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  1. If you apply the VA will in most instances order a C&P to determine the disability and it's cause. I would wait for the C&P to see if it is favorable before spending the monies for an IMO. Your private doctor is probably not used to VA requirements and would usually leave something out. You can have him do a DBQ for you though if he is willing, most private doctors shy away from VA paperwork. If your private doctor is willing to write a letter or opinion that has impact he must say that he has read all of your records and that the issue is more than likely than not due to service or a service connected issue. He has to write a basis for this opinion too. In other words you need 1. Something already service connected to ask for secondary or a primary that has evidence in your service records that shows it was an in-service injury. 2. A current Chronic condition. 3. A nexus that shows your condition is as likely as not incurred in service.
  2. You can check ebennies but I will warn you that it is not always correct. Look under the disabilities tab and see what your current disabilities are.
  3. The congressman's response is typical VA smoke and mirrors. It allows the congressman to say they looked into it for you and they let the VA off the hook since they wrote a nice letter. I once had a congressman's vet rep that went to the wall for me and started getting good results at the VA. Unfortunately he was voted out and the new vet rep told me "The VA has to do nothing for you". He then told me I was only a peacetime vet and that his sub had sailed through the Persian Gulf and he was a war vet. Hopefully your congressman's vet rep is good. Keep us posted as your case moves through the system.
  4. Maybe it is considered a misuse of VA funding my me and other veterans but the VA does not see it that way. The VA does what they do and sometimes there is no rhyme or reason.
  5. Yes you should get dental at the VA whether you can get an appointment is anyone's guess. Can you get a referral from your VA provider to go to the hospital to circumvent the wait at the VA. Maybe. I see an outside neurologist due to the VA not having a neurologist within three hours driving time. For other things I have to go to the VA and wait like everyone else. Your wife should get ChampVA and this has a dental insurer available. https://blog.newhorizonsmktg.com/know-the-rules-champva-100-coverage-for-veteran-spouses Congratulations of joining the club that no one ever wants to be part of.
  6. Since you already have a C&P that states as likely as not your service connection should be solid. Your doctors letter should seal the deal. I cannot guarantee if you will get UI due to the statement that you cannot work. My doctor wrote a letter saying that I could no longer work due to my service connected disabilities and I had lay letters from managers at my former place of employment explaining how my service connected disabilities affected my employment. I also got Social Security disability retirement due to my service connected disabilities. The VA fought tooth and nail to prevent me from receiving IU. It seems that they require a statement from one of their doctors before they believe it.
  7. They are probably looking to see how SSI rated your disability. If your service connected disabilities were what got you social security it carries some weight in your case. https://www.disabilitysecrets.com/resources/disability/disability-social-security/overview-social-security-va-veterans-disability
  8. I agree with your assessment, 20% for 5258 and 10% for 5261. 5258 includes pain so I see that covering the arthritis and 5261 is rated by extension. Now, how will the rater say it is he might just say 5258 and skip over the extension issue. We can only guess what they will do at this point.
  9. I have never filed a claim for chronic pain but I would be interested to see what comes up for you. I have been dealing with chronic pain for the past twelve years.
  10. You cannot be called back for a condition over the 20 year mark. Other than that you have some protection over five years but you can be re-evaluated at any time.
  11. I am not having much progress with a RAMP claim. I filed on Feb 28th and the estimated completion date was June 22 or so. Now it still says June 22 and no other dates.
  12. Sheila, when a condition is no longer on the charts it is rated analogous to another rating. It does not go away. I hope this helps. Please see: http://blog.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/2014/02/analogous-ratings.html http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/analogous.html http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/femalereproductive.html#f
  13. This is good, mine says: You are being paid at the 100 percent rate because you are unemployable due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes. This means that I cannot work. I was declared IU because it allows me to receive SMC. Yours does not contain this statement so you should be scheduler 100% and can work. Your effective date is last December so you should receive some backpay (about seven months).
  14. Let's us say offhand that ebenefits is right. If you have 100% for GAD and you are not IU you can still work. This is one of the quirks to the system. IU cannot work, it is unemployable, where if you are 100% scheduler only you can work. Even if it is permanent and total or a combined 100% you can still work. You now have an advantage over us IU veterans and can add to your income as you wish. I will save the congratulations until you get your letter.
  15. As shrekthetank1 stated we cannot guess when your claim will go before the judge. RAMP appeals are supposed to be tracking faster then the old system claims but I cannot say if they are.
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