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  1. Yes they can delete or change notes, I was skimming through my Problems List and realized that a diagnosis was gone...I have been getting treatments and on medication for a ailment for about 2 yrs and it's no longer in my VAMC Records, well the good thing for me, I made copies. And will continue to do so as long as I am getting treated at the VAMC.
  2. yes there was military medical records found in the woods off Interstate 270 in the Spanish Lake area google it. I have a copy of my C-file nothing in it other than what I already have.
  3. Josie I see, feel ya on this situation and it's hard to believe no one responded. Let's try this again: Fellow VETERANS we are in dire need of your help due to the fact that most of us have exhausted all avenues trying to locate our lost, missing, obsolete, destroyed, shredded, tossed in the trash, or thrown in the woods off Interstate 270 Spanish Lake MEDICAL IN-SERVICE TREATMENT RECORDS. Please chime in or e-mail deborahboatwright@yahoo.com or josiemcfatter@gmail.com
  4. Shot out to all Veterans!!! I am still fighting The VA, Once again my claims got DENIED. Please chime in I'm tired and frustrated and feel very much left behind. Any suggestions?
  5. when anyone finds out please post it here, because I've been trying to locate my records since 2014.
  6. Hello Broncovet, thanks for your information and yes I know first hand what kind of trust issues some of the VA employees and/or VSO has. I was told that my records may have been destroyed in the fire as well, but I checked that statement on the spot with the representative on the phone because I graduated High School in 1975 and had not joined the military until 1979 so you see where that was going? There is a story dated Jan 30, 2014 about Records workers dumped, destroyed or lost 1,800 veterans documents By Robert Patrick documents found in 2012, discarded in the woods near the center off I-270 in the Spanish Lake area. I will never give up. Yall feel free to hit me up anytime, again thanks for everything.
  7. I have it all Buck, I even have e-mails stored from the point of contact person after contacting the White House VA hotline and yes I requested my C-File everything in it from some training etc, but nothing about my medical treatments received while I was stationed at my duty stations only (1) when I was hospitalized while in Korea, everything else is gone like I did not serve time in Ft. Gordon, Ft. Lee, Ft. Lewis, Or Camp Casey! But I will give the VA Hotline another call.
  8. Okay, so who do I contact about having my medical records reconstructed?
  9. Thanks Tbird, I did that too the denied claim is in appeal status awaiting an date for video-conference with a Vet Law Judge . I am not at all familiar with this type of thing and mean while I am waiting I am scared of how this may turn out, been seeing too many Veterans suffering with conditions and nothing being done, or something being done when the Veteran is at the end stage of their life.
  10. Hello Veterans, I am seeking help/answers to a million dollars question..what to do? I am trying to make it simple, but it just can't with this type of situation I did everything to locate my in service medical records since 2014 and to this 13th day of May 2018 still nothing, yes I contacted The Records Management Center in St. Louis, MO, The VA, The VA Hospitals, The Army Hospitals where I was stationed, even the 21st Evacuation in Korea, my local Congressional Office, The VA White House hotline, I am still empty handed...please chime on in, and thanks in advanced.
  11. yes I've been denied the reason: no proof of evidence in SMR, but how can I prove anything when my records is no where to be found?
  12. I am a witness to that, they do answer the calls and yes they are very courteous they will listen to your complaints also will get your informations/complaints addressed to the right person. Problem is...once the other parties involved get the complaint reach out to you seems like that's when the ball gets dropped! Please hear me out Veterans of the world or anyone who cares to listen, The delay, deny until they die has got to stop: I did everything I know possible to locate my in -service medical records since 2014 to this day may 13th, 2018 still no medical records and definitely no answers, yes I requested and spoke with several people at the Records Management Center in St. Louis, Mo, contacted all the Army Hospitals where I was stationed and also my home of records VA and Hospital, and yes I went through my local Congressional Office. While I am being treated at the Veterans Hospital for several health issues related to what I had treatments for while I served this COUNTRY suffering in pain and agony is just down right depressing. I am here not to vent, but seeking help because this Veteran is tired and feed up.
  13. Ms. Berta,

    Hope all is well with you, I am in need of your help locating my active duty medical records.

    I've been trying since 2014  I sent requests to St. Louis several times, I went to my local Congress

    Office what they got was the same partial treatment record that I already have, I even called into

    The Whitehouse Hotline they went hunting and came up with the same partial record, I requested

    my C-file with high hopes, but still nothing. I am frustrated, depressed and very much disappointed

    with the whole situation. Kudos to Allan he steered me in some directions, but still no medical record,

    he advised me to reach out to you.  Thanks in advanced.




    1. Berta


      I am only familar with using NARA for SMRs and inservice personnel records:


      However if a vet applies for SSDI they (NARA) often send service records to the SSA office,who is supposed to send them back promptly.

      I could mot find any of your posts....sometimes buddy statements can help when med recs are missing.

      Also the VA has an enhanced Duty to Assist when records cannot be found.

      Is it possible the VA already has your SMRs? 

      The last time I used NARA they sent me my husband's Navy records but sent a letter informing me his USMC records were at my VARO- which is where they were supposed to be, as I had re- opened a claim.

    2. Berta
    3. DLLBoatwright


      Thank you Ms.Berta, I've done all that and still nothing. The VA only have some of

      what I have in my possession. My C-File has just a few pages of my treatment record

      at this point I am a considered a lost solider I am at the end of the tunnel with no light

      thanks for your time, but if by chance you come across anything that may help me, please feel 

      free to contact me on the forum or e-mail at deborahboatwright@yahoo.com. Have a blessed day.



  14. Hi Guys! There has got to be something about serving time in Korea during that time frame, I was stationed at Camp Casey 2-2-0 my complete medical records is obsolete...Any information or leads please contact me.
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