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  1. Ddsr

    Ms KNG

    As anywhere Buck, this group site will show those bad seeds that only know Bullshit. Fellow Vets search seek and work, this will lead you to those on this site as well as others which know what they are talking about. There is much bad advice, so, be very careful and research who you listen too. Bless all and good luck to all of us fellow Vets, even those who blindly lead others into lies and discouragement.
  2. Ddsr

    Ms KNG

    I agree George should absolutely, without a doubt be a VSO.
  3. Ddsr


    Hamslice my man. Now this is what I call an answer to my question. Thank You. I got a white letter today saying as you stated I filed for IU and of course there is also attempts automatically they check for possible increase to conditions. Well had C&P already for both conditions and were increased last week and the white envelope states that as well as the IU in deferred. So I was confused as to what they meant by deferred (Medical Opinion). But I did figure as you state that it is nothing on my part. I also do believe I will be getting another C&P specifically for the IU. So now Im good to go and will keep checking on status. E BENNIES reads gathering of evidence with decision date in 2 months. So yeah i figured it just meant that the VA is still doing the work on the IU claim. THANK YOU HAMSLICE
  4. Ddsr


    I will need to seek a psych on the outside. Hope soon I will be able to do that and go from there.
  5. Ddsr


    Ok so as of now I need to wait until it is decided? I am hearing you say there is nothing I can do while it is in deferral right?
  6. Ddsr


    I am about to be getting a decision on my SSDI soon as well. I am told by a former SSDI claim adjuster that my claim is most likely going to be approved. Mine is currently in administrative review, which he tells me is 90% of Admin Reviews are for approvals.
  7. Ddsr


    Your story sounds exactly like mine. I am surprised you were denied initially. I talk with other vets that tell me with that VR Feasibility Letter it is almost always approved. Let me ask you this. Will the Deferred IU just continue to stagnate? What am I to expect with that? Do I just do nothing? Not Appeal or Reconsideration?
  8. Ddsr


    Bronco. I have a Voc Rehab Opinion I submitted with my IU claim. I have nexus statements. It might be SS though I have also applied for SSDI. But can you answer this? The employer has refused to respond. I have sent all correspondence to this issue I have everything including the voc rehab feasibility letter. There is nothing else I could possibly submit unless they want me to do another c&p for IU. I have done a C&P for increases but not one specifically for IU. Will there be a decision made eventually? Or do I need to appeal or reconsider as a decision will not be made?
  9. Ddsr


    I respect your opinion. Here is the deal. I am told and I also read that a decision will indeed be made regarding the IU at some point. The question is what proof still does the VA need. I already have medical evidence showing my depression has been at the point where I cannot maintain feasible employment. I also submitted a Voc Rehab Feasibility Letter stating I cannot complete the program due to not able to maintain feasible employment. I have been doing counseling at VA and when I ask my PCP and MH to give me a statement regarding unemployability they all just try and pawn that on someone else. Well, anyways I will decide from here if I will appeal. Thanks
  10. Ddsr


    I have been increased one condition, the others stay the same. But the IU Deferred due to Medical Opinion. Does this mean eventually a decision will be made?
  11. Ddsr

    Increase in SC

    I am showing an increase in one of my SC conditions on E-Benefits as when I opened IU claim they also evaluate SC for increases before IU decision. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive retro back pay for this increase? I am owed 4 months at this point.
  12. If awarded IU with no PT what health benefits are dependents eligible for if any? Would ChampVa be available, or is it only for P&T TDIU?
  13. I agree totally. I just wanted to get the info out as It will in the end bite the VA in the ass hopefully. Just another attempt to try and put them in a bright light as they are helping vets as much as possible. LOL

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