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  1. The only thing they had that would service connect his TBI is his statement in his medical records. I didn't know about Nexus and buddy statements when we filed for his TBI. The stressor did involve the same TBI event. His humvee was hit which killed their medic and injured others. He also saw and held some of his brothers while they died. I've only heard and read some of what happened to him over there. As most do, he has a very hard time with survivors guilt.
  2. Currently he is 70% IU. I'm trying to get 100% T&P. We cannot get college for the kids with what he has now. They denied the TBI because they said it wasn't combat related, so that's why I'm trying to figure out how to combat relate his TBI. It's in his records about how he described what happened. I have a buddy that was there with him when it happened that would write a buddy statement, but not sure if I need anything else.Thank you all for your help!
  3. Hamslice, He is rated 50% for PTSD, 10% Tinnitus, 30% migraines. He is not P&T and that's what I'm trying to get. They denied the TB I claim we recently did when we did IU. They said there was no record of a TBI, but I uploaded all the supporting medical records for TBI, even highlighted the info for them. I will see if I can check with his unit. I'm not really sure how to do that and I hate asking him. All of this stuff really stresses him and his PTSD becomes worse. He told me I could do it if I want, but we do need it. We have 6 kids.....4 will be in college in a few years.
  4. My husband was in service from 1999-2003. He did two tours to Iraq. He received 3 TBI's while in Combat, but no records were made of the incidents due to the Medic with them being killed. Is there any way to prove that his TBI's were service connected even though there are no actual records? I've found a friend of his that was in combat with him that is willing to write a buddy statement. I've also seen where the Veteran can write a statement themselves which makes it Service Connected. What can I do. He has 70 IU, but they never gave him his back pay for this because they didn't raise his rating. Also, I know they do reviews and I've read that you need to file for every Service Connected disability just in case they lower another rating at the review. I've read through his VA medical records and there's a few places where it shows he has a TBI....Some say Combat related with his story and one doesn't, but has no story with it. HELP!
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