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  1. From the regs and what you say about your case it looks like you are looking at a 20% rating.
  2. glashutte, There is a wealth of information here and some people that know a whole lot about the appeals process. That said I believe you should get a VSO (veterans service officer). They can be had through the DAV, Paralyzed Veterans of America and a host of others. These people can help you locally and look up stuff on your records that you or we cannot. You do not have to turn your case over to them and then stop. When I was using a VSO I wrote all of my own appeals and then had them look at them to make sure I did not miss anything or mess something up. I fired one VSO after he made a serious error in my case, forgot to file a form 9 on time. Fortunately after some research I found that the board at that time said a formal form 9 was not required, just an appeal stating your disagreement. I hired another VSO because the one who made the mistake told me I had to refile with a new date. I used the second VSO until I decided I needed a lawyer seven years into my case because the VA was violating my rights. A long story shortened people here will assist you greatly and have a wealth of knowledge but having someone local never hurts. Just make sure that you do not let the VSO lead you astray. Vetquest
  3. How Do IME/IMOs work?

    No, it is not silly. During your C&P your doctor will examine you for hemorrhoids. If they are not present you are still not out of luck. If your service records show that you have a continuing problem it is an issue. A good doctor or rater would realize that the condition may not show on a particular day. But yes the condition has to be current for you to receive disability. The question in this is then can you be cured of hemorrhoids? If the answer is yes you are out of luck. If the answer is no than that will be taken into account.
  4. How Do IME/IMOs work?

    If you are in your initial claim an IMO may not be the most cost effective route to go, they can cost several thousand dollars. If your conditions are mentioned in your service medical records attach these records (copies not originals) to your claim. You most likely will be set up with C&P's for each issue. The C&P is where they decide how to rate each issue. You will receive a Statement of Claim (SOC) that will show how each issue was decided. Request copies of each C&P from the VA through the Freedom of information act (FIA). If you do not agree with these decisions it is now time to appeal your claim. Even at this point it may not be necessary to get an IMO. They may reevaluate the C&P's or do another one. If you are still denied you will receive a Supplemental Statement of Claim (SSOC). At this point you will probably appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals (BOVA). It is here that you might want an IMO.
  5. I second checking with your congressman. My records were "lost" at San Diego and I requested my congressman look into it. I got a letter from the Assistant Sec of the VA saying I had never been to their facility but if I had some proof I had been there that they would rebuild my records. I supplied copies I had and they supplied nothing in the end but at least I rattled someone's cage.
  6. Sorry to hear that Bertha. I once received medications with my name on them that would have messed me up pretty bad had I taken them. They also once stopped HB medication for me without staging down and I went through a tough time.
  7. How Do IME/IMOs work?

    I do not know about Dr. Bash or Valor4vet but I found a doctor who lives local to me. I lucked out in that there were two in the state and one worked locally. Mine took all of my medical records and was forwarded a copy of my cfile by my lawyer. He did a one hour examination and then I do not know how many hours background research. Just get an estimate up front though. The other doctor in my state charged $250 an hour and I could not afford him.
  8. Get a VSO to help with your claim. They can look at information we cannot and assist you with the details. I used two different VSO's but wrote my own appeals for seven years. Just be willing to step outside of yourself and look in from the outside if you are writing your own appeals. You can get too much personal feeling in your appeal if you don't and that can hurt you. Keep us apprised please.
  9. VES exam

    I would say not to get too worried about denial at this point. The VES doctors that I met were pretty through. Wait for your ssoc and then decide whether to worry or not. As far as the earlier audio test it can be included in your appeal. Worrying about a case only makes us more irritable and less fun to be around. It also make it harder to continue with or lives. I spent ten years in the process with two remands. I would not be sane today if I could not find something to take my mind off of my case for a while. Good luck and let us know what you hear back. There's a lot of good folks here with knowledge that transcends mine.
  10. Do not worry about the malingering part. I was accused of malingering before I was separated. I was a seven year staff sergeant with a career ahead of me when I was boarded out, and some medical schlep had the gall to call me a malingerer. Yes your medical records are different from the blue button I believe. Do not leave without your medical records in hand.
  11. What Buck said. As far as the nexus, if the military says you developed the condition in service that is your nexus. Jeff
  12. Never had a problem with the ads. I can have them deleted for 5 bucks a month or I can read them. This site is a very nonjudgmental site and will work with anyone. I posted on another site and found myself quickly jumped on by some members who were or are working in claims. The V.A. does not make mistakes and if you thought so refer to rule one. I will stick with the ads.
  13. I do not know all about IMO's but my last two VA C&P examinations were IMO's and they supposedly done well, I do not have the final opinion yet as the V.A. is late on producing the paperwork. The doctors were good to me and the final decision by the board was good. Go in there and believe the doctor is there to help you, if he isn't it will not help either way. If he is there to help you going in with a bad feeling can skew the exam. I always believe the examiner is there to help me. The best advice I can give is to always keep a good attitude and know things will work out in the end.
  14. I would file one claim as they all get put together. Try to get your medical record and copy it before separation, it helps a lot, you are allowed to do this. No experience with the blue button. Your nexus would be the military medical records that show you have this condition. Anything that you submit should be copies and it cannot hurt to support supporting medical documentation with your claim. Good Luck
  15. Yes, any illness will affect your insurance rates. Some companies will outright reject you and some will charge you more. If you have PTSD though I would make the claim. The illness untreated is a dog waiting to bite you. Good luck.