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  1. its not sc and I don't have the choice for waiting because two arteries at 100% and one at 80%. My wife works so she has to go on leave and her taking care of me might set me backward lol. My insurance has some help but not 3=4 months so maybe I will have to pay out of pocket. I didn't know until I fell out in my kitchen and had a HA 5 days ago been in hospital ever since. Nursing home never. Thanks
  2. QUICK QUESTION. I have to have open heart surgery on Monday and will take 3-4 months to recovery. is there any kind of benefits for someone to care for me doing this time.
  3. Do anyone get clothing payment for the wrist brace the black one for carpal tunnel?? They quit paying me two years ago but I got a letter saying I should be getting one. letter was from Janesville Wi
  4. To quit meds for a 10% rating and worst be you could have a stroke or even loose your life is it worth it???????? .Your call
  5. It does help with my pain in my back and legs. They can put stimulation just about any where the pain is through the nerves. Boston Scientific is the one I had implanted but the Doctor that did the surgery was in South Carolina. The most be implanted of your left buttock and yes it be a little uncomfortable to me but I don't have a lot of meat back there either. VA uses Boston implants also. if she lays on her right side then the left would be the spot. I once wanted it remove but I stayed with it. I sometime cut it on my sleep move and it puts me out and when I
  6. really its none of your business you cant live or die for this veteran also all treatment in MH will tell you to do something with your life and to not lay down to die.....Maybe your care ant right or you need a job for the VA telling on your brothers
  7. https://13wham.com/news/local/veteran-faces-5-years-in-prison-for-collecting-92k-over-false-ptsd-claims
  8. i never seen a stimulator located anywhere else but on your butt maybe this is a new procedure the only good thing is they can reprogram it anytime and even come to meet you to do this. i just got mines program about a month ago it has 4 program to choose from and can give you stimulation just about anywhere they want to Here is a link https://mayfieldclinic.com/pe-stim.htm
  9. stimulators are good for some people but its not for everyone. Try to put a battery on your ass for life and sleep on it. its not a good rest at night. No more MRI can be done because of this . I had mines 5 years some good in it and some very bad stuff is in it too. I use it about twice a month but its there for life unless u get it remove good luck.
  10. I guess everyone is missing the point for what I m trying to say I don't have to beat anyone out nothing I AM BLESS . do anybody read TBIRD NEWS AT THE bottom of this page u r looking at. IF so you will find your truly is trying to cut your money every way they can. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/08/15/va-required-thousands-unwarranted-reexaminations-vets-getting-disability-benefits/?utm_term=.0dbdf426bb7c
  11. I should have put a note in the letter asking about the 14 year appeal & with the dro now for 13 months for one year of retro.
  12. I thought the RO was messing with me because I been married to the same lady for 45 years and they ask where I got married hell I cant remember one year back more less 45 years. Last week I had to send the employment form in. I was looking for a decision on my appeal and this is what I get everything but a decision. Just my luck
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