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  1. I do not see where a knee replacement would mess up your 100% P&T. Tho we never know what evil lurks in the heart of the VA. I personally would go ahead with the knee replacement if it is hurting bad enough to consider it. You have some protection in being P&T, some protection if you are over 55, and some protection for a rating that has been in effect for five years or more. To reduce you they need two C&P's that show an improvement, and they must notify you of the reduction. This gives you some time to line your ducks up if it ever happens.
  2. Were medical records found of interstate 270 Spanish Lake? If you are missing medical records request your cfile and see if they have already been entered into your cfile. This is where I found records that had disappeared from the hospital in San Diego.
  3. I am all for creating a blog. I also find myself with Buck52. I would dislike for us to become a board where a newbie is afraid to ask a question because it was already asked.
  4. Hurryupnwait, I would take broncovet's advice and take this up with your attorney. They can file a writ of mandamus. My case was ten years old and at the RO and my attorney filed a writ and my case suddenly started moving. It is your best bet. I know you do not want to annoy your attorney but maybe it is time, ask to speak to him personally. I would also follow Buck52's advice and call the Whitehouse hotline. You are your own best advocate and sometimes we must stir the pot.
  5. Make it to your counseling appt and also try to get help with PTSD through the VA. If you are blacking out and getting arrested this is not good. Make sure you speak to the VA about your arrest and the order of protection. I know it is hard but do not take the bait, even when physically assaulted, whenever this happens you lose. I know it is hard not to allow the situation to escalate but sometimes it is better to escape the situation.
  6. I just wonder how many would be needed if the original jurisdiction decided the claims correctly.
  7. Yes you can submit a new claim while a remand is active. It may be rolled into the active claim but it will not affect the remand processing.
  8. Victor, This appears to be a good request for an increase. Get with a VSO so you file the proper form or use ebenefits to file for the increase.
  9. I personally would not file a que on this. I still agree with Broncovet that you need to reopen your claim with new and material evidence, ie your service records from your cfile.
  10. @victor Gilkes, If your conditions have gotten worse please file for an increase. ED is not under voiding dysfunction, it is a separate disability that is awarded at 0% with SMC K at about $108 a month. If you need assistance writing an appeal try writing it up for yourself and then post it for recommendations or ask your POA for assistance. At this point it looks like you only need to request an increase and then attend C&P's. If you are denied and need to appeal then we can help more.
  11. I would always think that there is a possibility. I am currently awaiting an NOD where they added a request for increase of my neuropathies. I do not know why they did this because I was requesting an EED. I understand from the CFR's though that they cannot reduce a disability on an NOD. I am at 20% also but I have burning and pain in my thighs also.
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