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  1. Thank you Porgee, Thanks for the info. I'm still wondering if anybody knows if you receive automatic 13 months 100% temp for a total revision of total knee replacement, just like you do when you have a total knee replacement? Thanks
  2. Thanks Buck, im really hoping it's just like a total knee replacement which is guaranteed 13 months because of prosthetics placement. Surgeon told me this is harder and takes longer to bounce back from than a total knee replacement, so hoping it's the same being that all the prosthetics from first knee replacement were removed and replaced with brand new ones. Basically a brand new total knee replacement, so I would think it would be the same. I'm surprised there are not more guys that have had to have a revision of total knee replacements and know how this works. Thanks jason
  3. I understand submitting your surgical records, I'm wondering if a total revision of a total knee replacement automatically qualifies you for the 13 months of 100 temp disability, just like it does when you have a total knee replacement? If anybody has had a revision and if this is what they were granted? Does anyone have any experience in a complete revision of a total knee replacement vs. a partial revision of a total knee replacement. Also if they had to do it any different than when they filed it for their total knee replacement. Thanks, jason
  4. I have a question that I have not been able to get an answer to from anyone. I am 30% service connected for Knee that had a total knee replacement in Dec 2015, I received 13 months temp 100% and than received my 30% for the knee. Knee never worked right and Dr recommended a revision of the total knee replacement done in 2015. Had revision done to my previously totally replaced knee on 25 July 2017, surgical notes list surgery as revision left total knee arthroplasty. Surgeon had to completely remove and replace all prosthetics and components from previous knee replacement, plus added some more. Surgeon told me this will be a harder, longer, recovery than my first total knee replacement. My main question is do I receive the 13 months temp 100% for the revision of total knee, just like when a total knee replacement is done? If so do you file the claim just like for a total knee replacement, is it as easy as that? Anything special that I need or they require to grant it? Does VSO need to do anything special? Is it as cut and dry as it is when filing for the 13 months temp 100% for total knee replacement? Anybody have any experience or advice on this, I would really appreciate it. I just had the revision and I have great anxiety over this going smoothly. Don't know how I will provide for my family if it doesn't, I'm going to be out of work for a long time on this. I'm filing next week when I get all my surgical records with my VSO, so could really use some input. Thanks Jason
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