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  1. Rating came in, 70% anxiety. I do attend therapy and take medication for Depression and anxiety. I am diagnosed with PTSD, major depressive disorder and anxiety secondary to IBS. I am rated only on the anxiety. Total rating is IBS 30%, Fibromyalgia 40%, Hearing 0%, Tinnitus 10%, Anxiety 70% - Total 90%
  2. Here is my recent C&P results for anxiety secondary to SC IBS and Fibromyalgia. Thoughts or opinions on SC rating? LOCAL TITLE: PSYCH C&P EXAM MA STANDARD TITLE: C & P EXAMINATION NOTE Mental Disorders (other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No SECTION I: ---------- 1. Diagnosis ------------ a. Does the Veteran now have or has h
  3. My HL test average was 64/65 and word recognition was 84 both ears and that's 0% anyway you cut it......and if you were addressing me Gastone , I know the HL exam, especially the WR cannot be beat.....that's a given, and I have no feelings to speak of.
  4. My hearing is pretty darn bad, my tinnitus is horrible, and I still only met the criteria for 0% HL
  5. The IME report is in.......Thoughts? I warn you, it is lengthy......oddly, as much social issues, no friends, agression,etc as I have....he gave me a GAF score of 65. DrCoyleIMERedacted.docx
  6. Figured out the problem......I used an older version.....new updated Hutsky calculator says 0% for HL. So 0% HL & 10% Tinnitus.
  7. Oddly, if I plug the numbers into the Hutsky calculator, comes up 40%.....If I look at the VA's confusing ass cross reference chart, comes up 0% or maybe 10%?
  8. The results are in......looks like, after running her numbers thru the calculator it would be 40% HL, 10% tinnitus....assuming they don't deny anyway, irregardless of their own audiologists opinion......stranger things have happened! RedactedHearingResults.pdf
  9. Oh, I will....it would be awesome to watch a movie or TV without having to read the words for once!
  10. So, I had my hearing C&P and it went as expected. I haven't seen the results yet, got to check myhealthevet Monday or Tuesday, but I do know that I showed the girl my work exams from the past 10 years, which are bad, and she said her results were about the same. When the testing was over, she was talking to me waaaaay louder and told me I didn't have to wait on the rating to get hearing aids if I am interested. She said as long as I make an appointment to get hearing aids within 6 months, i don't have to re-take the hearing exam. Thoughts?
  11. Ha.......My employer went to what they call "The whisper test" last year. The nurse stands 10-20 feet away, faces away from you and says a word, you have to repeat the word. I fail it misearbly.....mostly I think because my tinnitus rings constant and loud non-stop! I'll post my C&P results around the 20th
  12. Yeah, filed tinitus too....mines constant. I know civi hearing tests are irrelevant to SC ratings.....point being, they show what can be expected on an audiogram by VA.
  13. Well, I'm an 0311 combat veteran, have a MEPS hearing test showed good hearing, boot camp hearing test showed mild hearing loss and post service that shows severe hearing loss in 1000+ Hz ranges. My company does annual hearing tests and last year they started doing a "whisper" test in 2016 , which I also fail miserably. Hopefully I can get some hearing aids!
  14. Hearing exam C&P scheduled for next Friday......you think that means they are conceding hearing loss and doing the C&P to measure the extent of hearing loss?
  15. All of the lab work to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis came back clean, so I will upload to Ebennies. That will help support the previously undiagnosed Fibromyalgia claim. Also, have an appointment with a Rheumatologist coming up in December.
  16. Is the burden of proof more stringent for a Gulf War veteran to prove, in service event/aggravation when it comes to a FM claim?
  17. My first claim was for sleeplessness, bi-lateral arm pain, bi-lateral shoulder pain, memory loss-short term and stomach issues. The stomach was rated 30% as undiagnosed illness (IBS) w/constipation/diahrea. Since that time, I've been diagnosed with Major depressive disorder, PTSD, sleep disorder NOS. So, my re-open with new & material evidence is in the context that I filed for symptoms of Fibromyalgia, which I have now been diagnosed with. Much like anything, it's a crap shoot......but, I am a tenacious Marine and will never just go away! Thanks for the input!
  18. So, before I knew much about the VA and their love for vets, I submitted my first GWI claim. I filed for symptoms (Stomach issues, sleeplessness, bi lateral arm/shoulder pain, short term memory loss). I had a forgetful C&P doc, I had no idea beforehand what the eam was for, I was nervous as shit and I didn't know enough to press him on examining other issues. I went 26 years without touching the VA and here I was at a C&P exam. I was rated 30% for IBS, all other contentions denied because dr said I denied having any other issues. This week I was diagnosed by a family practice
  19. No and here is my hearing test from work.......this will be my first hearing test by VA. I have a Meps hearing test, shows good hearing, boot camp shows mild loss, this....well.......you be the judge.....let's just say I read a lot of closed captioning! MarathonHearingTests.bmp
  20. Just saw where a C&P exam request was posted just a couple hours after this post.........so, I guess that answers that!
  21. Is it possible that hearing loss and tinnitus could be rated and service connected without a C&P ? I fileed the claim, under review 4-5 days, gathering evidence 2 days, review of evidence today, estimated close by 11/17. I submitted FDC, MEPS hearing test showed good hearing at low freq, and normal at high freq, Boot camp audiogram showed some hearing loss, but still normal low freq/mild at high freq, two buddy statements saying they can attest to my audiograms at work in 1992-1996 were bad and that guys used to tease me about being "deaf dumb jarhead" and such, don't have copi
  22. That is him ma'am Robert B Coyle, he performs IME's for many vets represented by Lawyers 4 Vets. I believe he quoted 1/3 of his practice is veterans. He, himself, was denied for hearing loss/tinnitus and fought and won on appeal. I like the fact that he cannot/will not BS, exagerate or pull punches. He will tell you upfront that his assessment will be an honest review. He is not a "hired gun" type.....he's a stand up guy and I'm glad I chose him for my review....irregardless of it's outcome.
  23. As with all veterans suffering from ailments due to service, and especially PTSD, which can only be awarded after a VA employed C&P PHD level Psychologist opines a DSM5 diagnosis, we are often treated as liars, cheats and beggars by the very institution that has sworn an oath to assist us. I recently had to pay for a private, un-biased, 3rd party IME in order to battle against the VA’s railroad job on my PTSD claim. Because they ignore facts, do not follow their own laws/statutes and 99% of the time re-diagnose PTSD as some other issue, it seems we all must travel this road more often
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