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  1. vetquest's post in Supplemental in AMA Timeline was marked as the answer   
    Yes you will find it is.  The VA is not your friend, it will deny you due to sloppy record keeping or just sloppy rating actions.  It looks like it is time for you to go to the BVA.  When you get your SSOC please redact and post it here so people can advise you on the path most beneficial to you.
  2. vetquest's post in Denied for PTSD even though diagnosed and treated by the VA was marked as the answer   
    That is what your C&P was supposed to be for.  A private doctor cannot diagnosis your husband with PTSD, only a VA doctor can.  I would appeal again and ask for a new C&P exam to take into account his recent treatment at the VA.  If they grant the new C&P it should go better.  If it does not document how long the exam takes and how the doctor behaved.  If you appeal and cannot get a new C&P then I would appeal to the BVA.  These appeals can take a while in the VA Hamster wheel though and I would not go there first.
    You are not missing anything, this is just how the VA operates sometimes.
  3. vetquest's post in VA Disability Benefit denials was marked as the answer   
    I just think that the raters have quotas to meet and some of them would rather deny claims to meet their quotas.  There seems to be no penalty for having a decision overturned at the BVA.  If there was I believe claims would be researched and completed in a better manner than they are now.  Every job I have ever worked we had quotas to accomplish and if you did not meet your quota or if your work was slipshod and got returned that reflected badly on you.  I think that if such a QA process was implemented at the VA things would go much more smoothly for the vet.
  4. vetquest's post in Rated Disability 10% over was marked as the answer   
    I would say it is due to the bilateral computations.  Did you list everything correctly?  I only see 59% with the bilaterals.
  5. vetquest's post in PTSD advise was marked as the answer   
    They are supposed to handle MST claims differently than normal PTSD claims so your C&P may have everything that you need.  You should look up the judge advocate generals office for Fort Hood and request from them a copy of the report if you know what day or thereabouts when it was filed.  If one was filed they should have it.  Are you still in contact with the other female from your time there?  She might be able to file a lay statement if you told her about it.  I am really sorry to hear about this, it sounds like you may have been duped.  Still call the JAG.
  6. vetquest's post in Retro back pay was marked as the answer   
    You may receive backpay to 2012 if you have had an active claim since 2012.  Your claim must remain active ie a denial and an NOD and then the claim goes to BVA and never closes.  Unfortunately the VA has a habit of making your effective date the date of your exam or decision.  In this case you must file an EED (earlier effective date) claim.  Sometimes you need an IMO (independent medical opinion) for this and it is advised.  IMO's can be expensive and are required to be payed up front most times.
    I would wait to see how this shakes out before you start worrying about an EED claim though. 
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