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  1. It's been a little more than two years since the VA has received my NOD for a DRO review. I think the average is about 260 days or around 9 months but I believe it depends on the RO. I am out of Roanoke. I started to get the impression that I'm failing myself so in September I decided to give them a monthly reminder. I am hoping they read my statement when I call? In October I went through the chat and was told it's in the final review but I didn't know what that meant until I called on December the 28th. Apparently, final review means I'm a liar because it hasn't been touched since it was received November 18, 2016.
  2. I'm starting to get the impression you're angry because no one believes you were raped. You're claiming you took a stand back then but you don't have proof. I won't apologize for taking my stand and having witnesses. You can continue to nag about my response but that won't change my opinion on your ignorance. Not only do I feel violated, I created a facebook page about it and it looks like your reading my mind. I absolutely hope other people follow suit: Men as well as women. Trying to beat me down will not make your claim more believable. It just doesn't work that way.
  3. As of August this past year the VA was still proving to process MST claims improperly.https://cck-law.com/news/va-mishandled-military-sexual-trauma-mst-claims-va-oig-reports/ If you are denied or low balled please don't take it personally. It isn't easy but I doubt it's easy for those that were approved the first time around. Its hard tapping into those old emotions while trying to get strangers to understand the destruction. It's hard no matter what but some of us are required to fight longer and we are not alone.
  4. My question was vague. I was running with emotions and I guess I owe you an apology for not being clear and giving your an 8-week play by play? That girl was a soldier in the United States Army and she was murdered . Her name is Darlene Krashoc. Specialist Krahoc or Krash. If you wish to compare the difference between my childhood friend to the friends you have lost on the battlefield then perhaps you allow me to courtesy or knowing their names.
  5. I'm from Maryland but Aberdeen was so freaking cold in the winter. That bay is what makes Maryland the best place for blue crab. yummy
  6. I was on my way out in November. I'd like to believe he was never in a position to abuse anyone again but I have my doubts.
  7. you minimizing my abuse to being hit on is about as ignorant as your therapist calling your rape a sexual encounter.
  8. I guess this is where I get confused. There must be markers. I do not disagree with that. There must be something to show something was going on but I do not believe ANY therapist it qualified to determine if MST has occurred. These are old crimes and should be handled as such. I have had no markers in my file but the crimes can NOT be denied. Does anyone know what it does to a victim to hear a mental health professional doesn't believe their MST occurred. It's one thing to be denied PTSD but to deny their experience can push someone away from treatment. If the military didn't believe them years ago and ow the therapist are not believing them, wher are they to go? The VA are silencing our victims with their backhanded ways and it's disgusting. There are several mst victims here that have received disability and some will tell us how easy it was to get. There are plenty of us out here that have proof, markers, and are still being denied. That is why the VA is looking over old MST claims. I"m sorry ArmyMajor I'll back out now. I just get to irked when I read "This examination is being conducted to assist with determining whether the Veteran experienced an in-service personal assault stressor related to military sexual trauma (MST) that has resulted in a current PTSD diagnosis." Maybe if we stopped having psychologist determine if a crime has been committed we can get down to helping these veterans.
  9. there are no medical records to show my drill sgt harassed me for weeks before stepping up his abuse and me filing a complaint. There is nothing in my str to show my childhood friend and co-enlistee was raped, tortured, and murdered. I was out in less than three months after her murder. I guess I'd raise all kinds of hell if I received a C&P like this. The VA needs to hand over investigation reports if they want a psychologist to determine if military sexual trauma has occurred. I know enough about the VA to make me wonder why so many people fight for mental health services with them. But my last psychologist isn't with them anymore. She said things like "the client who wishes to be called" as if I'm a liar and in the end, she proved herself to be a liar. I"m not saying that's why she left the VA but she shouldn't have been there and I'm glad she is no longer working with our Veterans. It doesn't look good with the C&P but hopefully they will grant you depression if nothing else. It's a start and hopefully acknowledging your trauma will give you strength to continue your fight. It seems to me the people working with you longest would be give more weight than someone who met with you for an hour but I don't think that's the way it works. Best of luck to you ArmyMajor I came back to add.. I know there are plenty of abused veterans that didn't file a complaint. There were a few more abused my our drill sergeant but the company commander talked them out of filing a report. That is what the MST program is supposed to be about but if they won't acknowledge investigations than how can we expect them to help those that were too scared to take their stand? those that sought help and then abused and/or ignored by the system? Psychologist have no business looking at records to decide if a veteran is a liar or not. Especially when the VA fails to hand over all evidence. Remember these victims had to ask permission to go to sick call. many were denied basic human rights and the MST program is a good start but it is still failing many.
  10. WHAT? Your company commander wrote a statement and that is normal protocol? I don't like to share my ignorance but Wow. I had no idea. From this thread that sounds like normal protocol. I'm going to do some research but thanks for this info. I can't believe I didn't know. I figured my statement would be there but I never thought my company commander would have to file a statement. I wonder if he did. HOw long has this been going on. I realize some commanders are failures in many things but it seems to me my commander would have been encouraged to file one since I filed a statement with battalion. I'm not saying he did. I'm just saying i'd love to read his opinion on my lack of cooperation with being abused. Hope you find what your looking for.
  11. I can only assume the VA believed you enough to give service connection. Victims are now receiving benefits for crimes that were never investigated; that's a change. I believe the MST program is a lot of lip service for men as well as women but every little bit helps and it helps some of those done wrong. I've been denied service connection but I do know a little about military investigations. A day or two after another drill sergeant learned about my claims against another drill sergeant, I was sent to the company commanders office and when I got there, I learned I wasn't alone. I never knew they were questioning others. Our company commander tried to intimidate us into silence but I was too scared to play that "pretend" and my platoon mates were too scared not to. At Battalion, I was asked if I thought blocking his re-enlistment would be punishment. I just wanted him kept away from me. I was told If he didn't agree with his punishment than he would be given a polygraph and one of us would be court-martialed. It sounded like I'd be court-martialed if he passed his polygraph. I never heard from them so I figured he accepted his punishment. He says he retired with a promotion. I believe he retired wearing that drill sergeant badge but I don't know if it was before or after I received my hardship discharge. A few years after basic training I was picked up on base driving Darlene Krashoc's vehicle. She was found murdered earlier that morning and it took CID 23 years to talk to me. But it wasn't enough time for them to learn we were friends a few years before joining the service together. For many years, I thought Darlene's murder would have been solved if she was a male but I was young and didn't realize we are all being abused. male and female. So, I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure an investigation would have helped you. But maybe the Marine would have done a better job than the Army. Some changes are small but, hopefully, they will keep others from going through the hell you are now experiencing. Everyone that speaks out is part of the change. You are part of the change yourself by filing for service connection and sharing your story. We all travel at our own pace and have different needs but I hope you continue to speak up about your mistreatment. I wish you the best in your healing.
  12. Evidence~Absolutely 100% ! That's why I suggested we start with the Basics: Those that have admitted their crimes! edited to say: my bad. I have two post and was thinking it was one. My suggesting may have gone unnoticed. Some of us knew exactly what to do. Some of us were failed by our people. Some of were failed by superiors. Some of us were failed by the system. #Someofus needed help! psst~ did I hashtag properly?
  13. Article 128, UCMJ, Aggravated Assault is modified to include strangulation and suffocation as a means to commit aggravated assault. It doesn't go into effect until January 2019 under the NDAA FY2019. I guess until then it will fall under the guise of ignorance? but yeah~ I think they are starting to listen. I
  14. https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/12/10/retired-army-2-star-arrested-in-virginia-on-rape-incest-charges-that-were-dismissed-by-military-judge/ Whooop Whooop for Virginia.. I believe my drill sergeant had his re-enlistment blocked for abusing his recruits but he was promoted before he retired and this article gives me inspiration for my next letter writing campaign. I believe I should be able to CUE his retirement. Especially if he admitted his wrong doing at the time! I pray we see more justice for those that have been denied!!!
  15. oh~ well maybe I said this wrong. I know the NVSP has their own lawyers but in my case, they agreed to take my case pro bono and hold power of attorney. But I'm represented by a lawyer in a firm that also has a power of attorney. NOt sure how it works but the way I understand it the NVLSP actually maintains my power of attorney. The VA has the lawyer with a firm listed as my representation not the NVLSP. I hope that makes sense. When I asked about RAMP the lawyer did not recommend me to go that route and from what I understood it was discussed with NVLSP. When I get upset I write them both. So~I don't want it to sound like the lawyers at NVLSP are representing me. If that is what it sounded like, I apologize. I don't share very well so I'm not always clear. NVLSP holds power of attorney but my lawyer work with another firm. I did write my lawyer about this topic. I asked if I qualify taking out all MST and just dealing with trauma. He said he'd check into things and get back with me later this week.
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