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  1. My next exam is September 12th. Yes I am married and have one child. They bumped my back up to 100% as apart of the convalescence compensation. My overall rating is 90% normally.
  2. I am working again, but my employer lets me work from home and tells me to take it easy. The only thing I go in for is the the occasional meeting.
  3. I talked with them again, They said because my doc has not cleared me yet, I am still receiving convalescence compensation till he does. It is based on 100% SMC-S due to housebound. They said I will continue to receive it till my doc clears me fully. Which will never happen. I know I can leave the house but I will never be 100% again.
  4. Maybe it is due to my back sugary. I did post about it a while back but the letter said that it was suppose to end a few months back. I have no idea. I am confused. I called and they just said it was correct.
  5. This is showing up on the myhealthevet site in my records. I have been getting paid at 100% for about 3 months now but I never received a letter. anyone have any ideas on what I should do?
  6. Okay, I understand now. At this point im not sure what avenue I am going to take. it seems unlikely they will increase my back as this has been a battle from the beginning. I will be talking to some individuals about what I can do from here. Thanks
  7. I got ya. But the last thing that does not make sense is why am I just now receiving the pay? If the housebound ended on July 1, 2017, I should have received the last payment on July 1 2017 correct?
  8. Meddac is right on this. I have 230% using simple math but im at 90% according to VA math. My initial rating was 80% and then they reduced me to 60% so I filled an NOD and they bumped me up to 90% after it was all said and done.
  9. @MikeHunt Ya im just really confused. The lady on the phone said it was correct and sent me that letter. Hopefully someone else can give me some insight into what this all means. Thanks for your reply.
  10. I am very confused now. I called and she said that my payment was correct and she asked if I had received the letter. I told her no I had not so she offered to either mail me a copy or fax me a copy. I opted to have it faxed. It was the Convalescence compensation but it says on here: We made the following decision(s): Entitlement to special monthly compensation based on housebound. Mar 20, 2017 Entitlement to special monthly compensation is warrented in this case because criteria regarding housebound were met until July 1, 2017
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone, I will be calling them today. I did refile for the Convalescence compensation but I am yet to get a letter about it. Would it show on my e benefits if they had approved anything? I cant seem to find it. The open claim is gone and my disabilities page still says 90%. Thanks
  12. So it has been awhile. But the last two months I have gotten paid at 100% even though my e benefits says I am 90%. I had applied awhile back for convalescence compensation but it was denied and I received a letter stating that. I am super confused and not sure what I should do. Thanks, Lee
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