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  1. @GeekySquid Hell, I’m confused most of the time anyway, so everything is peachy!! You haven’t done anything to irk me. And by no means am I one of the softy’s or feel as if my feelings got hurt. I have a very hard time trusting anyone!! I’ve seen and been exposed to things that cause me to be this way—that’s all I’d like to explain for these experiences. I could never bring enough ammo, water, or other supplies for patrols. I doubted my abilities in leading men and saving them, because I couldn’t trust the outcome of situations...well, now that shit is happening through the VA
  2. @GeekySquid YES! It’s out of date! I sent the wrong one. Here’s the latest and greatest: https://www.ethics.va.gov/docs/policy/1004_01_HK_20090814rev2.pdf Why? All the same reasons you do. You ask to be clear and if a shady response is given, you can walk. It’s a simple policy to follow at the VA; it’s not an option one can decide they will or will not follow on even days. I had to follow the regulations, DA Pam’s, DOD, FM, etc., but when the VA is in charge, they get to pick and choose. Well, that’s just not right. GB
  3. @brokensoldier244th I’m not in any pain management program; although, I should be considering all the surgeries/illnesses/injuries I have. Anyway...I just took a drug test not less than a month ago, so I can’t figure this out?? GB
  4. @GBArmy I’ve NEVER been given this option or heard of it... What is happening at this VAMC??? GB
  5. @Richard1954 I wasn’t informed Sir..it just showed up on my Healthy Vet Blue Records Summary. This was not scheduled. I can pick and choose from the available care through the VA; although this is something I generally do not do. I just don’t appreciate it when the VA employees go rogue and line every test up to screen you for. Without one’s consent (that is: not knowing the test), is a violation of the 5th Amendment. It’s self-crimination... They ought to just follow policy.... Thanks for your valued input Richard!! GB
  6. I’m sure this question will raise many opinions/responses, but I will go on post for any feedback. Also, I was unsure where to post this, topic-wise. Questions: 1. What is considered “Consent” for a drug screen through the VA? 2. Is the VA (and any type of employee though the VA) required to obtain consent for a drug screen? 3. What are the forms of consent? Written, “iMedConsent,” and/or telephonic—when recorded and not recorded with VA witness? Situational question to stir the research: If a Veteran gets called in for an annual blood/urine test, and VA
  7. @GeekySquid Check the VA website...just use “VA Whole Health” in a search on google or other search engine... you can see my concerns about this program...it just looks colored pretty. I’m not a doctor, but I really don’t see any options for alternative or advanced care/techniques for multiple injuries. I’ll keep everyone up to date, however!! Thanks! GB
  8. @vetquest when you say how it, “opened up some medical treatment that I was denied.” Were you 100% P&T at the time??? i don’t mind ‘playing’ along with the recommendations from the VA, I just get impatient sometimes hope (that’s all - hope) that it’s not another rosy-colored glasses for the public to see...
  9. Hello again all: Its been a minute or so since I posted/replied to much here. I hope that those who helped me in the past are well and doing the best they can. In addition, I was lost where to ask this question. I scoured the ‘search’ engine resulting in zero, so if I’ve irked any of the administrators, please let me know and I will initiate and complete my own DA FORM 4856 (General Counseling Form). Subject: The VA WHOLE HEALTH PROGRAM This program was recently suggested to me, yet I don’t know anything about it or it’s results, good or bad. I’ve done res
  10. @Togore101 congradulations! Receiving the P&T status for me was a wonderful blessing also! I’m so thankful, daily.... Grumpbox
  11. Always apply for SSDI when you are not working/can’t work. That was the advise I got from a high profile lawyer specializing in SSD cases.
  12. @acesup Thanks for all the insight and advise!! I’ve done just that: obtained a lawyer. In fact, I’m seeing him today. He is really well-known, seasoned, and been winning cases like this for over 30 years, so I’m setting in for a long wait. Time will tell and the rest will smell.... thanks again!! Grumpbox
  13. @L Thanks so much for your detailed reply. SSDI is also based on working the last 5 out of 10 years as a criteria for approval. & remember YOUR ABILITIES - not always DISABILITIES.... Well, lets see, I was medically retired from the US Army, 21 Nov 2011. I worked very briefly for about four months after that. Then I had a long break until I worked again in 2016 for about four months. Since then (and to date) no work reflects on my Social Security, nor was there any other work, either. Also, I do have a 'My Social Security' account. This 'settlement' (which I have yet to
  14. @MPsgt EXACTLY!! To Your last statement! I am rated by the VA “unable to work” and been unable to obtain gainful employment for some time now. I just don’t see why SSN denied me or the justification for the denial?
  15. SSD/SSDI Experts: Initial application for SSD was 22 May 2018. Denied initial application noted via Mysocialsecurity, dated: 17 Aug 2018. No official letter has arrived yet indicating reason(s). Also, my Date of Last Insured is 31 Dec 2018, per SSN. This is what concerns me. After 31 Dec 2018, I am NO Longer eligible for any type of SSD. I know I have 60 days to submit a 'Reconsideration;' however, how I go about this has me stonewalled. My state of residence is TN. @MPsgt You and I have spoke about this some, but not much over this phase: Denial. Maki
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