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    Approved first time SSDI and TDIU. The key was having that VR Feasibility Letter.My son is my life. I enjoy sports and watching my boy grow and become a greater man than me.

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  1. Ddsr

    100% P&T

    Congrats! Benefits include: • At 100% TDIU you have restrictions as to income. • Full healthcare with no copays at 50% or more. • Travel pay at 30% or more. • Dependent's pay at 30% or more. • VR&E at 10% or more. • Base IDs (Exchange/Commissary/MWR) for Veteran and dependents unless you are retired military. • VA dental or with VR&E or SC mouth or jaw injuries. • Possible SSDI (Time Limited!) • S-DVI waiver of $10,000 life insurance at 100% IU or SSDI (Time Limited!) • CHAMPVA (dependent's medical) if you are permanent (P&T) unless you have TriCare. • DEA (dependent's education) if you are permanent (P&T). • Federal student loan forgiveness or with SSDI. • VADIP (VA Dental Insurance Program) for Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare • VADIP (VA Dental Insurance Program) for dependent's if CHAMPVA eligible • Space-A Flights (Cat VI) - Veteran only • Non-VA ER if you are permanent (P&T) • 3 free non-VA Urgent Care visits per calendar year at 50% and above • Check if you are also permanent as in P&T. • Don't forget, you may be reviewed in the future! Keep all your doctors informed of every rated conditions! • Hearing aids and eye exams and glasses are included with VA Healthcare. • Here is a link to all the federal benefits. https://benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/derivative_sc.asp • Don't forget each state has benefits also and may include tax exemptions, tuition waiver and more. Here is a link but check your state VA website for more details. https://www.va.gov/statedva.htm
  2. http://vcag.info/How_to_Understand_Your_VA_Claims_File_C-File?fbclid=IwAR1geIb2OwcG4CUysB94onoNJCySpyQi9f0QZ7ol6SV4KMhyRYONN-GGlf8
  3. Get that Feasibility Letter Ocean as soon as possible. Go down to that counselor that told you he would write that letter and motivate him to get that done. I did the same thing and SSDI approved first try. Good Luck.
  4. Try for FREE to have Voc Rehab evaluate you. If they deny you then have them write up a Feasibility Letter. I did this exact process and submitted that letter with my IU claim and my SSDI claim. Been SSDI and TDIU for awhile now.
  5. Not a nexus letter. The physician MUST state that he or she reviewed the Veteran's Service Treatment Records or their C-File. This may be new but it is not relevant so it cannot be used with a Supplemental Claim. This is a verification of the condition but not a nexus to his service. All based on his own recollections while in the military.
  6. Show me a picture or scan of the nexus letter. I can tell you if it is relevant.
  7. Open a claim, expect to be reviewed.
  8. He helped me to become 100%. I am now working to become a claims agent because of how much I have learned.
  9. As long as you are keeping your VA updated on your IBS that will be helpful. I am willing to help you with any claims and there are very helpful other members here that can also help. Do you have a MyEhealth account? And do you have Ebenefits account? I agree that is tough not being able to have access to a VSO.
  10. Ddsr

    New 21-2680

    Wow jfrei that is very quick. I guess they are getting much more efficient.
  11. Bronco many times the info is in the E-Benefits before we get the BBL would you say this is true most of the time?
  12. I was given 30% for IBS. I had records of going to the VA for about 20 years reporting the issues with IBS. It is important to keep going to the VA and having your PCP updating your issues. These notes are looked at during claims. You can also view the notes your PCP or any other Dr. at the VA puts into the system by having a MyEhealth account.
  13. I am posting the status of George Donovan here in this group for all who knew him. He was like a father to me. I love him like family. I asked his daughter if it would be ok to post about what George Donovan's status currently is. I know that I do not have all of the answers to help my fellow Veteran's, but I promised George Donovan aka DGastone that I would pass on what he gave to me and to do my best. I will always continue to do this. I was brushing up on as much as I could the past couple of years and now feel I can be of some assistance. I get a lot of rebuttle but that is ok I WILL NEVER GIVE UP GEORGE. Anyways the following is what Mr. George Donovan's daughter told me, and she said it was fine to share with you members that know him. Hi Daniel, my Dad is hanging in there. They went to a more aggressive form of chemo (through a mesh cap on his skull) so he is pretty confused these days, but the tumor has shrunk some so that's a positive. Your kind words and prayers mean a lot. He always talked about you guys, he loves all of you so much.
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