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  1. Ddsr

    College Degree Myth

    Hello Ham. See I did it man. Got that 100% and P&T. I am fine with that. Good to know the VA looked at the proof and fact that I cannot work. I will remain at ease for the duration of life. No risking losing my PTIU for nothing.
  2. Sailorman. It was extremely helpful for me to call Regional and speak with the OIC for your VSO services. I did this not even having a VSO, although I am American Legion I called Regional and spoke with him and this made a huge difference. He actually called me this morning to tell me I was approved. This before I have received the BBL or Ebenefits showing approval, or any monetary received.
  3. Ddsr

    P&T MH

    Yes that is correct. A letter written from a Voc Rehab Counselor stating veteran is not able to maintain feasible employment. Feasibility Letter.
  4. Ddsr

    P&T MH

    Man im already on everything. SSDI approved 3 months ago. My son also gets paid from ssdi claim. So now I am 100 PT and SSDI. Doing very well financially now.
  5. Ddsr

    P&T MH

    Thank You for the blessings Buck. Lets just say the Power of the Voc Rehab Feasibility Letter along with good DBQ and employment problems is golden. It does not matter in my opinion what education age etc. etc. one is. Also Mental Health IU does not mean one will be believed to improve as my award has proven that. Many Veterans believe this as well. Bless all and I will continue to fight on for my fellow veterans to never give up if you struggle with mental health issues. Put in that claim, and for goodness sakes get a Vocational Rehab Opinon. THAT IS GOLDEN ALWAYS!
  6. Ddsr

    College Degree Myth

    UPDATE: I was just awarded 100% P&T. Let no one deter you Veterans.
  7. Ddsr

    P&T MH

    I am posting this to encourage other vets. I was just awarded P&T 100 IU for Mental Health. I have been told you will not get P&T for Mental Health. I have also been told due to my recent graduation of Voc Rehab prior to my IU claim, which I submitted due to receiving a Feasibility Letter upon graduation, that I would most likely be denied IU. Do not let anything stop you if you cannot maintain feasibility. Apply especially if you receive a Feasiblity Letter from Voc Rehab. I want to thank Gastone from this site. Hadit.com has been a tremendous blessing. Bless all. I am going to enjoy finally owning a home.
  8. Ddsr


    Buck no they say it is stated correctly. LOL. They say it clearly shows the 25% off for dependents are only for active duty. Again that is not how I read it but oh well right.
  9. Ddsr


    I spoke with management today. They were not understanding my confusion. When I read the posting i read it as Veterans and veterans dependents all get the 25% off. At least that is how I read it.
  10. As a Veteran yesterday I went to a waterpark with the family. I was very unimpressed with how this business advertises there Military/Veteran discounts. When I read this it is amazing to me that this business has been running for 45 years with not ONE other Veteran addressing this. At least that is what the business states. I am posting this for others to read and please can other vets tell me what you believe it states? military/veteran discount ADMISSION Active Duty - FREE - We thank you for your service! Military Dependents - 25% off General Admission Veterans - 25% off General Admission Only available for purchase at the park Must present valid military ID to receive discount
  11. Ddsr


    So far my IU Claim has been to 4 different regions. Lets see how many more before it is decided. LOL
  12. Ddsr

    College Degree Myth

    Also funny thing is I was not looking for any of this, it all happened then I talked with other members of hadit that suggested i talk with VR Counselor to communicate what was going on with me. I did this then was told the VR Feasibility Letter is Golden evidence and to submit that and apply for IU. Since I have been terminated from another employer prior to the IU claim, as well as my IBS and depression causing havoc both which are SC. Forward to today, I almost wish I had not even put in for the IU as it is all making me feel even more anxiety and depression due to me worrying about it all. I felt like it was being laid at my feet to submit IU, to get better and take care of myself and son, but now I am feeling that that plan along with the VR letter is all a bunch of bullshit. Either it is all strong proof which I did not ask to be the way I am, or all of this evidence is xxxxxxx bullshit right! I am venting just very stressed about it all. Hope it is over soon.
  13. Ddsr

    College Degree Myth

    I understand all of what everyone is saying, i also agree. My point is I have the VR Letter submitted with the claim, SSDI awarded and I have Doctor Opinion from that stating I cannot maintain employment, as well as a current psych doctor statements nexus she is going to write me. All of this is very strong proof of current SC Depression State. I am waiting for the decision that should be very soon. If not approved I will submit the SSDI evidence as well as the current psych nexus statement.
  14. Ddsr

    College Degree Myth

    Buck I already stated I have the VR Feasibility Letter submitted with my IU claim. I already have been given the increase. The IU will be decided within the next month
  15. Ddsr

    College Degree Myth

    Yes very true. Just to be clear let me say again UPON Graduation of Voc Rehab that is when I sat down with VRC and discussed my current MH and my VRC then checked my medical and decided I was at this time not able to maintain feasible employment. My VRC did not give me a letter and then i continued on VR.

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