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  1. This is great news for those veterans, thanks Bertha.
  2. As Broncovet says you need a nexus. That is a medical opinion that your condition is at least as likely as not related to your service.
  3. vetquest

    Special monthly pension

    Off the top of my head I cannot be sure but it should be around $350. It will continue as long as your rating continues unless your condition improves.
  4. Congratulations, your case will go back to the RO who will grant a percentage. The date, it goes back to should be the date you filed. Sometimes it will be the date of your C&P examination. We cannot speculate how long it will take, that depends on your RO. The good news is that it is supposed to be expedited since it is a BVA remand. If the percentage is not good or the effective date is not good you can appeal back to the BVA for an earlier effective date or for a greater percentage.
  5. vetquest

    C&P Exam Copy

    Even though they were done by contractors you should be able to get copies in a month or so at the VA release of information office.
  6. vetquest

    Multiple Dbq’s

    If you have a DBQ and the examiner states that more likely than not and backs it up with medical evidence you should have a good shot at a secondary. As far as two DBQ's, if you have the wherewithal to get a second one and it will not hurt you financially it cannot hurt.
  7. Nothing will change for a while. Your case is sent back to the RO and they are charged with implementation. It could be weeks but will most likely be several months, unless there is a remand. They are not required to wait for the remand to finish but they usually do. Just another hump to overcome. Congratulations on your win.
  8. vetquest

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    I understand your anxiety. Once I was given IU I had to wait until my remand was finished before I was paid. It seems like a cruel joke that we know we have won only to wait months for the result. You waited five years longer that I did and after that time several months seems an eternity. It is time now to find another hobby, the time spent fighting your case now needs to be spent somewhere else. A hobby helps ease your mind. Good luck and let us know when your case is completed.
  9. vetquest

    90% P&T??

    Yes, you remain at 90% overall with IU and you are entitled to CHAMPVA. Congratulations.
  10. vetquest

    How to get a straight answer on Grant ?

    My only suggestion would be to call the Whitehouse hotline.
  11. Not necessarily, the VA and SSDI are two totally different beasts.
  12. Treysonna, I cannot answer the second question but as far as do you go to the back of the line at BVA, no, you were given a docket date when your claim was originally filed. When your claim goes back after a remand it goes to the docket in the order it was first received so you are ahead of cases at the BVA filed after your appeal was first heard.
  13. Once the BVA makes a decision it needs to go to the original RO for them to grant a percentage and release funds. Unfortunately the RO does not work any faster on BVA decisions in my experience. My attorney sent a letter stating that the next correspondence would be a writ of mandamus and this got them working on my last remand. Unless you have someone to file a writ or you have the knowledge to file the writ you need to follow Broncovet's advice and contact the IRIS or the Whitehouse.
  14. I agree with Broncovet to file for SSDI now. Claims take at least several months and you should have some documentation by then. No use losing $1000.00.
  15. vetquest

    Back 2 Steps in Claims Process

    Ebenefits is a hard website to predict and interpret sometimes. It is not always reliable. Hopefully your claim will finish soon and you should see a Big Brown Envelope.

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