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  1. Thank you all for the input and comments. I'll circle back at the first of the month and let you all know how it shakes out.
  2. Yeah, it might be worth a call to the VA. I'm somewhat concerned.
  3. See success story here for background: 28 day claim success story Effective dates on all my disabilities are 01 August 2017 (claim submission date), at a combined rating of 90%. Claim was closed out on 29 August 2017. On eBenefits, there is no payment history from the VA as of yet and my bank account agrees! I've received my paper letter from VA with the monthly amount I should expect. Everything aligns between ebenefits and the official letter I received in the mail. My question is, when I should receive compensation, and, if the answer is 01 October, will the amount be 1 month's worth of disability compensation or 2? Thank you!
  4. PWRSLM— thank you very much for your informative response. As it sits now, I'm shell shocked that I got to 90%. I'm going to let it simmer for a week or two before I decide what to do. My gut says take the 90 and feel fortunate that I got it. The zero rating that surprised me the most is the bilateral pes planus (both flat feet). It causes sever pain in my feet and ankle joints and was noted in my medical record for decades and at my C&P exam. I've had to wear insoles to function and it's gotten more painful the past 5 years as noted in my active duty medical record. Even if I got a maximum rating on that, I don't believe it would get me to 95%. I'm not nearly as intelligent on this as most of you. Thanks for responding to my post, I greatly appreciate it!
  5. I've been lurking this forum during my entire last year on active duty, which recently ended. I served well north of 20 years on active duty in the military. I paid attention in TAPS class, especially during the VSO (AMVETS) portion. I took notes. I began seeing my military doctor a year prior to retirement regarding issues I'd concealed and downplayed as not to hold my active duty career at risk (military job required strict medical physicals, high clearance, etc). At the advice of my VSO, I came completely clean from head to toe on all issues to my military doctor. I immediately lost my eligibility for my active duty job in doing this, but it was a calculated decision. I spent the next year fitting in medical appointments while still on active duty. I met with my VSO on three seperate occasions before submitting my claim. I listened to everything he said and followed his council exactly (he recommended I go back to my active duty doctor for clarification on a few issues he discovered in my active duty MTF records). I requested two certified copies of my MTF and it took about two weeks to get them from the hospital (I was still on active duty so I was able to come in every day and apply pressure to the records people). I went through each of the 800 pages of my record with sticky notes and a highlighter before turning them into my VSO (AMVETS) to help him arrange my paperwork. I finally felt that I'd reached the point of submitting my claim, two weeks prior to my last day on active duty. My claim was submitted (in eBenefits) on 01AUG2017, and finalized on 29AUG2017 at the final rating of 90%. According to eBenefits, I was awarded 50, 30, 20, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10 for various issues and a few 0% service connected ratings which surprised me as one of the zeros causes great pain and suffering in my daily life. I just wanted to share my story of going through this process methodically and honestly during my last year on active duty. I'd also like to say that although I feel I have PTSD, I did not claim it as I don't want to lose my firearms or effect any future gainful employment. I know that some of you will say that it would have no effect on my constitutional rights, but I worry about what the laws will be tomorrow, not today. Thank you, E1toO4
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