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    Approved first time SSDI and TDIU. The key was having that VR Feasibility Letter.My son is my life. I enjoy sports and watching my boy grow and become a greater man than me.

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  1. post Deleted requests for fund raising are not allowed. there are organizations where you may qualify for a free service dog. I went through duo dogs in St. Louis and paid nothing for my dog.
  2. Ddsr


    Fellow Vets. Be careful when you put in for Special Monthly Compensation. I put in for TMJ and it never was filed under SMC. It was filed as a new claim but I attempted to file the claim on E-Benefits using SMC and well it was not put in as SMC. I was granted 10% TMJ which did not increase and no retro. I am now trying to appeal it, or let me rephrase that. I am sending a notice along with form 0995 as supplemental stating there was an error in filing. We shall see.
  3. Dawson please do yourself a favor and get a Voc Rehab Denial Letter. That letter submitted with a TDIU claim is the key. I see you were denied, now apply for Chapter 31 and upon interview tell them all the issues with maintaining employment. If you are truly TDIU then the counselor will deny you into the program and in return supply you with a Feasibility Letter stating you are not able to maintain any feasible employment. Submit that letter with your appeal.
  4. Ddsr


    I am not sure what your meaning by what I was awarded. I posted what I was awarded in my original post. ED does not have a rating. I filed under secondary as I am already TDIU, no need to file new claim going forward as that will only open me up to being re evaluated for all my SC, which is not smart.
  5. Ddsr


    I have a question for you knowledgeable Hadit Vets. I am TDIU. I put in for ED under Secondary. I was awarded the SMC-K no rating as ED has no rating. I then put in for TMJ and Bruxism. My question is why was it awarded with a percentage? I thought all secondary claims go under SMC? I absolutely want nothing to do with filing a new claim separate from SMC. I am already 100 and only want to put in secondary issues if needed. So the main question is do some secondary claims filed receive a percentage?
  6. That feasibility letter is Golden when applying for TDIU. Use that letter with your claim. Also apply for SSDI and submit that letter to SSDI with the claim.
  7. Tomorrow afternoon is my C&P for Bruxism and TMJ. It is being done by QTC. We shall see how it goes. My teeth are bad so good luck to them. Pain and little teeth suck
  8. Wait no more my friend
  9. Applied for SAH. Submitted EBennie 6-11-19
  10. Will do. I am seeing my updated status looks like i will be approved for 3 grants. I would tell other P&T vets to apply if they own a home. The VA writes the SHA to appear only vets who are blind or without a limb to only be the qualification for SHA approval. I put in for the SHA anyways which is worth the try since I am P&T. THIS IS THE STATUS Specially Adapted Housing Entitlement Maximum grants allowed: 3 Grants used so far: 0 Maximum grant amount allowed: 17130 (AH Type Grant) or 85645 (PH Type Grant) Grant amount used so far: 0.0 Grant amount remaining: Max Current rating code: Not Assigned Currently Active Grant Grant Number: N\/A Reference Number: 190691 Application Date: Recent Status: Waiting for the Veteran Service Center to provide rating information.
  11. I am P&T and a decision is about to be made.
  12. Curious has anyone been approved SHA while TDIU?
  13. Ddsr


    Finally getting C&P done on both TMJ and Bruxism. Of course it is going to be done by QTC. BULLSHIT. Anyways when its completed it will all be worth it.
  14. Never chance going for scheduler. Once you do that it opens everything up to be re-evaluated. I am told that usually a vet loses the TDIU. Not worth it. Here is a suggestion that i use. If you want to increase pay file for SMK. Sure it is only an extra 109 a month but it does not open you up for re-evals. Many vets make the mistake by going for scheduler only to lose the TDIU. If you have been TDIU for 10 years I would encourage to study hard on the facts. Many things come into factor to protect your TDIU such as age etc. etc. I would not worry about it and enjoy life.
  15. Thanks for the info. Im still waiting to get an appointment. Not sure what the heck is the hold up. Im about to contact my Regional to get an answer.
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