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  1. I know three people in the same exact situation. Ill update if i remember when they get their decicions. Did you find out the answer to your question? From my research I found that MST is a pathway to get service connected after the fact. as stated the claim needs to be filed within a year of discharge if you filed one and it was denied then maybe years later you could overturn that decisicon if they made a mistake or more evidence compelled a reverse and backpay. But MST isnt a instant 0%-100% you get rated to like one mental disorder diagnosis and how much it impairs you total 0-100. the MST law basicaly says if you experience MST during your service you can get free treatment by a therapist PHD at the VA vets centers. these therapists can help you build a case for Compensation based on what mental disorder affects you most. there are multiple Mental disorder Diagnosis and most of them are Vague with a general description of your symptoms. if you didnt report it then you have to find some sort of extra evidence, letter from a friend you told, change in performance, letter from family memeber stating how much you have changed.(all these letters have very specific formats you can look up by the google) File Intent to file on Ebenefits or By Phone or mail.(Date you start getting back pay) Visit Vets Center tell them you have MST See A VSO once given a rating if service connected you will be paid benefits to the date you filed intent to file.
  2. I was diagnosed in service and discharged i think beacuse of my condition. but i was not medicaly discharged although I was service connected about 7 years after I was discharged at 10%. If I get my DIscharge changed to a medical discharge could I get back pay to the day I was Discharged?
  3. thanks for all the help folks, I saw on E bennies the prep for notification go to decicion letter sent ? like 4 weeks ago nothing in the mail yet except the health/life insurance jargon the ebenefits disabilites popped up with what i put above and a 10% I recieved 3 months of 10% 133~ 4 weeks ago I have A stack of old paperwork documenting the day I entered to the day I was discharged. I was in the navy still when I believe i created an E benefits Login. So i May have just looked into filing and decided not to, for some reason I thought you could only file once ever. So I think I decided to wait until I had more Medical Evidence. My Family Currently is becoming educated about Veterans benefits through me. I did mention Alcohol abuse was not service connected and was labled misconduct. This is funny as I was reporting that I had alcohol abuse today 7 years after my discharge. So my Drinking to "A good buzz" at 26 yrs old Every night is willful misconduct "Once I get my Decicision".... is this the brown envelope everyone talks about? I have "not" recieved a letter in the Mail stating their deciscio?n i or the percentage they came to. I watched Ebenefits for 3 months painfully but Strangely i feel like it went rather quickly Since The problem persisted for 7 years until I finialy said hell with the Doctors and filed on my own. went down to see a VSO he looked at me like i was Insane. He literaly said ""this claim will get denied" , then you can appeal it with more evidence after going to a doctor and getting a diagnosis" The C&P Exam was Really Short I feel like I didnt get to anything in particular just grazed over my entire life it seemed like. A therapist mentioned the Diagnosis is kinda an "Open Ended" one saying "its probably being left open for more input" the vets center therapist was not able to find anything about me getting service connected or the C&P exam. this makes me believe I have a long road to go until I should rest my case against the VA Updates Actions 06/12/2017 Compensation 09/26/2017 Attention: Development Letter Sent Development Letter Sent Attention: Decision Notification Sent Decision Notification Sent View Appeal Status EDIT? 10/25/17 the Va chat bot told me they mailed the decicision letter a Month ago and to wait 10 business days for it to arrive. So they said they would send another letter.
  4. Hey folks new here I was Diagnosed with adjustment disorder with anxiety and depressed mood / occupational problem. I tried to file for benefits IDK if I did before I got out. Someone told me to go to the VA and I did they told me to go see a private doctor and then apply. I was broke within a month after I was discharged and never saw a doc for about 7 years. I finialy hit a rock bottom so I applied anyway with 17 different Ebenfits Problems. I also have not recieved a letter notifying me of the decision. I recieved a letter saying I qualified for disabled va life insurance I recieved a call from va health care welcoming me to va health care Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date drug abuse Willful Misconduct phobic anxiety disorder unspecified also claimed as (nervousness, bipolar disorder, memory loss, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)) 10% Service Connected 06/09/2017 eye condition, left eye Not Service Connected sleep apnea Not Service Connected non-specific digestive complaints Not Service Connected alcohol abuse Willful Misconduct right wrist condition Not Service Connected back condition Not Service Connected nutritional deficiency Not Service Connected so After this Im Considering appealing For either more benefire or retro pay. since I dont remember If i filed for va compensation before i was discharged I know I spoke with the VA IDK how to find out if I did. I also have A VSO who wouldnt answer an email from me but ID like to know if I could get any GI Bills I was give an GENERAL(UNder honorable conditions) discharge and donno if it could get upgraded. Either way I never expected to get service connected years later im just learning about all this stuff now years later
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