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  1. I went to the BVA the first time and won with the help of the NCOA. Ten years later I went to the BVA again and decided to hire a lawyer because the VA was playing fast and loose with the laws and CFR's in my case. Only you can make this decision but know that the service organizations are usually busy and can not always give you the time a lawyer can, it just costs you 20% of your award usually. I do not believe we should have to hire a lawyer or get expensive IMO's but sometimes that is what it takes. It's a lot better than the old days when we could not hire a lawyer by law. Those
  2. I had an appointment last week at the VA for a second shot of two. I kept the appointment because they were open and I did not want to get the first shot again. We have quite a big annex and they were there, except there were few vets there. I also had an appointment with my psychiatrist through Facetime. Things are really strange out there.
  3. I would go with broncovet's advice and file now and not wait. Your claim might take a while and it might not be done before you need the surgery. Waiting only costs you money.
  4. What killed you is this statement. You are looking for the following language for the specified rating. Compare the 70 percent rating instructions and the 50 percent instructions to what the examiner wrote. If you want to move up in rating you will most likely need an IMO that refutes what the VA examiner said about you. Occupational and social impairment, with deficiencies in most areas, such as work, school,family relations, judgment, thinking, or mood, due to such symptoms as: suicidal ideation; obsessional rituals which interfere with routine activities; speech intermittently
  5. From what I have been hearing the stimulus monies are taxable.
  6. I agree with Vync. We need to raise hell about this and prevent the VA from making things harder for vets. They claim to be doing this formerly due to veterans outside of the states, I believe them about as much as I believed the VA when they first denied my claim.
  7. You can find many different kinds of diaries on the net. Your diary carries weight if it is added to your medical records. It is your self reporting of your migraine condition and is considered important evidence unless you impeach yourself by being caught in dishonest reporting. I say this because I had a doctor try to impeach my evidence but he was shot down, they may try.
  8. I have an appointment for a second shingles shot. As I understand if they postpone it for too long I need to start over. Such is life in the biggest medical crisis in my short time here on earth.
  9. Put gin in it and I will try, I will tell my wife it is the cure and maybe she will let me start drinking again.
  10. Good letter, it touches all of the necessary information except where it says the doctor read the pertinent parts of your service record. I have always been advised to say the doctor has read all of your STR's.
  11. I have that but when you are given 100% disability you are supposed to be 100% unable to work under the VA's own regulations. They instructed me when I got 50% that I was considered to be 50% unable to work and that I still had a 50% ability to work. When I got 100% it was supposed to be that I was 100% unable to work. That is why it is so hard to get 100%, supposedly. Then they make 100% veterans able to work. As I have said it before I do not get it but maybe we are not supposed to understand the VA.
  12. I am receiving VA disability and Social Security concurrently. Your friend is in a special situation though in that SS is paying for his wife's medical care. I would take hamslice's advice and see about consulting a family planning lawyer for one visit. It is always better to have professional advice when your situation is unique.
  13. @Richard1954, that is a bummer to hear. I hope that you get to spend a few good years with your wife. God Bless and God Speed.
  14. I have received good service at the VA before but I have also received service that would make your toes curl. I am one who tries to get most of my care off the VA campus in that I have Tricare. I have run in to some neurologists at the VA that would tell me thank-you for your service as they twisted the knife. After reading their notes I knew I would never see them again. Funny thing is they were probably doing that to everyone because for some reason the Johnson City VA closed it's neurology department without explanation. As for the mental health at the VA I have received pretty good c
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