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  1. Pockets

    Are we finally being heard?

    Evidence~Absolutely 100% ! That's why I suggested we start with the Basics: Those that have admitted their crimes! edited to say: my bad. I have two post and was thinking it was one. My suggesting may have gone unnoticed. Some of us knew exactly what to do. Some of us were failed by our people. Some of were failed by superiors. Some of us were failed by the system. #Someofus needed help! psst~ did I hashtag properly?
  2. Pockets

    Are we finally being heard?

    Article 128, UCMJ, Aggravated Assault is modified to include strangulation and suffocation as a means to commit aggravated assault. It doesn't go into effect until January 2019 under the NDAA FY2019. I guess until then it will fall under the guise of ignorance? but yeah~ I think they are starting to listen. I
  3. https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/12/10/retired-army-2-star-arrested-in-virginia-on-rape-incest-charges-that-were-dismissed-by-military-judge/ Whooop Whooop for Virginia.. I believe my drill sergeant had his re-enlistment blocked for abusing his recruits but he was promoted before he retired and this article gives me inspiration for my next letter writing campaign. I believe I should be able to CUE his retirement. Especially if he admitted his wrong doing at the time! I pray we see more justice for those that have been denied!!!
  4. oh~ well maybe I said this wrong. I know the NVSP has their own lawyers but in my case, they agreed to take my case pro bono and hold power of attorney. But I'm represented by a lawyer in a firm that also has a power of attorney. NOt sure how it works but the way I understand it the NVLSP actually maintains my power of attorney. The VA has the lawyer with a firm listed as my representation not the NVLSP. I hope that makes sense. When I asked about RAMP the lawyer did not recommend me to go that route and from what I understood it was discussed with NVLSP. When I get upset I write them both. So~I don't want it to sound like the lawyers at NVLSP are representing me. If that is what it sounded like, I apologize. I don't share very well so I'm not always clear. NVLSP holds power of attorney but my lawyer work with another firm. I did write my lawyer about this topic. I asked if I qualify taking out all MST and just dealing with trauma. He said he'd check into things and get back with me later this week.
  5. Wow~ I guess I'm a freaking idiot because none of this makes sense to me. I hear what everyone is saying but it is not what I have experienced. I must be a misunderstanding. At this point, I hope I don't qualify because wow...This information hurts. I feel so betrayed. I think i'll ask my lawyer. KC~ Best of luck in your healing.
  6. I don't understand how anyone can lie about being involved in an investigation. I don't understand how the VA didn't learn he was in another country when one suicide happened. I know exactly where I am in the investigation that I was a part of but the information reads like I was questioned off base when fact is, I was picked up in full uniform, on base driving the vehicle of a soldier that was found murdered. Obviously it was a chaotic scene but I was escorted to the MP station where I "chatted" with a friendly MP until Civilian Detectives arrived to inform me of my friends murder. So, I know CID reports can be misleading but I don't know how a person can lie and claim to be in an investigation and not be in the investigation. My sarcasm is screaming to mention that the CID report I received from my friends mother is redacted but my name does slip through a few years later in the investigation when someone was talking about she and I being roommates. Maybe I should have sent that to the VA but I didn't want to promote that misinformation either. We were roommates prior to her murder but not for the last several months. I guess what I am saying is VA doesn't investigate any better than the Army. That's a shame because I was really hoping otherwise.
  7. I understand what you are saying but i'm telling you the VA has denied me medical and mental health services. I was honorble discharged. I was using the VA mental health services under the MST program before my claim was denied. After my claim was denied my Mental Health appointments were canceled. The VA is telling me I don't qualify for services. Maybe this is why the NVLSP took my case?
  8. I"m just trying to explain that in spit of the link you posted I don't qualify and I am a veteran with an honorable discharge.
  9. This minimum duty requirement may not apply if any of these are true. You: Were discharged for a disability that was caused—or made worse—by your active-duty service, or Were discharged for a hardship or “early out,” or Served prior to September 7, 1980 This explains my circumstance. I had no idea. I don't qualify because I got out after my childhood friend and co-enlistee was raped tortured and murdered. hmm I think I read that wrong. I shouldn't have to have minimum because of my hardship? I don't know. At first I was thinking it disqualified me because I got out early? I don't know. makes no difference at this point. I'm a little more than two years into my appeal with the DRO. Last month they said it was in the final stages of review but nothing has changed on vets.gov or ebennies. I figure this will all be settled when my claim is settled. BUT I had no idea. I did think a person had to be combat vet or something to make them qualify. Maybe they were just hoping i'd go away. I just want to add when Obama care came out the Military did send me the paperwork to apply for VA medical and they said I didn't qualify as well. But maybe that's because the DOD was not acknowledging my married name? I was under the impression at that time my husband made too much money. that was before I went to the VA.
  10. They say if your non combat issues are related to Military Sexual Trauma (MST) then you can receive free services for those issues. I was told I qualified for MST services but they charged my insurance an emergency room visit as well as a mental health office visit but I think they were preparing for me to be a liar. I was not billed for what my insurance wasn't paying but I started complaining about the first one so maybe that helped. Eventually, they refunded most of the money to my insurance and what they didn't was probably a fair amount for the services I received. After I was denied service connection they canceled my appointments. When I went to register at the VAMC which I had to do before I could see a mental health specialist they also asked about finances and he told me I didn't qualify. He said they'd charge me about a thousand dollars if I went to my therapy session and he didn't care what the MST coordinator said. He was obviously on to something but it did get worked out. I say go and register at the VAMC and see what happens. Maybe you'll get in but be prepared to pay an emergency room visit as well as a mental health office visit if you don't qualify. I was only in for about 34 months in the 80's. being a vet isn't enough to get services.
  11. Pockets

    What qualifies for MST?

    Please~ forgive me for my babbling. The coward in me starts to ramble facts when I'm in danger of voicing my opinion. I was wrong to bring that here. Instead, I should have said I'd like to CUE my Drill sergeants retirement.(:
  12. I woke up this morning thinking it's been 34 years since I was put on that bus to Aberdeen proving grounds leaving Ft. Dix NJ where I learned the odds were against me. but I also think, I knew then, its Mrs. Krashoc's birthday; today I'm not so sure. I'm trying to keep it moving but I started to wonder why people say never give up for Veteran disabilities but they tell you to move on, get over it, and to forgive when seeking justice in the criminal courts. It's baffling, to say the least. (i know someone wanting to prove they are a better person than I will want to lecture me on this thought process but please give me a minute) I hate to be ignorant but I've never been raped and even so, I thought I qualified. But not until I started thinking the ends will justify the means. Sometimes I"m so ashamed. My drill sergeant was a walking hard-on and had a hard time accepting my lack of interest. In the end, he got me alone and called me to Attention to talk about my destruction but he didn't put his hands on me. I didn't think I'd be so lucky the next time so when I ended up on the schedule to be his CQ runner, I declined! Come to find out~ he was a busy abuser! The Company Commander tried to talk us out of filing a complaint but I had no interest in "pretending it didn't happen". A few days before graduation, I was marched up to Battalion to file my complaint. A few years later, Darlene Krashoc was found raped, tortured, and murdered in what the Army deemed a "Non-Hostile Event". I'm guessing it's because we were serving in a time a peace and we were on American soil. The VA is no better than the forces that send us there. So~ I ask, What is MST? Would it make a difference if I told you Darlene and I grew up together and joined the service together? I wouldn't want to exaggerate the situation so I"ll be honest and let you know we didn't meet until the 8th grade. I was told the VA would investigate my claim if I filed one but I'm not sure they did. They declined my claim and when I showed up to my therapy session my Appointments with the psychiatrist and psychologist were canceled. The clerk let me know I could only be seen for MST. 17 days shy of two years since the VA received my Notice of Disagreement for a DRO review and still, no C&P.
  13. Didn't they go back and review old MST claims back in 2015 0r 1016 because they weren't processing the claims properly or something like that? I wonder if they are making the same mistakes.
  14. Pockets

    This could happen to you

    I had a little more than 18 months but never heard about the early release. I just wanted out of the state but it was easier to put me out than transfer me. it was easier to play stupid with me out of the picture. Years later they came to talk to me and was pissed to learn who I was. WTF. Sneaky is a bit of a compliment if you ask me but I'm a bit jaded. I wish you luck!
  15. Pockets

    This could happen to you

    I served in a time of "peace" and fear my sentiments will be lost but I had to respond. There are times when the army is so accommodating it's sickning. All I had to do was write a letter and they let me out. Hell~ they even gave me a good conduct medal on the way out. It's my badge of shame!

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