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  1. Thanks Pete! This is outrageous and I sure hope he can find some answers before his C&P exam! :( Grace
  2. Thanks Ruby, I've never heard of the 55 regulation and I will tell him about it. I'll also try to find it in the 38 cfr regs. Grace
  3. Can anyone tell me if once your rated 100% P&T is there any reason why a Veterans record would be looked at by the VA????? :( IF there has been no new claims, not IU, no home address change, or any calls to the VA to ask a question? I can't for the life of me think of any reason why a veteran would be on the VA radar screen. The reason I ask this question is because this veteran is a friend of my husbands who just received a letter for a C&P exam and he is freaking out. I know anything is possible with the VA but can anyone think of why a veteran who is 100% permanent and total have to go through a C&P exam . Forgot to mention he is 58 years old and the 100% is not fora mental condition. I just assumed once you have been rated 100% P&T your file is filed away. :) Thanks for any help! Justme
  4. YIKES!! Not sure what is going on with my posts?? Is there a way to correct it? Thank you, Justme
  5. if (typeof YAHOO == "undefined") { var YAHOO = {};}YAHOO.Shortcuts = YAHOO.Shortcuts || {};YAHOO.Shortcuts.hasSensitiveText = false;YAHOO.Shortcuts.sensitivityType = [];YAHOO.Shortcuts.doUlt = false;YAHOO.Shortcuts.location = "us";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_id = 0;YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_type = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_title = "(no subject)";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_publish_date = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_author = "Italgal49@aol.com";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_url = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_tags = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_language = "english";YAHOO.Shortcuts.annotationSet = {"lw_1239382612_0": {"text": "back issues","extended": 0,"startchar": 277,"endchar": 287,"start": 277,"end": 287,"extendedFrom": "","predictedCategory": "","predictionProbability": "0","weight": 0.453861,"relScore": 2.09544,"type": ["shortcuts:/concept"],"category": ["CONCEPT"],"wikiId": "Just_Shoot_Me%21","relatedWikiIds": [],"relatedEntities": [],"showOnClick": [],"context": "different medications and recently has been prescribed Tramadol 50 for back issues. He usually takes 2 a day and his prescription is","metaData": {"visible": "false"} }};YAHOO.Shortcuts.headerID = "e3a81aa2044dea4fa51341639fd24ac2";My husband is on 10 different medications and recently has been prescribed Tramadol 50 for back issues.He usually takes 2 a day and his prescription is for 120 pills. All his other meds have refills on them except for the tramadol. I'm just wondering if anyone else on this drug has to call every time youneed a refill. Is this how the VA handles pain medications ? Thank You,Justme
  6. Sorry Pete, I don't have an answer to any of your questions but I'm going to post the last response I recieved from the Sponsor of the Bill Rep.Ron Stephens. I sent him an e-mail and question the status of the HB0273 here is his answer "Mrs.***** Thank you for your support of HB0273. This bill is still in committee. You might consider contacting Representative John Bradley, chair of the Revenue and Finance Committee as well as Speaker Madigan. I appreciate your viewpoint and invite your continued interest and comments on various matters that will come before the legislature." Ron Stephens State Representative – 102nd District Assistant Republican Leader So I did write to Rpreentatives Bradley and Madigan ,I've still not heard from either of them! Truthfully,I'm starting to loose hope with this Bill every getting out of the House. Hope I'm wrong!!! Take Care,Grace
  7. Hi Pete, I just went over my e-mails from the representatives that I heard back from and there are two that said they would co-sponsor and have yet to sign on. Representatives Jim Sacia and Michael Tyron,so I plan to write them again this week. Hopefully we can get this out of the House and onto the Senate! Take Care, Grace
  8. Thanks Al! It looks like two of the members are co-sponsors,hope they send it back to the floor for a Second Reading. Take Care, Grace
  9. Pete, That's a great letter and hopefully it doesn't fall on deaf ears. The same goes for the letter Al wrote! By any chance do either of you know if the Property Tax sub-committe is the same as the Finance and Revenue one? I'd like to send e-mails to that group of representative. Take Care, Grace
  10. Just wanted to pass this on, taking this from the IGA site the bill has moved.. "Property Tax, Subcommittee Hearing Feb 20 2009 8:10AM Capitol Building Room 122B Springfield, IL" Hope this is a good sign! Take Care,Grace
  11. Al, Although Suzanne Bassi is also my representative, I decided to send an e-mail to Rep.Stephens. I figured since he introduced the Bill I might get answer sooner than from Rep.Bassi. She was one of the last reps I heard from when I sent out my orignal e-mails. Will keep y-all updated if I hear anything. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Take Care, Grace
  12. OOPS!! I meant to say I hope this is not the case for * HB0273 * !! It's been a long day! Take Care, Grace
  13. Hi Pete, On a positive note I recieved a couple more e-mails from Representatives who sound as though they will support the Bill. If I understand you on your last post your saying the past legislatures for Veterans Tax Abatement never made it out of the House. I sure hope this will not be the case with HB4201 !!!!!!!!!! Gosh I'd like to know why these past acts never made it to the Senate. Take care. Grace
  14. Hi neightbor, Suzanne Bassi is also our representative...small world!! I actually sent her two e-mails and have yet to hear from her. I also recieved an e-mail from Rep.Golar...she defintely sounds like she in onboard. Take care, Grace
  15. I've recieved a number of e-mails these past two days from representative,and a couple from senators. All of them have been positve for this Bill and a couple more have even said they would co-sponsor. Sam I recieved a response from Rep. Osmond (from your Nay list) her e-mail to me was "Thank you for calling this to my attention. I will sign on" We have a long way to go and I hope we can all keeps this going. Take care, Grace
  16. Just wanted to update..I'm still sending out my e-mails and I have gotten four responses so far which are all positive!! yippee! B) One of the e-mail responses was from Rep.Constance Howard who said "please tell Rep.Ron Stephens I will co-sponsor" Not sure how I was suppose to do that,so I decided to foward the e-mail I wrote and her response to me to Rep Stephens....hope that works! Take Care, Grace
  17. Thanks Al for the Link that is exactly what I was looking for and it's helped alot. I to have been mailing out e-mails to Reps and Senators. Not sure I follow how to do it they way you posted so I'm just copying and pasting the text and adding the reps e-mail address. I've gone through half the list! I will continue until I sent them to all! Pete, I wonder if you shouldn't put some of this info on the general thread to alert Illinois Vets. I know there where many times I signed onto the Hadit forumn and skipped reading all the sub-forums ...just a thought. Take Care Grace
  18. Pete, I've been watching this Bill on the Illinois General Assembly Home Page and love it when I see another co-sponsor added. I wondered if you know just what the channels a Bill must take before it becomes a Law. And generally how longs this all takes? I'll admit I'm clueless when it comes to legislations! Take Care, Grace
  19. Hi Pete, Just wanted to send you a note and let you know I recieved the booklet today. Thanks again! Grace
  20. Thanks for the link! Pete If you haven't already mailed out the booklet I believe I can get all the e-mail address off the link address sam provided. Thank you both for all the information you have providied! Take Care, Justme1949
  21. I know there is a thread for State & Federal benefits but I just want to make sure all Illinois veterans read it.( I know I overlooked that thread when I first joined Hadit) A Bill was introduced this week to bring relief for Illinois Vets and their Real Estate Taxes. Please write your representatives and ask them to support it!! This is so important folks! Thank You!
  22. Pete, Thank you so much for the offer to mail one to me. In the meantime though I'll keep looking online for an e-mail address. I'll send you PM with our address. Take care
  23. Hi Pete, Thank you for staying on top of this for the Illinois Vets. I did write my representatives last year and got back some generic response. I've tried pulling up the e-mail addresses today for the Illinois reps but I can't seem to find them(again). Is there any chance you would have a link that you can post? It may not just be helping me but other Illinois vets who can also have access to their representative e-mail address. Thank you! (wife of Viet nam Vet) Justme
  24. I've been checking the Illinois VA site with hopes that the bill they proposed(and voted down) on Tax exemption for 50%-100% will come up again!! For some reason I thought they where going to look at it again this past November. Guess I was wrong! B)
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