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  1. Just got off the phone with the Treasury (should have done that in the first place ) and was told that they CAN'T touch VA disability, and that the only ones that could was the VA.
  2. @brokensoldier244th This is travel payment from the Army. I ETS in 2016, and it looks like they have been trying to get this for sometime now.
  3. I owe ~ $1300.00 in overpayment for travel pay from 2016. I talked to a third party collector and told him I'm rated 100%. I asked him if I could make a payment arrangement for $50, but he told me the Treasury wants more than that a month, and that he could not put me down for $50 a month for 24 months. I'm trying to take care of 3 debts atm without hurting myself too much. He told me they would come after my disability if I do not pay more than that. Am I SOL?
  4. I'm rated 100% for MDD non p&t. I have a letter from my voc rehab counselor stating that I can not work. I also have a letter from my psychiatrist and social worker stating that I can not work. What are the odds that I get approve?
  5. Hello everyone. I qualified for voc rehab, and my counselor gave me three options. The three options: Independent living program Extended contact (she will call me each month and see how i'm doing) reapply another time She understands that my problems are more mental, and I told her that my chronic back pain and flat feet did not prevent me from getting around the house and living independently. I see a therapist once a week, so I think the extended contact would be useless. I'm 100% sc non p&t at the moment. Thanks for reading, Fearless
  6. July 2, 2019 - Va receives my supplemental appeal with new evidence August 15, 2019 - Given new C&P exam for the condition September 17, 2019 - Awarded favorable decision My appeal was simple and easy. Your appeal may be more complicated.
  7. Reopened my tinnitus claim, and my VSO went ahead and submitted a new claim for hearing loss. Just wondering.
  8. January 2019 - submitted claim February 2019 - C&P exam July 2019 - Submitted supplemental claim with new evidence September 2019 - Awarded 100% non p&t for major depression with an eed of 8/15/2019 Shouldn't my eed be January 2019? I left my job because of this disability in 2017 and have not worked since.
  9. Hahaha I love this place. @Riplip I take antidepressants and I have this problem. I'm not a doctor, but I read on the internet that antidepressants can cause this. I'm in my 20's and this is problematic.
  10. I had my VA doctors write me a letter to fight my proposed reduction. The letter was highly in my favor. There is a directive as well. You may find it interesting. https://www.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=4300
  11. I have a supplemental claim open. It states, " We dont know your status" and " 1 compensation issue". I called the VA instead and got the status on my claim.
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