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  1. It looks like they are only showing closed claims on their website. My open claim has disappeared.
  2. I used an individual lawyer and he pulled a bad move on my case so I do not recommend him. I looked for a lawyer in the Virginia area to handle my case. Others can chime in with the names of lawyers they recommend.
  3. First do you have copies of your service records that show where you were treated for these conditions? That shows the first part of your nexus. Second do you have evidence of being treated for this condition today? That shows your current diagnosis. Finally you need a doctor to state that the current condition is connected to service. Your C&P doctor is supposed to provide the nexus but it looks like they did not. I would appeal the decision to deny service connection for the conditions noted in your SMR's. Are you on RAMP or the legacy system. I you are on the legacy system you need to file and NOD if it has been less than a year since you got the denials. Read the BBE letter and carefully find why they denied your claim. They are supposed to give a reason on why they denied you. That decision is what you need to fight.
  4. vetquest

    C&P Exam 2nd

    I do not know why they have scheduled you for a second exam. They should not be trying to find you not service connected after you provide a physicians letter showing a nexus. In my understanding they cannot provide negative evidence to refute another physician's decision. In a situation where there is positive and negative evidence the tie is supposed to go to the veteran's favor. My advice is to go to the C&P exam and be of the attitude that the doctor is there to help you and be very cooperative. Sometimes this is not the case but we never want to miss a C&P and we always hope for the best. I would be sure to bring the nexus letter from your physician to the exam and any other pertinent evidence. I have found that the doctors appreciate this generally. I have had some real jerks for C&P examiners but I always try to be helpful and considerate.
  5. CUE is clear and unmistakable error. You can file for this when the VA has made a mistake in your claim processing. As Doc25 pointed out it might be time to have a lawyer look at your case and see if they can assist you. They take 20% but I would rather have 80% of an award than nothing.
  6. As I understand you can under one narrow avenue. If you are rated for IU and one condition is considered serious enough in itself to cause full disability you can receive SMC. Read your IU decision and it should say whether this is true for you.
  7. That's awesome. Now that they are showing an appeal you have some standing. I have to agree with 11cvolley that it might be time to consult a lawyer. I find it distasteful that we have to involve a lawyer to get justice at the VA but that is what I had to do when the VA started pulling illegal shenanigans in my case. A lawyer has avenues of approach that we are not allowed to use or even know of.
  8. I you are making less than the poverty level I would apply for IU and get a statement from your employer why you are only working 20 hours a week. Is it due to appointments as broncovet stated or is it because you can only get to work so many days a week? As broncovet stated it is hard to get IU when you are working but you can try.
  9. I believe we have so much better luck at the BVA because they really do read your whole file and consider all evidence in your favor. It seems that the RO's are just trying to get the case finished and they overlook key evidence. I know about not having more screws to lose. After my decision by the BVA my daily stress went down, a good decision can be validating.
  10. This looks like it may be a case of the RO not reading the records fully. A quick sloppy decision is worse than a decision made in depth. What I would do is file an NOD on this. It may also be time to get a lawyer involved. I hate to say that because they take 20% of your award but sometimes the VA does not follow it's own regulations and we need someone in front of the BVA to fight for us. That is what happened to me, sloppy decisions that did not consider all of the evidence and the BVA said as much. In a perfect world we get it done right the first time and no lawyer needs to get involved and we keep all of our award but the VA is not a perfect world.
  11. Do not know about getting the report online. Anybody?
  12. Doctors on the outside are not all good either. I had one civilian psychiatrist tell me "get over it".
  13. That is great. Even when we believe we have had a bad exam it might work out in our favor. See if you can visit the local VA and get a copy of the C&P from the release of information office. Then we can see how they decided to write up your C&P and if it favors you.

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