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  1. On your FERS application..........Did your employer opine as to whether they could accommodate your husbands disability? OPM is a stickler on this subject, and that is why I ask. Resigning should never be considered, you will leave to much on the table, insurance being one of the biggest , and that can not be replaced no matter what you get moving forward. Anything you think that is SC related should be filed on right now, not only will it strengthen your VA case, it will strengthen your SSDI and FERS case.
  2. As was already stated, IU would be your correct route right now with the possibility of SSDI, you could also hit the VA up for Voc Rehab, they give you around 1k per month to attend school plus pay for anything you need. As far as your house, if it is on a VA loan , they will most likely help you so as to not lose your home. You have several battles to fight at the same time, we have been there done that. My question is, was this a government job?
  3. FYI. For those Vets that are receiving the VA annual clothing allowance, check your accounts starting this week as they are starting to hit.
  4. It's not true. You do not have 2 different claims, you have one claim involving 2 different issues, ie:, claim for increase, and temp 100% based on a knee replacement. Most of the time you have to talk to some of these people like a 5 year old. Who told you you can not have "two different" claims? Do you use a VSO? Did the VA do the TKR? Why did the VA deny your increase?
  5. It is, but as more and more studies open up and more states open up, the price will come down. I see more and more elderly people that are getting some great relief, and at the same time cussing their doctors for not telling them this stuff works with no side effects.
  6. One size does not fit all on this subject CBD comes in various dosages.......might try using a stronger version.
  7. VA Cola will be on the Dec 31st payment, the SSDI payment will show on the Jan payment date.
  8. Keep in mind that you are the only beneficiary for Medicare, you wife can get it when she turns 65, kids are out and stuck with Champ VA.
  9. I commend your effort, but before you go for anything related to the gold standard, best to check how uncle sucker rates gold as of today. Gold holds it own as it comes to inflation, always has and always will unless you are the gooberment. The CPI was changed under Clinton to skewer and screw those that depended on it, and it ain't gonna change.
  10. CBD is where you need to stay. I have a very good friend who was in a very bad wreck in 2000, the guy who hit him got decapitated and he had a front row seat to this along with 3 months in the hospital having his back rebuilt and neck healing. 4 months ago , he showed me a bottle of CBD he got, as he wanted off the pills he has been on since the accident. Since he started this CBD journey , he said his life has changed as in no more pain pills, not much pain, clear head along with a major decrease in panic attacks to almost nothing. He told me that after 18 years, he feels normal again, something he thought impossible just a short time ago. I have read alot about CBD, this is the one thing that is giving Big Parma the jitters, but the cat is out of the bag and there is no going back, which is good for us that are still walking on this earth.
  11. Yesterday the numbers were released. What I read , it stated we were at 1.7%, but it is what it is. The article went on to say how the CPI has been hijacked since Clinton was in town and the real number this year using the real formula (BC) the COLA would be 5.3%. If the Goverment used "Real" numbers again they could not afford Billion dolla airplanes ,everlasting wars, bailouts and such, while at the same time, being broke. We keep taking one for the team , year over year, but 2% is 2%.
  12. Mine came in on Aug 16. I am listed as static permanent, so that may have something to do with it.
  13. Great info. My number was on the list and I filed the claim online.
  14. Hey Guys and Gals, It's that time of the year, if you are eligible or have received prior, start checking your bank account as the clothing allowance is now being disbursed by the VA.
  15. A big Congrats Broncovet.......A very long time coming, but now you await the reward.
  16. I hope you get everything that the VA owes you. You have fought the fight for a long time now.
  17. I will also add that you stated that you are living off a small SS award. Would that be SSI? If so you might think about filing for War-time service pension from the VA if you fit in the time before VN was called, I am not sure of the date. Just thought I would throw that out there in case you fit the criteria, as the Pension pays more that SSI in most cases.
  18. Something triggered the VA to start paying at the 100% rate. This just does not happen out of the blue, someone had to input that info into the system in order or the extra money to start. It is not uncommon for VA paperwork to be delayed, and Tbird gave you perfect advice. You might be surprised on what you find!
  19. I thought the SSA had developed a program several years ago to help returning Vets who are disabled for a fast track claim under SSDI....Have you sent the VA award to the SS office? Also I would suggest that if you are close to losing your home , you talk to your mortgage company. There are still programs intact that will possibly help you keep your home.
  20. Good info Broncovet. Several years ago we got the big 5% raise. At that time everyone was ecstatic, but the writing was soon on the wall that this increase was doomed long term by the Feds ZIRP policy that killed any further COLA's in the near future.....that came true as we all felt the real pinch that Uncle Sucker does not count in the basket. Thus far we are as you stated on track for a decent increase.....The kicker is this month, next month and Sept, these are the months that really count when you are dealing with Cola's. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this year does not end up like the last 4.
  21. That is good news on the IMO. Did the RO in the decision discuss in anyway the IMO?
  22. My 2 cents. Anyone Vet filing a new claim should Never, Never trust a VA examiner to the right thing. Before the claim is filed, you should already have at the ready an IMO from a board certified doc. Having this would have stopped the 2nd C&P and may on it's face depending on how thorough the opinion, killed the need for a C&P altogether. An IMO automatically starts tipping the scale in the Vets favor. An IMO from a board certified Doc keeps away a faulty C&P, especially when dealing with PA's or VA docs not certified in the area you are claiming. An IMO keeps the weight tilted in your favor if you need to appeal due to a shitty RO that will not read the record. An IMO is money well spent, it is for the Vets benefit, Past , Present , and future, as well as his or her family, not to mention the sanity that will remain intact while he or she goes through the VA maze as the IMO will decrease the time and headache while fighting to get whats due. It's time you get an IMO before you proceed any further.
  23. Clothing allowance starts hitting the banks around the 23 of August. Most get a letter, until the Prosthetic's Dept states that you are Static, then everything is in auto drive yearly. There have been several here that have had to play the game yearly to continue this benefit.
  24. The Louisville RO was once a real crap-shoot to get your claim completed fairly. In my case I had to move mine to the Huntington WV RO to even get the claim started......I won't bore you with the details, but things might have changed over the years, and with Trump throwing down the hammer , you could get a fair shake in round 1. Best of Luck.
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