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  1. vetquest

    What the heck just happened??

    Yea, I have had some bad C&P exams myself. I had one where the neurologist who I had seen before and gave a bad C&P previously told me "I thought I had taken care of you already." Glad you maintained your cool, losing your temper only hurts you, ask me how I know 😳. If you lose your claim you can ask for a BVA appeal. Some people get an IMO but if you are only 10% I do not know if that would be cost effective, unless your condition has actually gotten worse. Let us know how this progresses.
  2. Buck, I am torn on whether to file. I just got done with the board of appeals and was awarded back pay and a new disability secondary to my original. My lawyer talked me into quitting and he had nothing to gain at that point. What I have just discovered is that my PTSD rated at 70% was awarded as of 11/17 meaning my wife would not get DIC if something happens to me. All other awards were backdated to 2007 but they add up to 95% without the PTSD at 70%. I was thinking about requesting the PTSD award being backdated to the date of appeal, 2007. I am just unsure about the regional office here in TN. They have done everything they could to prevent me getting my disability including threatening to reduce and sever my disabilities. I guess I just could take it back to BVA again. Jeff
  3. I think I will wait. I am at 100% but just barely. I have service connected neuropathy in my arms and legs. The pain originates from there and is documented. I know that it will open up all of my other conditions but they are all ten years except for my PTSD but my last C&P was pretty strong. I am also looking at getting my PTSD backdated. I have some serious thinking to do.
  4. Buck, please provide more information. I have neuropathy in all four extremities and am curious about filing. I take narcotics for pain prescribed by my general. Usually burning, sometimes sharp.
  5. Take a step back and ask yourself which is more important, your wife or your VA case. I know how easy it is to get balled up in your case and lose sight of what is more important. My discharge was illegal and I had to fight for retirement and then 35 years for VA benefits. Make the VA a hobby and stop being OCD on your case. See if the VA will provide marriage counseling for you and your wife or find it outside. Keep moving forward and find some enjoyment in life. I have been there.
  6. vetquest

    Puzzled and would like others opinions

    Depending on the care provided I would rather have some VA nurses treating me than some of the doctors I have had "not" treating me. As a whole I believe that most of the VA nurses have a better attitude about vets than most doctors do.
  7. If this is not your VA doctor he must say he has reviewed all of your service records and C-file. You can request a c-file through ebennifits but it may take up to a year. There is also some other specific language that is required on the nexus letter such as he believes that it is most likely that your condition is secondary to your service connected disability. Without specific language his letter would only be advice. You could get him to write a letter and see what comes out in the C&P that will be required but that is not always a good choice. The C&P could dismiss your doctor and then you would need an IMO (independent medical opinion), of course you might need an IMO anyway.
  8. vetquest

    Superimposed ischemia

    If you are not ten years P&T I would try to rate your ischemia. I am looking ten years P&T so I no longer worry about my wife but I would otherwise.
  9. Just follow it up with the peanut butter.
  10. I agree with buck that you need to think long and hard about it. I lost my job due to my service connected disabilities but had to go to the BVA and two remands to get my benefits. That took ten years while I was not working. It can be a very frustrating and difficult road to go down. I agree with buck that I wish I could still work.
  11. If your C&P was done by the VA you can go to the VA hospital personally and request the report and walk out with it. If your C&P was done by a contractor you need to request it at the VA records office and it will take about three to six months.
  12. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately they did not upgrade migraines. Severe economic inadaptability is still 50%.
  13. vetquest

    PTSD Does Not Cause Migraines

    I would recommend you get a letter from your manager and coworkers about the effects of migraine on your job. These really helped me.

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