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    Approved first time SSDI and TDIU. The key was having that VR Feasibility Letter.My son is my life. I enjoy sports and watching my boy grow and become a greater man than me.

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  1. Thanks for the 5,10,20 post. That is great information!

  2. That was a successful dispute used in an HLR by an agent.
  3. Thank You TBIRD maybe that way I wont have the same people being negative as to everything I post in attempt to help others.
  4. I have maximum for IBS. I am a Gulf Veteran and upon discharge I continued for 20 years telling the VA about stomach issues. Nothing was ever documented in service on IBS but I filed for IBS and was granted maximum. Hopefully you have been letting the VA know about your stomach issues since discharge. File for it and good luck.
  5. Protected Work Environment (AKA Sheltered Work Environment) for TDIU: What does it actually mean? If you are TDIU (Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability or IU), you are limited in how much income you can have from employment. That limit is called "marginal employment" and is the Federal Poverty Level for a single person and is currently $13,300/yr or $1,118/mo GROSS. Marginal employment comes into play when a veteran is seeking TDIU, a VA disability benefit available to veterans whose service-connected disabilities make them unable to work. TDIU compensates veterans
  6. Doctor's Letter Head Date: Subject: Medical history of Mr. Veteran Reference: C-File # and/or Social Security Number To the Department of Veterans Affairs: I am the primary care provider for Mr. Veteran. In my capacity as a primary care provider, I have cared for Mr. Veteran since 01/07/20xx. While I've provided care for Mr. Veteran, I've become familiar with his active duty medical history from 07/24/19xx to 08/07/19xx and from VA medical records from 19xx to present, past and present ailments and I've reviewed pertinent parts of his milit
  7. VA Individual Unemployability Tips For Filling Out the VA Form 8940.pdf
  8. file:///C:/Users/dantr/Documents/VA Individual Unemployability Tips For Filling Out the VA Form 8940.pdf
  9. PRIVACY ACT REQUEST VIA FACSIMILE & CERTIFIED MAIL (Return Receipt Requested) DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS CLAIMS INTAKE CENTER PO BOX 4444 JANESVILLE, WI 53547-4444 -or- Fax to: TOLL FREE: 844-531-7818 July 15, 2018 RE: PRIVACY ACT REQUEST Veteran: Name VA File No (SSN): xxx-xx-xxxx Veteran Social Security #: xxx-xx-xxxx To Whom it May Concern: This is a request for documents under the Privacy Act,
  10. file:///C:/Users/dantr/Downloads/The Nexus Letter - An Explanation and Example.pdf
  11. P&T (Permanent & Total) Status • You can be 100% IU (Individual Unemployability or TDIU) with or without P&T status • You can be 100% schedular with or without P&T status. • You must be either 100% schedular or 100% IU to be P&T. That is what the 'T' is for (Total) • P&T=Permanent & Total which gives you no future reviews (unless you request one by filing a new compensation claim or filing for an increase) and more benefits for dependents including dependent education assistance (Chapter 35) and if not Tricare eligible, healthcare through CHAMPVA.
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