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  1. Dwbell99. I think I understand what you are trying to say but you need to reference Broncovet's first post. Favorable findings can be overruled by unfavorable findings and the rating can go against you. The board notes the favorable findings as required but they decided against an award.
  2. It sounds like you need to get someone who can read this report and translate it down to a rater's level. Can you scan and post your denial, after redacting personal information?
  3. Donations can be made here. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://community.hadit.com/donate/make-donation <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  4. Sorry to say Buck they did not accept my doctor's letter that I was disabled and unable to work, from a neurologist. They still sent me to a guy who said I was still able to work. I had to go to appeals where an employment specialist for the SSA said I was unable to work.
  5. I have a MH rating and take several different medications to control it. There is the fact that I have to take medications with side effects to control my MH problem. If the problem exists apply. When you go to your C&P do not tell the doctor you are fine. You should tell him what your worst day is like and let him decide. Just do not be surprised if you are denied the first time. The VA loves to deny benefits the first time they are applied for. They love to keep the BVA in business overturning all of their rotten decisions.
  6. Social Security is a little less harder than VA. I believe you are a good candidate. They will send you to an exam the same way the VA does and evaluate you. You should apply.
  7. @paulstrgn, with your donation I am going to have to make another to keep up.
  8. @MKAH, have you tried to go to the About Me tab on your profile and selecting the picture and then Delete. I think that might work.
  9. @paulstrgn please go to https://community.hadit.com/donate/make-donation Or anyone else for that matter.
  10. This is a problem with health care today. If you have insurance you should be able to get treated, unless you have Medicare or other government sponsored healthcare. Doctors are deciding that treating Medicare or government sponsored care does not pay enough, which is mostly true. Those of us on Medicare and other health care are being left out.
  11. You can request an increase but the VA may note that you had an accident that created further problems. VA only rates for SC injuries and the progression of those injuries. You might be able to get an increase on the hip as it is a progression of the SC. As far as the non-rated shoulder the VA will most likely deny.
  12. I do believe you got 9% disability. There are many "the VA does not do that" incidents where the VA did that. I also think you need to speak to Alex. His website is https://asknod.org.
  13. Tinnitus and hearing disorders are two separate and distinct disabilities. So are PTSD and low back pain. Your SA may be secondary to your PTSD but it is not pyramiding since it is a separate disability perpetrated by your PTSD. Any symptoms that are secondary to your service connected disabilities my be applied for, even though the primary disability caused the secondary.
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