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  1. Dfinnusmc, I am getting ready to file Sleep apnea secondary to PTSD also. I am very interested to see how your claim turned out. Also if you have an example of the Letters your doctor wrote? My doctor said he would write a letter but wanted to know the format. I wish you the best with your claim!!!
  2. I have been following the thread for Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD. I am in a similar situation I am on TDIU and was just diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea. I am trying to get sample nexus letters to my doctor so I can file claim. Do you have any sample nexus letter I can show my civilian doc. He asked me how it needed to be formatted etc.... Let me know how your case wound up
  3. All, few days ago I was awarded 90% being paid at 100% TDIU. Ebenefits says not P & T. I have 3 questions if someone could help me. My DAV rep was let go and now I have nobody to ask question about my claim. When I applied for TDIU she wrote increase for rating for my Lumbar DDD and PTSD which was 40 & 70% respectively. I have another 30% with both knees and tinnitus. Total rating of 90%. left and right knee is bilateral and radiculopathy is bilateral of left and right leg (not sure how those 4 ratings of 10% each are calculated)? Additionally, I was just diagnosed wi
  4. May 2016 I was awarded 70% ptsd along with in increase in lower back rating with total of 90% which was effective 1 June 2016. I was notified may of 2017 and in June of 2017 I filed for TDIU on the PTSD and lumbar back increase. I received notification today that I was awarded TDIU with an effective date of 1 June 2017. My question: I believe my effective date should be 1 june 2016 the effective date of my ptsd effective date. My file show I was let go from work in feb 2016. any help would be greatly appreciated.... NOTE: i was just diagnosed with moderate to s
  5. Trapperx6, I appreciate posting your experience. Thanks.... I have also been scheduled an exam with SSDI for PTSD. I called the SSA office and told them I had just been diagnosed with Moderate to severe sleep apanea. She said make sure to fax test results in as well as my new C & P exam.
  6. All, I competed my C & P exam for TDIU claim for PTSD and Lumbar DDD. I am uploading the notes from my C & P exam for PTSD. The examiner stated I do not know why you are here because your last C & P was in March. If anyone has experience with interpreting the notes I would appreciate your help. I did delete her extensive notes about what I said about my family and events.... My previous C & P exam was 70% for PTSD and total rating of 90% 40 lumbar ddd and radiculopathy, 10% for each knee, 10% for tinnitus. Also I was just diagnosed with Moderate to sev
  7. All, I have requested TDIU and my ebenefits updated from needing further information to: GSO no longer needed previously it stated awaiting information from Social security. I am scheduled to get exam from social security on the 12th. So, I figured they would wait until after that exam. Any thoughts on why status changed? my tdiu was PTSD 70% lower back 40% , knees, and tinnitus for another 30% total 90%. Is this a good sign or not?
  8. Gastone, C & P explanation letter I received for award: We have assigned a 70% evaluation for you PTSD based on: Difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances, suspiciousness, Depressed Mood, Suicidal ideation, Impairment of short and long term memory, disturbances of motivation and mood, anxiety, Occupational and social impairment with occasional decrease in work efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform occupational tasks (although generally functioning satisfactorily, with routine behavior, self-care, and conversation normal), Difficulty in establishing
  9. Background: 90% rated 70% PTSD with C & P exam date of April 2017 20% DDD Lumbar spine 20% radiculopathy left leg 10% left knee 10% right knee 10% tinnitus I am applying for TDIU and SSDI. Just filed both as of two weeks ago. I also attended my first treatment for PTSD with VA. She is recommending Prolonged Exposure treatment which I am not sure about yet. Not sure if I can handle that just yet. The notes from first appointment states: Clearly has PTSD and would make a good candidate for prolonged exposure treatment. Lumbar back: MRI results: Sever
  10. Buck, Really Appreciate all the information. I am processing what you have written. I have not signed up with a doctor yet for PTSD. I have my annual physical Friday and I planned on going to the mental health clinic and getting signed up to see what I need to do. I live an hour from there so it is difficult to get there so I hope it is not a regular therapy program.... Below is my C & P explanation that was sent from VA: We have assigned 70% evaluation for you post-traumatic stress disorder based on: difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances- suspiciousness- De
  11. Last month I went in for an increase for my back & Knees and new claim for tinnitus and PTSD. My overall rating went from 30% to 90% Breakdown as follows: 70% PTSD 40% DDD & radiculaphy of lumbar 10 % L Knee 10% R KNee (stayed the same) 10% Tinnitus (stayed the same) My effective Date is JUne 2016 for the above and received my letter in May 17 that I was rated 90%. I am not sure what I should do? I embarrassed to say but I am unemployed and have been for several years. I will stick to facts and not life story. We all have our demons! My ques
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