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  1. This is most likely your best option. No one likes to give up 20% of their award but VA attorneys work hard for their monies. Some attorneys will turn you down but if you are turned down by one another might take your case so look around if this attorney does not take your case. I recommend you ask your attorney if they are accredited by NOVA. It is an organization that veterans attorneys can join.
  2. Please do not allow them to claim you have bi-polar and narcissistic personality traits. I would get an IMO from a private psychiatric doctor. The bi-polar would open you up to some serious medication and the narcissistic personality traits are unratable since they are a personality disorder. The VA claimed I was somatic, narcistic, obsessive compulsive, borderline personality, and several others before they rated me as PTSD. This is a sad fact of VA mental health medicine sometimes. They just throw things up against the wall and see what sticks.
  3. Tbird, can you use a wireless mouse and keyboard to work from a chair? Your monitors should be big enough to see if you are close to the desk.
  4. The rater can contact the C&P doctor and request clarification. Your only option if the rater denies the claim is to appeal. Some of these guys could not read the instructions to get out of a paper bag. The good news is that once the doctor's addendum is that another rater will most likely be handling this due to the new system in effect. Try to get a copy of the C&P for yourself. I would also request your c-file. And remember that you never throw anything from the VA away.
  5. If you have a strong nexus in your civilian doctors report I would go to the BVA. As my BVA decision said "..if there is positive and negative evidence it is like sandlot baseball, the tie goes to the runner". The question is did your civilian doctor state that he read all of your records, ie service records, and that his disability is more likely than not related to service? The VA is very particular about this. Check your doctor's report and if it does not get it corrected before going to the BVA.
  6. I would try request your case be sent to the BVA. It seems that the HLR is just a higher level of denial lane to me.
  7. The VA might be supposed to be working in the veteran's best interests and applied SMC to my case without my asking but I do not see them looking into the side effects of medication. One of my medications that I used to take caused cognitive dysfunction but they never looked at that. I would spell it out for them if it was me.
  8. This special medication is AMOVIG. It works by blocking the calcitonin gene peptide receptor. It has been approved by the FDA last year. It is expensive. I learned about this medication from my civilian doctor. I am being prescribed by my civilian doctor but if the VA picks up the tab that would be great. But it is not on the formulary. I believe they sent me to an outside neurologist because they shut down the neurology department for my hospital.
  9. If you have received an SOC yes you can appeal it. You should appeal as soon as possible in my opinion.
  10. Prednisone is a very special drug. It can be a miracle drug if used in low doses for short periods of time. I was on it for a non service connected issue for a year. I got grumpy and mean and developed a hump on the back of my neck. I did not know about the cataracts part though. I now have small cataracts forming in my eyes. Such is life.
  11. The VA may do a five year review on one of your disabilities. Filing a claim does not necessarily put all claims in play. I myself am 100% P&T and requested an EED on my decision. Now the VA has put my most serious disabilities in play since I requested an EED. You can never guess what the VA is going to do but most times you do not get penalized for claiming more disabilities or a secondary.
  12. We cannot tell the time for a rating decision. It could be months to years. The fact that she spent two hours with you is probably good. Most C&P's last fifteen minutes to an hour at max. Please do look into counseling. One of the things they look for is continued treatment. If we are not being treated they will try to say your condition is not chronic or has improved. Hang in there, the second hardest part is the wait for a decision by the VA.
  13. This is sad but true. Maybe the AMA will process your claim sooner. I know under the legacy system NOD's are ten to twenty-six months out at the RO.
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