the entire scene so that names aren't visible and post it.
  15. Buck52 , I'm not letting go of this va cop he's done this crap before our attorney told me johns not this guys first victim. John worked with this man for 4 yrs and made several verbal complaints and one written complaint against him for the way he treated the veterans that were in the homeless or sudp programs. This was his chance to get even. And I'm looking for a good attorney the federal defender walked me out of the courthouse and said now get a good civil and go after them. If John had actually been aggressive or had a history of violent or disruptive behavior that would be different. This guy has targeted more than one fellow veteran , yes he's an army vet and no doubt has issues. One of the witness statements refers to incidents like this oh they happen all the time we just don't talk about it. I'll get a copy of John medical records ever since September I've been keeping everything. Berta, john was 50% ptsd 10% tinnitus since 2011, filed an appeal in 2011 and nothing was done his attorney imo was dragging his feet. His mental health records read like a text book how gaf scores from 2007-2011 were consistantly 24-40 never higher than 40... how he maintained the facade of a normal life is mind boggling. He finally admitted to me he's battled this since 1985.... he was in Beirut with the marines that died in that barracks bombing. I pushed for the new c&p exam. And they granted him the 70% formthe ptsd . How do I check and see if he's eligible for the temp 100% for all that time he was hospitalized in September ? Lol your description reminds me of my mother same statue and I've got a feeling same ball of fire. How do I locate an attorney I've called several most only do medical malpractice . I've called the state bar and they gave me numbers . I've called and spoke with one receptionist and left several messages. It's a little frustrating.
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