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  1. what did your C&P say under social and occupational impairment? apparently this is a big part of what the raters look at to make a rating decision.
  2. Well I got a call from QTC about three weeks ago and they told me they could not fulfill the request because they didn't have a doctor available within 200 miles or within 6 weeks. They said it's a specialty and they'd send it back to the VA. Still haven't heard anything on a new exam so I guess I will just hold tight and wait, this isn't my first rodeo filing a claim and if it is completed in 6 months that's way better then the 3 years I have waited on other claims in the past.
  3. I had a secondary condition severed because the C&P doc said there was no correlation between the two after it was granted. Then I was granted service connection directly by same examiner
  4. I had my doc fill out a DBQ and submitted with all my records and they still ordered a C&P exam
  5. also, if a VSR for some reason sees the original claim and rationale to service connect you and for some reason doesn't agree, when he orders a C&P can he/she request that the examiner make another assessment on whether or not the examiner thinks th condition is related to service
  6. Wow, what was the reasoning behind the proposed reduction? Did they say symptoms have gotten better? I'm just wondering if an examiner can come along when you are just there for an increase and write in a note that says he doesn't think you should be service connected for the condition, even though you have been for x amount of years, and th VA will use that as evidence and just throw out the rationale for getting SC in the first place. I've been told that if there was no CUE or mistake, or improvement of symptoms then it is very hard to be reduced
  7. So if you are service connected and have been for 5+ years and you file for an increase for the condition and the examiner decides to comment that he doesn't agree with the rationale used that first established SC and states that it was s less likely than not due to service, can they propose to sever SC?
  8. So I got a call today to schedule a C&P exam for an increase on my SC'd menieres disease. I sent in an FDC claim with all medical records and a DBQ but for some reason they still ordered a C&P(next time if I file again for anything I won't waste my money on a DBQ clearly they aren't worth doing). I am wondering if they will do an audiogram and ENG/VNG testing even if I bring in my reports that I just had done a month ago. I really don't want to go through the ENG testing again because it throws me off for a good week or longer. Can you choose where you get to have your C&P done at, or do they just give you a time and place to show up?
  9. Oh and if it is worked out of the Waco RO they took 6 months to add my son as a dependent. Maybe I'm just the lucky one who gets my claims processed slower for whatever reason lol. Like I said no rush, just curious as to what is going on
  10. She also said it is being processed as a FDC and that it hasn't been reviewed to see if more evidence is needed. I guess I just have a slower VSR, or it is just to early to send the claim to be rated.... who knows
  11. Well the 1800 number says that they haven't even looked at the claim yet. Basically she said it is waiting to be reviewed by a VSR to make sure all documents that are needed to rate are there. Just seems strange to me that no one would've even looked at it yet. She said under review is just a phase to make sure everything is there before it is sent to prep for decsision.
  12. Thanks for the replies, My claim is for an increase in an already service connected condition and only one contention. Yeah just seems like some claims fly through the process and others kind of sit around for a while. Im hoping maybe they don't need anymore evidence and are just waiting to push it forward soon. Im just not sure why it would sit there and not be pushed to the next phase if everything was already there. I submitted a DBQ and all medical records including a ton of diagnostic testing along with previous testing for comparisons. Not in a huge hurry just curious as to why some claims get held up..... my buddies claim also needed a C&P appointment, which has already been scheduled and completed.
  13. So I've got a friend who is also out of the Waco RO. We both submitted claims for increase on one service connected contention both as FDC"s. I submitted mine about a week before his and he received a call 2 days later to schedule a C&P exam. He already had it done and his claim moved to PFD. Mine has not moved out of "under review", could this be because they don't need any more info and it will go to decision phase next? Is there a certain amount of time that VSR will hold a claim in review before pushing it to the next phase? Just seems strange that we basically did the exact same thing with the exception of him needing a C&P and his is flying and mine hasn't moved. They are also both being worked out of Waco RO and haven't gone to another RO since submitting them.
  14. Thanks for the response seminole, vestibular disorders are definitely tough to deal with. I get abut 8-10 episodes of vertigo a month lasting from an hour to all day. Just had all my testing and it has definitely gotten worse over the past two years. Just filed for an increase last week with all my tests and medical info, so I guess we will see.
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