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  1. porgee

    Non-VA care

    i never seen a stimulator located anywhere else but on your butt maybe this is a new procedure the only good thing is they can reprogram it anytime and even come to meet you to do this. i just got mines program about a month ago it has 4 program to choose from and can give you stimulation just about anywhere they want to Here is a link https://mayfieldclinic.com/pe-stim.htm
  2. porgee

    Non-VA care

    stimulators are good for some people but its not for everyone. Try to put a battery on your ass for life and sleep on it. its not a good rest at night. No more MRI can be done because of this . I had mines 5 years some good in it and some very bad stuff is in it too. I use it about twice a month but its there for life unless u get it remove good luck.
  3. I guess everyone is missing the point for what I m trying to say I don't have to beat anyone out nothing I AM BLESS . do anybody read TBIRD NEWS AT THE bottom of this page u r looking at. IF so you will find your truly is trying to cut your money every way they can. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/08/15/va-required-thousands-unwarranted-reexaminations-vets-getting-disability-benefits/?utm_term=.0dbdf426bb7c
  4. I should have put a note in the letter asking about the 14 year appeal & with the dro now for 13 months for one year of retro.
  5. I thought the RO was messing with me because I been married to the same lady for 45 years and they ask where I got married hell I cant remember one year back more less 45 years. Last week I had to send the employment form in. I was looking for a decision on my appeal and this is what I get everything but a decision. Just my luck
  6. Has anybody receive a letter after 15 years of TDIU P&T TO UPDATE dependents status if so WHY ?
  7. If I was on here giving advice and I am 100% mental would you take my advice?? Never will so check where u get your info from from anyone including your attorney. just saying
  8. I understand .what is the best route for your claim but if you have an attorney let him or her do what u hired them for to win your claim that's all I did . Free advice is something you need to research for your self because all you hear is not correct. Attorneys credential are always listed. MY ADVICE OR ANYONE ELSE ON THIS FORUM, LEGAL ADVICE IS BETTER THAN mines or yours because that's what he or she get paid for. I Will never tell u to disagree against what you was advice on by your lawyer, but just check where you get our info from.
  9. I don't post that often but when I see things going on which cant be correct I will say this if you hire or try to hire an attorney they maybe take your case or maybe not. If they do, don't you ever disagree with his decisions about your claim from the same u hired or what he files for you either you trust him or trust free advice which ever is best for you. Attorneys get paid to win. VSO get paid either way from yours truly . At least I can do a background check on my attorney , but can you do the same for free advice ???
  10. It looks like they lost your medical treatment records and your disability rating and your claim is setting on somebody desk. If you have any more information maybe where you were station at the last place you had medical treatment or something to help locate your records. It was a lot of vets records got lost or destroyed or burned I hope you find them. Good luck
  11. its all in your setting if you have your setting correct u wont c pop-up click on tools or advance setting if you have windows it all ready have secure services such as WINDOWS DEFENDER THIS IS FOR WINDOWS AND CHROME U DONT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD anything its already install . Goggle some resources
  12. no more posting from me I'M out
  13. you maybe need to check your MH issues you do get paid for it correct??
  14. @Tbird I understand your point but why do every time I post information on here they think I am lying or every time its another point or seems negative to your Moderator its a problem and they answer all questions? Does anyone else have a chance to answer or give their experience for filing claims and the short cuts to claims
  15. I have no issues just you guys think they know everything and the only one who can answer questions most with the wrong answers I don't post on this sight anymore I let you post and I don't need a site to read and look I haven't post here in months so why is my name coming up in your conversations

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