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  1. I just wanted to update everyone so after reading a lot of other claim and i started my claim back on january of this year. and i had a intent to file back in march of last year and so today i contact the va about the status of my claim and to my astonishment i was told that the va had close my claim. and they estimated time frame was for july 21 and from last week when i contacted them they had told me in was in decision phase and so i was assuming that would change from then but i was completely shock to hear it was close but than i thought well why did jump from decsion phase to close i thought it would have to wait the pending approval and so i contact my Rep to just to say they denied my result but it wasn't they said I was on the 80 I was very shock the first time around. I am pleased with the result and help calm so of my stress. I wish all vets could be that simple. I want to thank everyone for all their inputs on here. if i can help anyone please don't hesitate to contact me. I know i am no expert but would be willing to give my own experience thanks everyone
  2. hey @Michigader I think you have certainly come along way. i think with the help and support of other veterans that have gone through the same issue. I requested a female therapist only because i get very timid with other man. Well actually all men. I been to session and from those two sessions its pretty much pains me to talk about it and the only think I would be issue is that the VA mental health person told me that i would be cure after so long. Which to me i would love to be cured. i have lost so many friends and relationship over this because no one seems to understand me. I have miss a few sessions and just didn't have the mood or the strength to talk. i don't know if they will hold that against me. I hope your claims go smoothly I am still waiting for my decision which is even more stressful but at the end of day no body is worry about me other than myself that is how i see it. I see everyone posting about their claims and i get nervous because i know some them have been waiting for years. I get nervous with mine because i am hoping mine doesn't take that long. Like many have mention the VA has their own agenda. I wish you the best in your process and I see you are from michigan what part i am from grand rapids keep in touch man
  3. what is that. i am working but don't work a lot of days because of depression and panic attacks. I am concern because i hear you have to be unemployable to even be consider for 70 and so kinda makes me stress that. I hate when people say a lot of people are taking hand out. and I feel that if i get 70 that i am taking someones benefit that deserve it. on the other hand I feel i deserve it because I can't keep a steady job and don't really have a life that means something to me. I know some of the people I have talked to outside of military world thinks that I am milking the system and it hurts to know people really think that. I mean I am not 100 disable I can work but have days that i just can't get up to do anything. I have read a lot more veterans are not getting what they deserve and it just kinda sound like i am trying to be greedy to get to 70.
  4. im curious will they try to put me in the middle which is 50 if both my symptoms fall in 3 different rating. I am assuming for 70 percent you should have more of major symptoms. I guess i am not sure as to why the examiner put the second highest severity but didn't have all the symptoms associate to it. I am assuming this will have to be appeal eventually because it looks like it could go both ways. thanks again tai
  5. When you say what concerns you is that the examiner correctly stated it excerbated a pre- existing condition. That might impact on the rating......in a favorable way or maybe it wont..... just a wild guess what do you think it would be rated if they follow the law.
  6. ok i think its upload correctly please some advice as to what this would rate me as thanks tai TAI PW.pdf
  7. Hey @Michigander I agree with you as well. I did have some session but it made my issue worse and I get so bummed out that i sometimes forget to go to my app. I had Marine core league help me with my claim which not to much help I did all the leg work they just submitted the claim. I filed back in Jan. of this year and had both my exams that i was claiming done. As of today my progress is at the decision phase which I am assuming may change. I have read threw alot of these topics which in some case outcome were great and some not so great. I agree with you not to call people out but i think some veterans are capable of exaggerating their claim. I can see how claims can be very stressful. I think because everyone expects the rater to be fair and accurate. I am hoping to get 70% or even 50% but the as i can see the va is known to low ball even with some cases they were able to rate correctly I guess it is just the rater and how they came to their determination. Good luck and hope you get a good out come. I will post as soon as i get a rating. thanks again here is a copy of my exam as others can give me some feed back thanks TAI PW.pdf
  8. i am not sure why its not allowing me to upload those files.
  9. sorry for the delay response here is a copy of my exam and i did have a few questions maybe you guys can clear it up. under the question that ask is it possible to differentiate what portion each is attributing to each diagnosis and he put no. will that mean it will not be in my favor thanks for any feed back
  10. Thanks for the update i am working on and off. I have been in out with work. I tried to copy my exam as it doesnt allow me to copy the file i guest it it has some security on it. I guess im wondering if you can be at the 70 without having all the symptoms or is that what i must have to be 70. Or does the symptons is what gives you the percent. Thanks again for the info Tai
  11. Hey everyone I am new to this and I just filed my claim for PTSD/mst claim in january 2017 and I have been so stress out because I have been reading about claims being denied and low balled and such. My question is i just received my C&P exam which was done by VES. I got a copy of it from my Marine Core League organization. I had a question as to the exam results it says I am occupational and social impairments deficiencies in most area. and then it list the systems which I have symptoms from 70 50 and 30 percent and they are equal to each other. I am confused does that mean they are going to give me the 30 rating because there is no one percent more than another. I guess how can you be deficiencies in most area when I have symptoms from each percent. the exams stated that ptsd and mdd are aggravated from the military services. I guess do i not quality for the 70 or is pretty rare to be in 70 do you have to more on the 70 to be rated at that. he checked depressed mood, anxiety, near continuous panic or depression affecting the ability to function independently, flatten affect, disturbance motivation and mood, difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationship, and inability to establish and maintain effective relationship. but he put me under the MDD recurrent severe, and mst. could someone please let me know what they think. thanks tai
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