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  1. Can you clarify "There are special rating protections with P and T at 5 years, 10 years (for service connection) and 20 years.". I really don't understand what you mean. Thanks!
  2. Here you go Berta! Thanks for your help in any way! I don't honestly know how to navigate these roads! Disability Rating.pdf
  3. Thanks Buck. He is not receiving any other compensation. He receives his military retirement, his 100% disability pay from the VA and social security disability. He is afraid of the VA and states that if we file a claim then he risks losing some of his ratings. Do they do this at 59 years of age? He will turn 60 in November.
  4. Berta, he served for 20 years and is service connected PTSD at 100% with the VA. Nothing was ever mentioned about CRSC. I never even heard of it! He does not get SMC S either. What is that? He never applied for that either. He is going to be 60 years old and is afraid that they will take something away from him. I appreciate anyone who can guide me! Here is a list of his total disabilities: Post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse 100% Service Connected 05/01/2017 Tinnitus 10% Service Connected 12/20/2010 Intervertebral disc syndrome with arthritis (previously low back pain, with narrowed L5-S1) 10% Service Connected 06/19/2017 Left leg radiculopathy 10% Service Connected 12/20/2011 Right leg radiculopathy 10% Service Connected 06/21/2016 Left knee, status post arthroscopy, and meniscectomy with retro-patellar pain (previously DC 5014) 10% Service Connected 12/20/2011 Right knee, status post arthroscopy and meniscectomy with retro-patellar pain (previously 5014) 10% Service Connected 08/20/1999
  5. I am writing this for my husband, a 20 year Veteran who is rated at 100% disability for PTSD. He can no longer think straight to put thoughts into words without my help. This is just one of his problems. He can no longer remember to take his meds, go to doctors appointments, cook for himself etc, etc, without me. I have had to basically end my working career at 57 years old to care for him. My question is, does anyone know how to get aid and attendance compensation? I am now his full time caregiver and he cannot be left alone. What is the process for this? Someone told me about this the other day when we went to the VA but really did not have further info on it. How much can the compensation be? Will it be enough if I have to hire someone to sit with him while I work part-time? Thank you for ANY info, I am at a loss here!
  6. I have 100% rating for PTSD. Would I qualify? Please forgive me for asking for further explanation. I get easily confused as my brain cannot follow all the time. I need my wife to help me do things all the time and can't function without her.
  7. What is the qualifications for SMC (s)? Is that pay in addition to what one would get for being 100% disabled, permanent and total for PTSD alone? I am confused.
  8. I am 59. Retired Desert Storm Vet.
  9. Isn't it true that after age 55 , they can't lower your rating?
  10. To update everyone, I was granted 100% Permanent and Total. I was going for IU and they decided to take my rating from 70% to 100% for my PTSD alone. I also was approved for SSDI.
  11. I filed in June for IU. I was rated 70% for PTSD and 90% overall. Instead of approving me for IU they rated me at 100% Permanent and Total for PTSD. I had only been rated at 70% PTSD for 3 months. I lost my job on those 3 months because of meds that I am taking and the fatigue it was causing me (I drove a public bus) plus I have anger issues. I also have sleep apnea but not service connected. When that happened, I applied for IU. I never expected it to go to 100% P&T. Now I'm waiting on SSDI who wants me to go for one of their exams next month.
  12. I am hoping that my 100% Permanent and total VA rating for PTSD will help with getting SSDI. There is no way I can work (get very little sleep, panic atracks, flashbacks and anger issues.) I will be 59 years of age here soon. SSDI is sending me for an exam and I am hearing that it is much more in depth than the VA's C&P.
  13. I applied for both IU with the VA and SSDI. I had my exam in July and instead of approving me for IU they raised my 70% PTSD rating to 100% Permanent and total. The increase came back in 4 days after my C&P. This has been a more lengthy process with SSDI. Now they want me to go for one of their evaluations next month. Someone actually told me part of it is a written test. Not sure. I have panic attacks over things like that and not sure how I will even do it. I am close to 59 years of age. I also have a certified PTSD Service Dog that I plan on bringing with me to the exam.
  14. I appled for my IU, had the C&P exam and within 3 days they changed my 70% PTSD rating to 100% Permanent and Total. Next month I have my SSDI evaluation.
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