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  1. Thanks Berta! I do have this topic bookmarked. Last week I received notification that they were not going to tie my Ischemic Heart Disease to AO. I will appeal with the info supplied. See you in a year or so ...
  2. The people I knew @ El Toro are no longer alive ... I, still, have not received the infamous envelope. I have VA appt tomorrow about my HISA/SAH, if my PCP does not cancel because of this FAKE VIRUS ... Lol. Stay safe Hadit
  3. I am in touch with a former Marine by the name of Robert O'Dowd. He gave me this link to use and stated I should use Dioxin rather than AO ... as the VA is so 'sensitive' https://www.envirostor.dtsc.ca.gov/public/profile_report?global_id=30970003 Site History "Former Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro comprised approximately 4,700 acres. Commissioned in 1943, it supported the Fleet Marine Forces in the Pacific as the major west coast jet fighter facility. MCAS El Toro was placed on the National Priorities List in 1990 due to the presence of volatile organic compounds, primarily trichloroethene and tetrachloroethene, in groundwater at the base boundary and in agricultural wells located to the west of the Station. The Station was decommissioned in 1999 under the Base Realignment and Closure Act. The Installation Restoration Program (IRP), focused on 25 sites at the Base. Of the 25 sites, 16 have been closed. Post-record of decision (ROD) activities are underway at 8 of the 9 remaining sites; and a feasibility study (FS) is underway for the last site (soil at IRP Site 1). The Environmental Compliance Program, a parallel program to the IRP, covers the other locations of concern (LOCs) that include but are not limited to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act sites, oil/water separators, underground storage tanks, and aboveground storage tanks. Of the 1,022 LOCs, approximately 99% have been closed. Nine Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) documents have been completed. To date, 4,402 acres have been transferred. Approximately 218 acres are being leased, and the remaining 74 acres comprise the Navy-owned portion of IRP Site 1. Land use covenants (LUCs) are in place for five sites. As part of the base closure process, a Station-wide Historical Radiological Assessment was conducted in 2000 to identify potential, likely, or known radioactive source materials or contamination. Radium-226 was identified as a chemical of potential concern because of its use as a component in luminescent paint in dials, gauges, and other equipment in aircraft. With the exception of one site, Hangar 296, all radiological sites have been closed. The Radiological Site Inspection and Final Status Survey Reports have been finalized for Hangar 296, and CDPH recently issued their radiological unrestricted release recommendation to DTSC. Fieldwork for the time-critical removal action (TCRA) at IRP Site1 (20-acre portion of the Adjacent Property) was recently completed. IRP Site 1 is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training Range. Property adjacent to this site was impacted with kick-outs from training activities conducted on-Station. The TCRA was performed to address potential explosive hazards that may pose a threat to human health and the environment in support of an unrestricted use designation. The Irvine Company plans to develop a portion of the Adjacent Property for residential use. The next steps for Former MCAS El Toro include completing the TCRA documentation, FS, Proposed Plan, ROD, and post-ROD activities for IRP Site 1 soils; closing out Hangar 296; completing the Deep Vadose Zone Remedial Action Completion Report for IRP Site 16; completing the Technical Memorandum, Explanation of Significant Differences, and LUC for IRP Site 3, Waste Area C1; completing a LUC for IRP Sites 1 and 2 groundwater; transferring the remaining Navy-owned property; continuing long-term monitoring/operation and maintenance at IRP Sites 1, 2, 3, 5, 16, 17, 18, 24, and AA 3; and completing five-year reviews as required."
  4. Stick around Ms. Berta (btw that was my grannies name ) I will be checking the mail daily!
  5. Yes ma'am you did! In fact I used those case histories in my AO Statement. I gleaned this info off of my MHV Notes ... Have not received 'official' I am told it is in the mail.
  6. I have had heart troubles all my adult life. Up until last year I had no idea I had Ischemic heart disease. I had a CABG in August. It failed in December when I had to have 8 stents and a week later another stent AFTER a heart attack. I filed for Agent Orange connection, as that is what I believe has caused this, and this is the comment I gleaned from MHV: "Per VAVBA/CO/211/AGENT ORANGE 1/9/2020:DoD HAS NOT identified any location on El Toro Marine Corps Air Station,California, where Agent Orange was used, tested, stored, or transported. Therefore, Compensation Service can provide no evidence to support the claim." El Toro was shut down by the EPA in 1990 because of contamination! FAMILY HISTORY: Father died at age 56, congenital coronary artery disease. (I don't believe this to be true, as he had a stroke and I 'think' that is different) Left Ventricle: The left ventricle was not enlarged. There are no wall motion abnormalities. The ejection fraction is 55%. 8/12/2019 ECHO Conclusion: 1. Normal left ventricular systolic function. Moderate conecntric left ventricular hypertrophy. Ejection fraction is visually estimated at 60%. Mild hypokinesis of inferior wall. Date of interview-based METs test: 2/6/2020 Symptoms during activity: The METs level checked below reflects the lowest activity level at which the Veteran reports any of the following symptoms attributable to a cardiac condition (check all symptoms that the Veteran reports at the indicated METs level of activity): [X] Dyspnea [X] Fatigue [X] Angina [X] Dizziness Results of interview-based METs test METs level on most recent interview-based METs test: [X] (1-3 METs) This METs level has been found to be consistent with activities such as eating, dressing, taking" ... ETC. ### So, it appears, they are not going to SC my heart because of AO. BUT they gave me a low METS ... I am now 90% P&T will this add to the score since it is not SC?
  7. Well got my anwser from VA "Per VAVBA/CO/211/AGENT ORANGE 1/9/2020:DoD HAS NOT identified any location on El Toro Marine Corps Air Station,California, where Agent Orange was used, tested, stored, or transported." Wow I hate the VA
  8. I was placed in the ILP last year. They sent a counselor out from Texas who spent three hours to evaluate my situation. Although it is probably quite different than yours Ms. T. I am a widowed vet that lives out in the woods. I bought a five-acre parcel on an 18 acre lake. When my disability caused an accident where my disc slipped a few years back, I was glad for my 'knee-injury' in the service, @ least while I was laid up I had a check! But was not able to finish building my cabin. I found out that my 'back injury' is more likely than not to have been caused by the toxins I came into contact @ MCAS El Toro. In these last few years I have also had four heart attacks and had to have a quad-by-pass this last year and KNOW that is caused by A.O. Back to the IPL ... The counselor requested all kinds of things from lift chairs, scooters to organizers. My local V.A., Poplar Bluff, would not comply but eventually my Primary signed the paperwork and sent it over to Ortho, who denied everything with the exception of a 'shower chair' ... My ILP counselor cancelled my IPL citing initially that it was due to the fact that my Primary would not communicate with IPL. Later they changed it to be MY issue stating the my cabin was not finished but that I could re-open my claim after I have taken care of these issues. Well I got rid of my Primary, as she was not a good doc and I then re-applied. I am now scheduled for a second visit, but this counselor is 'local' and I have a plan of what I would like to do and build my property. And I just had an appraisal on my property and bank is giving loan to finish cabin. I believe I qualify for the SAH grant, as I have LOU from my foot, as well as Ischemic Heart disease and degenerative disc disease. I was also denied by V.A. for HISA as they stated it was only for walks and rails. Counselor had indicated that I needed my driveway expanded. Pretty sure there are issues in the Ortho dept of this particular VA, as they did not want to fulfill any requests from my ILP. I am hoping to get the SAH and the HISA for the concrete work and would like to build a 'Dude Ranch' for disabled vets, particularly AO related. I know there are a lot of guys that live @ the Poplar Bluff, V.A. and because it is a federal facility, they cannot smoke medical cannabis or grow it, where it is legal in MO. I know when I had my accident, someone suggested CBD oil, I tried it and owe the fact that I can walk with a cane to it. I have never really used the 'full-spectrum' but planning on checking out dispensaries in IL in the near future. Good luck on your IPL!
  9. This is NOT a complete list, as Camp Lejeune and El Toro are not listed and we KNOW AO was used in those locations.
  10. Good advise! I have two sisters with the greenest eyes, it is painful. I wasn't expecting this disability, as I had things yet to do. But now that I do, I have to make the best of it and deal with it. In the same token I feel so blessed that one of my worries is not financial. I hope to 'pay-it-forward' with this new found blessing, as I know others are not so fortunate or have more battles to endure. Semper Fi!
  11. Hi Asknod,

    Me again, WomanMarine. I think we are getting my disability squared away, but it is much more complicated then when I started on this path. I found out I was exposed to Agent Orange/TCE @ MCAS El Toro. It took a slipped disc and paralyzed left side to figure it out. And now that things look like they are going my way, I have to consider what I have been through and how I can help others avoid this nightmare I went through.

    Before this started I bought five acres on a very rural lake. My property is the only one with access to the 18 acre lake from their home. I have room for a coral, as I love horses, as well as build-able ground on the front of my property. Enough ground to build a large house or, what I prefer to call it, a 'bunk house' for a dude ranch 😎. I am anticipating a 100% P&T rating from my recent C&P and hopefully the SAH grant to get started. As well I have recently received my COE for my V.A. loan.

    I have been researching V.A. Foster care and would like to build a 'Dude Ranch' for Agent Orange survivors. I figure if the V.A. gives me A&A that it takes as much work to take care of one as it does for ... maybe four?

    I have an Independent Living assessment coming up this week and this is what I would like to 'pitch' ... 

    Do you have any thoughts or can point me in the direction to find Trigger, the horse that will curtsy so the vet can get on? 😂


  12. V.A. has scheduled another C&P for my heart. This time it is with a V.A. examiner who was unaware of my recent heart issues. This will be interesting, as these folks, in the past, have doubted my issues. Prior to that I have a Voc Rehab Independent Living counselor coming to my home. I am trying to get a SAH grant to finish building my home. I would like to add on a few extra bedrooms and become a Medical Foster Care home for veterans that have Agent Orange related issues. I think my property is a peaceful place to make ones 'last stand' ... so to speak.
  13. I was 18 when I went into the Corps and it was @ the tail end of VN. This is totally incredible to me, as how many have died … without connecting the dots?
  14. One other note ... ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE The conversation about AO and herbicide was brought up because of me asking my Cardiologist to put in his letter to my primary that I suffered from ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE. He laughed at me and said "of course you suffer from IHD' ... I told him I knew but V.A. would not put it in writing. My letter starts off ... Due to your ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE ... VA is going to love dealing with 'outside' drs ...
  15. UPDATE: C&P completed. I think it went well ... Fortunately I was in a 'flare-up' and it was noted. I was also told that the C&P docs cannot refer to it as Agent Orange ... It has to be referred to as a 'herbicide' ... Doc was also impressed that I survived so many heart proceedures ... And she sided that the vets should be told if VA knows they have been exposed ... to a herbicide. Fingers crossed on the SAH grant as I want to build a 'Dude Ranch' for 'herbicide' survivors ... I have a social worker coming to my home this month for VR ILP. My five acres sits on an 18 acre private lake. Pretty sure I will be 100% after this last C&P and would like to setup a non-profit to help victims of 'herbicide' exposure. Also checking out the V.A. medical 'Foster' home program. It only makes sense for my particular situation, as I live alone am and pretty sure I will be getting Aid and Attendence as it has been suggested by my last ILP doctor. It only makes sense as one can do just as much for two or three https://www.va.gov/GERIATRICS/pages/Medical_Foster_Homes.asp
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