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  1. Good point brokensoldier. The VA is strict about that stuff.
  2. Definitely appeal the existing claim, that way you keep your claim date. Make it clear in the appeal that you are claiming the hypertension secondary to PTSD. Posting your denial will also help the community help you. Just remove your name and SSN.
  3. vetquest

    Back Pain

    Gee Whiz, what do you think the VA is, a medical hospital? It is pretty messed up that they actually told you that you couldn't make an appointment. Did they at least give you a follow up appointment after the visit to the ER? One of my ER visits at the VA I was semi comatose and they put me on a gurney in the hallway for about two hours before I saw a doctor. At least they gave me a follow up appointment. I would push for a follow up if they did not give you one.
  4. You can get the caluza triangle of current back problems at a C&P. I agree with TBird that we need to see the denials. Remove your name and ID and post them please.
  5. They are killing you with 10% ratings. In VA math you need some higher ratings on the bilateral conditions. An extra 20% bilateral brings you to 89% which is 90%. I would think about filing for an increase on the pain syndrome. I would also request TDIU at this point. TDIU pays at the 100% rating. If they do not give you TDIU make sure that you file an NOD on your case.
  6. Broncovet is right but this sounds like a VA tactic of deny claims outright. You should have at least had a C&P to determine if your claim had standing. I would refile the claim on a form VA 21-526EZ. There is information on how to fill this out with the form. I would also get an RO if you can so that all of the information filed to the VA is recorded.
  7. vetquest

    athletic heart syndrome

    I would try to have his doctor write a letter stating that it is at least as likely as not that the heart condition is related to his military service. Also have the doctor fill out a dbq for heart conditions https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/dbq_ListByDBQFormName.as I would also have him request heart disability and tinnuitus. File using form VA 21-526EZ. https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21-526EZ-ARE.pdf I would then have him read how to submit by registered mail at https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/apply.asp Good luck and let us know how this works out.
  8. The left foot and right leg injuries (hip, thigh, buttock) are bilateral and the tinnitus is not, I calculate you to have 50%. I also calculated without the bilateral and get 50%. I would try to get the bilateral hearing loss increased. The bilateral factors really kick in when you have higher ratings and a hearing increase might do that. Without knowing specifics I cannot help you further.
  9. vetquest

    athletic heart syndrome

    Hopefully this is listed in your service medical records. At the least you should be able to apply for in service aggravation. Without it being noted in your service records it is a long shot unless you can get a doctor to write a very strong IMO. I was rated for neuropathy related to my in service injuries twenty years after the fact . A doctor wrote an IMO that my injures could lead to neuropathy and medical literature noted this, and that it took years to develop. Without something like this if it is not in your service records it would be a long shot.
  10. And I thought that my case was difficult. Cakewalk compared to yours.
  11. I just filed a NOD on my case for EED of SMC. It sounds like that is the norm for them. My disability took my ability to work from me ten years ago but they gave me an EED as of my third C&P for PTSD which occurred last year. These guys do get it. They want to save a lot of dollars by giving EED's that are preposterous.
  12. I received a ramp opt in when I had a case before the BVA that was with the law judge. I would bet they are sending them to most of us.
  13. I believe that is a question for Tbird.
  14. I have dealt with Asknod in a professional basis and found him incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. We are lucky someone of his knowledge takes the time to come in and advise us for free.
  15. Yes, send this information in immediately. It is strong evidence in your case. The BVA will consider an IMO where the regional office might overlook it.

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