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  1. vetquest

    New Claim?

    You are right about pyramiding but you can receive consideration for multiple issues. Like PTSD and depression, it does not get rated but may increase your rating. Go figure right?
  2. Hamslice, Not to hijack this thread but here are a few dockets where benefits have been awarded due to heat injuries. Yes, I have short term memory issues. I am rated for migraines related to the heat stroke, PTSD, and neuropathy. 04-00 327 , 01-09 553
  3. I am now 100% P&T. I was looking at my records and even though I went 100% in 2013 my SMC and DIC effective dates are 2018 because that is when they awarded neuropathy back to 2007. I also looked at the PTSD 70% decision for 2013 and they did not consider records from my civilian physiatrist and therapist (PHD) further back than 2010 when I had records that showed I was in their opinion no longer employable in 2009 due to anxiety. I am thinking about poking the bear due to these two effective date issues. The DIC effective date is a big one for me because I want ten years for my wife. I have some reservations because when I filed my increase in 2009 the local RO wrote in a SOC that they were going to reduce and sever my ratings that were at 20 years. They could not do that but I had to go to BVA twice to get it all cleared up. One of my questions is that when I was backdated on neuropathy to 2007 does this give me ten years or will the VA say it is at 1 year? Another, is the twenty or so thousand dollars that I would get in backdated DIC worth looking at the DIC date? I know that this is my decision but I am curious as to what you guys, and girls, think. If it helps I am 70% PTSD as of 2013 and 50% as of 1986, 50% migraines as of 2006, 40-30-20-20% neuropathy as of 2007. (I lost my employment due to service connected disabilities in 2007)
  4. Kidney problems should be a solid claim. Check out the VA letter. Look for other issues like migraines.
  5. I am very interested in this. I currently am SC for residuals of a heat stroke. They call mine PTSD though. I know there have been other members of the service that have gotten SC for residuals of heat stroke. Heat stroke residuals is hard to get as it does not fit into any category unless there is kidney damage or thrombosis. May I ask what residuals they are experiencing? long term effects of heat injury.pdf
  6. Having a good wife is important. Have you been prescribed a Post T Vac? That is a pretty good indicator that things are not working down south. My civilian records show erectile dysfunction though I have never tried to get rated by the VA for it.
  7. Gee Whiz. It takes an inspector general to figure out what we already knew.
  8. I disagree Porgee. I did disagreed with my attorney whether I should pursue a disability of neuropathy. I received service connection and a rating back ten years. With a good attorney it is a working relationship.
  9. I think that your security job is what is hurting you. During my SS hearing the vocational expert said that I could work as light office or a parking attendant, this would have sunk me except for he said that I could not do the jobs because if my medical instability. I was let go from my previous job due to medical issues and I was almost 50. To have a chance you need to follow previous advice and get legal representation.
  10. In my humble opinion, If this Julie refuses to waive her legal fees you are sunk. No other lawyer that I know of would take a vet's case pro bono. I think some lawyers are not good people.
  11. Buck, hang in there. I know you do not want to revisit the past but we sometimes need to look at the ugliness to get better. I am concerned that she wrote you are showing a 50% improvement though. I see civilian doctors because I had a VA psychiatrist once say I had been cured. No, I live with this for the rest of my life and my triggers are almost daily. I had to sign a suicide contract once.
  12. vetquest

    New Claim?

    Unfortunately it can take that long or longer depending on your RO.
  13. No Buck you are not off track and I would never tell you that.
  14. vetquest

    Mental C&P and TDIU

    I believe your C&P has hurt you where they said that you are improving and could possibly hold employment. I would go to the VA and request retraining so you can find employment. They will evaluate you and decide if you are employable first. If they find you unemployable it would help with a 70% rating. If they find you employable they will help you with your education to become better ready to enter the workforce.

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