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  1. You really need to call a VA home loan specialist in your local area.....Not the VA. Let them look this over and see where you really stand.
  2. This was published in 2017, which it is still on the books, but make no mistake MMJ is now being used by the VA in the study of TBI and PTSD according to the DAV. They were forced into this by the Returning Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan, due to the self medicating that those Vets found MMJ or street weed was the only thing that helped them cope with life after war, replacing bags of big pharma meds that did nothing for these Vets........So we wait, and wait, and wait some more.
  3. You are going to get Jammed for the bill. Part A is automatic and is for long term care as far as I am aware, part B is for direct medical care. IMO, that 140 per month is not worth the risk these days, anything can happen in a second, and although you might be ok with the VA, they may not have the means to get you through what life can throw at you and the bill can be steep and 140 per month is very cheap piece of mind. Your life, your money, your call.
  4. On your FERS application..........Did your employer opine as to whether they could accommodate your husbands disability? OPM is a stickler on this subject, and that is why I ask. Resigning should never be considered, you will leave to much on the table, insurance being one of the biggest , and that can not be replaced no matter what you get moving forward. Anything you think that is SC related should be filed on right now, not only will it strengthen your VA case, it will strengthen your SSDI and FERS case.
  5. As was already stated, IU would be your correct route right now with the possibility of SSDI, you could also hit the VA up for Voc Rehab, they give you around 1k per month to attend school plus pay for anything you need. As far as your house, if it is on a VA loan , they will most likely help you so as to not lose your home. You have several battles to fight at the same time, we have been there done that. My question is, was this a government job?
  6. FYI. For those Vets that are receiving the VA annual clothing allowance, check your accounts starting this week as they are starting to hit.
  7. It's not true. You do not have 2 different claims, you have one claim involving 2 different issues, ie:, claim for increase, and temp 100% based on a knee replacement. Most of the time you have to talk to some of these people like a 5 year old. Who told you you can not have "two different" claims? Do you use a VSO? Did the VA do the TKR? Why did the VA deny your increase?
  8. It is, but as more and more studies open up and more states open up, the price will come down. I see more and more elderly people that are getting some great relief, and at the same time cussing their doctors for not telling them this stuff works with no side effects.
  9. One size does not fit all on this subject CBD comes in various dosages.......might try using a stronger version.
  10. VA Cola will be on the Dec 31st payment, the SSDI payment will show on the Jan payment date.
  11. Keep in mind that you are the only beneficiary for Medicare, you wife can get it when she turns 65, kids are out and stuck with Champ VA.
  12. Yes Sir, at 62 FERS Flips on the offset. Chained CPI has been around for a long time now. We get screwed every year on the "CPI" numbers, when the real numbers are 4-5% above what the government really counts. We just recently went through several years of not getting a COLA, and we all know things we buy everyday was on a continual rise........I think this year we might see 2-2.5% increase, but at least it is something.
  13. I agree, that the windfall provision is a farce, and if it was not for the VA comp, I would be on skid row. I have 7 more years until this FERS deal flips, and the offset stops with OPM re-calculating my retirement for 42 years of credit........I do not know how much this will change my retirement, but I expect to gain 1k to 1.3k per month.
  14. I went out on FERS, it was rather easy in my case as the PO wanted us out so bad they initiated NRP and forced the others out, I just saw it coming and got ahead of the curve. After speaking to OPM , I was told that I could make X on FERS or stay and make X.......the whole process too about 3 months.
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