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  1. so three months, that's not bad. I just looked on vets.gov and it still says I am being reviewed by the DRO but a decision for NOD's could now take 13-30 months when two days ago it said 12-18 months for an NOD to be completed. I am actually on my 18month mark today. All my C and P's were completed for both the contentions I have on my NOD. Just waiting now for DRO to finish his or her review.
  2. Gastone, Once I filed my NOD with N and M evidence, the VA ordered C and P's for me, my last being in February of 2018 and the other for December of 2017. I was on another site and posted my C and P for PTSD and one of the guys who works as a rater for the VA said mine is a slam dunk service connection. I am just waiting for the DRO to finish it I guess. It just changed to DRO is reviewing your claim . There is a blurb on Vets.gov about if there are any changes you should see them in a month or two, but I don't think that's correct either. So I wait
  3. Thanks Buck. Its been a few weeks saying being reviewed by DRO. There is a blurb in there about the 1 to 2 months. I was just wondering if anyone had an experience with that.
  4. Anyone have any idea how long it takes once your NOD reads on Vets.gov that the DRO is reviewing it. I know there is a little blurb about usually taking one to two months for a decision, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. Thanks
  5. It's been a long road, but at least I was able to get my own care outside the VA as well as inside.
  6. I don't know yet what exactly was written. I did speak to the C and P doctor about how I was sent home from my job a few times for what my supervisor called was to volatile.As far as treatment, I have been in treatment for a few years both in the VA setting and with my own personal Psych doctor. I am four different meds and have been for a while as well.
  7. Does ready to rate mean it will be approved and if so how long will it be in that phase do you think
  8. No it was an outside contractor. he was very nice. he even gave me a list of meds I could ask my doctors about getting on as well as telling me I needed to be seen for a TBI c and P. At the end of the exam I asked what happens now and he said, he writes a report and would argue that my PTSD is definitely service connected
  9. well you are better off than me, I just had my C and P for PTSD, although the doctor told me it was service connected so we will see. Going on almost 450 days for my NOD. I just got a call as I am typing this from my VA regional office, they said my claim has moved to the ready to rate stage, does that mean its almost done? Good or Bad?
  10. I have my cfile. Its at the regional office level ie. NOD and I am waiting for a copy of the c and p it was an outside contractor. He told me he was putting service connected, he also wrote out information for my va doctors that I should also be tested for TBI
  11. I understand. I have both my VA doctors as well as my outside Psychologist diagnosing me with PTSD, I have stressor, I have nexus letters and I have been into my NOD for about 400 days and they ordered a C and P and that doctor said it is service connected. I don't know what the remanded thing you are talking about is, all I know is at least now not only are my VA providers as well as my personal Psychologist connecting my PTSD to my service ( IN THEIR OPINION), but now the C and P doctor also. So I don't know how it will go I guess, I thought the C and P was the last step before a decision.
  12. I have all three. The C and P doctor said my PTSD was service connected, he even said I should be applying for TBI. I was just wondering how much longer it would be. Some people are telling me the C and P is the last piece. I just didn't know if it was quicker for a decision with an appeal or regular claim
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