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  1. If you get 100% scheduler you can make any income you want. I do not know your age and your full disability picture so it might be hard for me to relate. I went on IU because I was working and found I could no longer work. I was released from my job when my doctor filed a report on my condition, I was possibly looking at getting fired anyway due to lack of ability to continue at my job at a satisfactory performance. I had gone on family leave and when I was supposed to come off of family leave I just could not do it. I now have two grandchildren that we are raising so I understand monetary commitments.
  2. Really good advice from Buck52. I am 100% scheduler and IU and will not try to work even below the poverty threshold because they might then look at this as proof I can work. It took ten years to get IU and I do not want to lose it over several thousand dollars a year.
  3. Welcome to the VA. I submitted a fully developed claim in February and they say it should be completed in late October. That is a straight forward request with no special needs for records or past medical treatment. The VA likes to drag things out and then deny. You wind up in appeals then. Find a hobby and do not check your claim every two weeks. Ebenefits is not always accurate and sometimes it just flat out lies. If you are dying to know see if your rep can look up your case on VBMS.
  4. If you have been rated for over twenty years for the same percentage for a condition it is considered static and cannot be reduced except by fraud. Please see https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/38/3.951
  5. There are people who probably disagree with me. I would get in as soon as possible and have this looked at. Next, I would contact my congressman and/or senator and have them open an inquiry as to how this happened. This is a major oversight and if you have a good representative they should look at this aggressively.
  6. Even being P&T does not stop them from reviewing you. They are reviewing me right now for neuropathy a year after I received P&T. What makes you secure is having a rating for twenty years, except for IU. I am 100% P&T and IU for SMC purposes. I would not try to work on IU, it is only opening up a can of worms. I understand the wanting to work part, knowing you are on a set income for the rest of your life is quite distressing.
  7. I am not sure what to say about this. Usually a voc rehab letter will seal the deal. I have to agree with Asknod on this, it seems like a rubber stamp of the first decision. Now is the time to appeal to the BVA. It took ten years for me to get approved for IU and that was due to two trips to the BVA. Hopefully your trip will be shorter.
  8. I was once evaluated at the UCSF thermoregulatory lab and they put me in a heating and cooling blanket and tested my reaction to heat and cold. They noted that they had never previously seen such low readings of sweat production and noted the mental disability that occurs when I was heated. A evaluator for the VA put me under heat lamps and used litmus paper to determine if I was sweating and tried to invalidate the previous testing. An accredited lab got positive results and an inexperienced doctor invalidated the results in slipshod testing. Guess who won at the BVA though.
  9. There is no way to know for sure how long this may take paul. The cases bounce back and fourth between the law judge and their reviewers that gather and examine evidence. I just hope the decision is good for you. Good luck.
  10. I take Lyrica and OxyContin for my neuropathy. I take the Lyrica because it helps with the burning. Gabapentin is supposed to help too. I take the oxy because the pain keeps me up at night if I do not.
  11. Would your husband be willing to check into the hospital? The phsyc ward is no fun but these people can really get a ball rolling for you. If he is willing then there is only the transportation issue. I know that most people are not willing to do this but they will evaluate him and if he is suffering severe PTSD they will see it. This might be the route. Call your local VA and find out what he needs to do to check in.
  12. As a 100% disabled veteran not yet at retirement age can I request college courses for a degree? I am 100% P&T and receive SMC for UI, which I would lose if I became employed but with a degree I could find employment that would more than make up for losing SMC and SS. I now have two grandchildren to support and money is getting tight enough that I would go back to work if I could find a job where they would work with me. I would have to probably be checked out to see if I could make it through school. Any advice?
  13. As Bertha recommended in another thread, search male mst within the forum.
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