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  1. Does anyone know how to access the Official Military Activities Report (OMAR) database? I found out about it today, it seems if the VA can access it, so should actual veterans. It can be helpful not only to file VA claims, but research claims with Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC). I can'y speak for other branches, but the Air Force won't give credit for CRSC unless you have specific incidents from daily Situation Reports (SITREPS), yet they won't tell you where you can find SITREPs for research.
  2. Hard to know, my VARO at Denver has taken 7 months and counting. They've had so many pathetic excuses as to why they won't do their job, I've considered suing just to get them to follow the decision. 3 months later: it's now been 90 days later, and this has been shocking. I have now had 91, yes ninety-one, conversations with the national and regional VA offices. This expanded to 96 conversations, all with the same result, the Denver regional office would do nothing and ignore the BVA decision (which would have forced me to hire a lawyer). All at once, the situation turned to the outright bizarre. A representative from a different regional VA office (I'm in the Denver region, he's from the Nashville, TN) called to ask about a completely different subject. While on the phone, I told him about the BVA decision, and one day later, he had taken the first huge step forward (in 24 hours) to implementing the BVA decision, something the Denver regional office openly refused to do for 10 months. I still have yet to see the final step with retro pay, but my wife and I have decided to move away from Colorado. There were more issues than just dealing with the horrible Denver regional VA office, but it has been the biggest factor for a couple years and I've never felt as relieved about moving as I do to escape the clutches of this atrocious VA region. Feb 2019 update: The retro pay issue was almost as bizarre as the Denver office ignoring the BVA decision. My Colorado rep screwed up the database after finally admitting the Denver office must follow the BVA ruling, I suspect on purpose, to ensure I would get a letter from Denver admitting they have to follow the BVA ruling, yet he "made a mistake" in processing the retro payment that caused yet another delay. I hated doing it, but I called a VA rep from another region to check, he corrected the Denver office reps mistake and the retro pay came through within two weeks. Oddly, once I moved away from Colorado (to Missouri), within a month, a couple other claims I had submitted 5 years ago suddenly were granted, and all at once, I was rated at 100% based on numerous combined factors. Lesson learned, avoid Colorado VA AT ALL COSTS!
  3. I have a question for all readers. I had an appeal for an ankle issue, it was about to go to the BVA. Just before it went, the VA granted a 20% disability for my ankle, which I was fine with. However, they are still processing the appeal to go to the BVA. I have sent three letters telling the VA the appeal is completed, there is no need to continue. Yet, it appears the VA is going to send it to the BVA anyway. My question is, does anyone know why the VA would send a closed appeal to the BVA?
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