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  1. Do you have your medical records from your time in service? Were you treated for a back issue in service? It will be difficult to get service connected without recorded evidence of back problems in service especially after 26 years. VA is tough on service connecting back disabilities. You need to prove you had a back injury in service and a medical opinion connecting it to your current back conditions.
  2. Any time VA speeds up one part of the process several other parts take much longer than they previously did. Its like stepping on a rug that is sticking up and looking behind you to find it sticking up in two or three new places. Any step of the process that has become faster is simply a robbing Peter to pay Paul scenario. Legacy appeals,remands and grant processing increase in wait time in exchange for faster decisions under the new system.
  3. I have a claim in remand for about 3 months. I recently filed an ITF on another issue. I would like to get a copy of my C-File for this new claim but i don't dare request it. It is obvious VA can't do a C-File request without blowing that remand into oblivion. There is no chance in hell i will request my C-File now until my active claim is completed. What happened to you is not a mistake it is ineptitude. It is a way push a claim out of line. It is more delay delay delay. I am glad you got it straightened out but all that should be unnecessary. Thank you for sharing though because your process will help many who are mired in VA incompetence.
  4. This confirms something i have long suspected. If you request your c-file anything else you have going on will come to screeching halt and probably put it in a file marked ignore forever. VA can't walk and chew gum at the same time. I have an appeal in remand but would like to get a copy of my c-file to work on an ITF i started in April. I don't dare request that C-File though while my appeal is going because they can't do both at once. This is just another classic example of delay delay delay. If you hadn't called they may never have gotten back to it. If i were you i would call weekly now to make sure they get to it. You were screwed because you requested your C-File. That is sad.
  5. Your second question i have been seeking an answer to for a long time but no one can give the answer. I have an appeal remanded in March. I would like to get a copy of my c-file but i am terrified any attempt to get it will stall derail or entirely fustercluck my appeal. I envision a 6 to 18 month turnaround on getting the c-file and all of that time added onto my appeal giving VA an excuse to shove it to the side. Unless someone can convince me otherwise i absolutely won't request my c-file until my appeal is settled. I did get a copy over 20 years ago but i would like to get a new copy without causing a delay to my current appeal.
  6. How did you know they started working on your remand? Like az my appeal was remanded in March but for a "new medical opinion" which may or may not include an in person exam. Do they inform you when they actually start working BVA remand instructions or do you know only by getting notified of an upcoming C&P exam? I have a feeling i will just get a SSOC one day and that will be the first i will know anything.
  7. A few years ago i bought a dryer. Same dryer at Lowes and Home Depot both on sale. Home Depot refused to give me the discount and told me sale items are exempt from discount and Lowes does the same. Went to Lowes and got the discount no problem. I now use Lowes exclusively and order online for in store pick up and the discount is applied on line at check out. HD only gives discount in store and only if they feel like it. The decision on whether to give the discount at HD is often at discretion of a teenage checkout clerk or clueless 20 something manager.
  8. The stumpy579 administration usually takes between 16 and 29 months to complete surveys.
  9. My appeal was recently remanded by the BVA for a "new medical opinion". I proved to the BVA that the C&P exam i received at a VAMC was inadequate and so they ruled. If i had a proper IMO in my file they would have granted my appeal. I wanted one but could not afford one. So what will i do now? I must find a way to get one now that i have a second chance. Maybe the new medical opinion ordered in the remand will turn the tide in my favor. Maybe it will result in denial. Maybe it will be remanded once again. However,if i get my own proper IMO i am certain i will prevail. Your situation is not the same as mine but while you are finding out why those clowns didn't consider the LHI doctors opinion you should be looking into getting your own IMO. You have lots of time. I am personally convinced,after reading many posts and forums,that a proper IMO is essential in most cases. I'm just a clueless numb nuts handling my own claim without an attorney or VSO but thats my two cents.
  10. Thank you for the responses. I looked at that directory and there are some good options within a couple hours drive. The problem of course is cost. I haven't called any yet but i have read to expect to pay at least $1500 for a good IMO. I may look into a lawyer who will set me up with an IMO and take the $$(44 months and building) from any retro if my appeal is granted. My problem with the remand is BVA giving the examiner the option of rendering an opinion without an exam. If there is no exam i will not know who is giving the opinion and when. It could happen a couple months from now or a couple years. If i knew the RO was just going to give the same P.A. another chance to fix his original opinion i would get a lawyer now. If i were to truly get a new opinion i believe it will be favorable. If they send me for a new C&P exam i know that will be in my health record a few days later and i will know where i stand. If a new medical opinion is given without an exam will that be put in my health record so i can see it? I really don't want to retain a lawyer unless i am forced to appeal to CAVC but it may be the only way to get an IMO that i may or may not need. VA.Gov says 17 to 29 months for remands. Thats a long time to sit in the dark.
  11. My appeal was remanded for the following "Obtain a new medical opinion regarding the etiology of Veteran's spine disorders. Whether to conduct a new examination is left to the discretion of the examiner". It goes on to list four specific issues they want addressed. Basically i pointed out errors on the C&P exam the R.O. used to deny my claim. The board ruled the exam inadequate. The exam was performed in 2015 by a physicians assistant who still works at VA. Can the RO get a "new" opinion from this same P.A. or does new mean the opinion must come from a different examiner? Also if the examiner decides to issue an opinion without a new C&P exam how can i get a copy of that opinion? I feel it is imperative that i know the results of the new opinion and even who is rendering it as soon as possible in order to obtain a lawyer who will front me an IMO if i must counter this new opinion. I tried to get an IMO on my own but most doctors won't touch the onerous VA medical opinion standards. My SMR's and lay evidence is strong. If the new opinion is done by an honest examiner it will be favorable for me. I have very little faith in getting that honest opinion from the same P.A. who did the original C&P.
  12. Its a roulette wheel. It will soon stop on Grant Remand or Deny. Good luck.
  13. My appeal status on Ebenefits went to "With Veterans Law Judge" dated today. On VETS.GOV it says the same as yours "recently closed" with todays date. I called BVA and the guy told me its not closed they are still working on it. I told him what it says on VETS.GOV and he repeated its not closed they are working on it. I said it don't make sense and he repeated it again. When i click on view status i just get a circle that spins and never shows status.
  14. I received the same letter. It was dated 12/12/2018. My form 9 was received in May 2017. I requested Board review with no hearing. The letter states that you have 90 days OR until the board issues a decision to submit additional evidence. I read on another site where a guy was complaining because they issued a decision well before 90 days and he was upset because he didn't get his additional evidence in before the decision. I recently submitted evidence so i called BVA to make sure it was not too late and the lady assured me it wasn't. She said they are currently working Docket numbers from March 2017. That information is also on the BVA website. I figure i got at least another month or 3 to wait.
  15. Of course you are right and i will submit the evidence. I just don't understand why they put that" decision soon" box on the vets.gov status. They have a graph showing 113,000 appeals in front of me. I assumed i had close to 2 years before they get to it. I called the BVA number and the lady said they had my file but it has not been uploaded in their system yet. She told me i had time to submit evidence but she could not explain the" decision soon" box and said it made no sense. The vets.gov tracking system is much better than ebenefits but nonsense like this only serves to create confusion. Maybe in the eyes of VA a decision 2 years away is "soon". I am curious if anyone else got a "decision soon" notice on vets.gov and at what point in the appeal did it show up?
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