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  1. Good Afternoon Bertha,

      Last week i went to go see one of the VSO in my city to file for claim for sleep apnea. The thing is that i went ahead with what they think was better to SC the issue, which was secondary to PTSD. I went ahead but didnt feel to comfortable with the guidance. I had all my document and everything for the VSO to look at and he was dont worry about it, they VA should have those documents.

  2. Good evening, I was wonder about health issue, due to having to go to the hospital due to chest, stomach and back pain this past week. Hospital did checks on Heart, blood work , and ultrasound on my liver, pancreas, stomach, and kidney as to find the issue and nothing was found. They think it might have been stomach acid issue or some ulcers but they didn't find anything. They prescribe me some anti acid med. The Pain to a while to go , which was a about over 4 hours before it even taper off. This all happened after just eating. They said to get with my Dr and have more further in depth look at this. Is this something that should make and appoint with the VA as a follow up and to get it more looked as to the issue. - wasn't show where to post this
  3. What's your PTSD SC Rating and Effective Date? Are you positive that there are SMRs discussing treatment or complaints of sleep issues while on active duty? Do you have the Clinician Treatment Notes for your Sleep Issues, addressed in the 1st year after Discharge? PTSD is @ 70% with an effective date of 10/2015, thats when it was increase with a cue due to initial assessment was only granted 30% which was with effective date of march-2013 same month i was separated from active duty. The PTSD was a long battle with VA due to initial claim was denied. As for notes for complaint for sleep issue were at exit exam on 2807-1, while in service (that is as much of info from in service) and also I have treatment notes from my initial assessment that the Dr. recommends for sleep study due to suspicion of OSA and probability of headaches coming from OSA. Direct SC or Secondary to PTSD? Why not address both in a 21-4138? How to go about this. I have asked VSO about and which way to go about it. VSO wants nexus. They want me to go over this with VA Dr. and the notes from the Sleep clinic to see if i can get the nexus that way. But not sure which route to push this a single SC or to secondary this to PTSD. VMC Sleep Specialists are very reluctant to give a conclusive supportive DBQ or Clinician Note as to a PTSD Nexus. Then again you might Luck Out. Based on my personal experience, you would be wise to see a Private MD, Board Certified Neurologist Sleep Specialist. No DBQ necessary, strictly his initial exam consult Treatment Notes could seal the deal. Could i use the assessment from the sleep study that i had for this and/or will i still need a nexus letter to file for it You indicate your Sleep Study had your P02's dropping to low 80's. In addition to the CPAP RX, are you also on supplemental 02? If not, you should address this immediately with your VA SA Clinician and/or a Private Sleep Dr. A very dangerous situation. Periodic overnight P02 readings should be scheduled. on the Polysomnohraphic split night report with CPAP goes as: first hour of sleep 137.5 minutes of test without CPAP was report with AHl 70.7 and 7.3 minutes of oxygen below 88% with the lowest at 80% assessment: OSA(G47.33 ) , Sleep related Hypoxemia (G47.34) , hypersomnia 780.54, nightmares, snoring and overweight
  4. Now as for asking a Dr. should i go first with my VA PMC Dr or go with my ENT Dr, that recommended me to get this 1. Now if i need to go thru a IMO/IME, which type of Dr would those be. Would that be something i would go thru that is paid my my employers insurance type of Dr. ?
  5. I was just prescribed a CPAP machine this year after various trouble and complain to VA about lack of sleep or being tired after long hour of sleep, drowsy when driving in the morning with head aches. One big thing that VA uses against me is upon return from combat deployment, started hitting the bottle hard and was involved in a vehicle accident on base, which led to TBI and being in ICU for couple days. The other only probably head injury are from being airborne but who goes to sick call when you hit the ground hard, lol. for 3 caluza: 1. diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been prescribed a CPAP machine thru the VA 2. Only thing i have for this for in service is on exit exam with complain of head ache in the morning with, itchy throat when sleeping/coughing, and buddy letter from deployment about my sleep. Also comaplain to VA about this in the first year that i was out of service. 3. The nexus or link is the part that will be hard as to how to go about it. I have the paper work for diagnoses but how to tie them is the hardest part without them just denying it.
  6. Good Gents, After a longtime of wonder why i always was so tired during military service and then getting out. I come to find out I have OSA and have to use a CPAP machine. Never thought of it in service of an issue due to who get 8 hrs of sleep in service.Only time was on exit exam where i reported issue of cough blood when waking up, headache in the morning, itchy throat at night with cough, sensitive to light. Exit exam put me down for vascular head aches. During my initial visit to the VA when i got out, they me down with Unspecified sleep disturbance and insomnia. Also let the VA now of the sleep issue and problems in the morning. This has been going on for a while now until i was refer by Menlo Park - MTRP to conduct a Sleep test. I had to do a sleep at a clinic due to initial test with a machine they send me home came back inconclusive. The sleep test at a the clinic came back with 60+ incident of apnea in an hour with low oxygen of 80%. The Sleep Dr would not do the VA questionnaire because he wants the VA to do that. He just gave me all the document in regards to my study. Should i collect buddy letter and try to SC to in service or do i go the route of secondary to PTSD. I now i can do some more work on working out and lower weight which would be helpful, but this has been an issue even when i was down in weight. Thank you all.
  7. I been talking to my VSO, but she report this claim as a reconsideration when she filed. Not sure why. I reached out to VSO today so waiting on reply, but at time i feel like a pain in the butt to them or even to reach out for compensation.
  8. Trying to see how to go about this and to appeal this. Currently the way it goes, was that i had mild flat arches coming into service while serving in the marine corps from 01 to 05. Was out for about 1 year and went into the army from 07 to 13. Wasn't much of person to go to sick call and paying the price for everything now. So on my exit exam and questionnaire, i brought up that i was having issue with pain running and shine pain. The Dr. on the exit exam put that i have normal arches but that i have bi lateral foot pain exacerbated by running. This also included knee pain also. During my first C&P exam in 2014, they did a tests to confirm that i did have mild pes planus. I files and they denied due to not caused by services, although i was trying for aggravated. • Service connection for pes planus (claimed as flat feet) is denied since this condition neither occurred in nor was caused by service. • Your service treatment records show that on entrance examination in 2000, you had moderate asymptomatic pes planus. No other mention of pes planus was found in service treatment records. On separation examination dated December 17, 2012 you had normal arch. Examiner states there is currently insufficient evidence to suggest the bilateral current pes planus condition incurred or caused by foot pain noted during service. Although bilateral foot pain was noted on your exit examination here is no mention or diagnosis of pes planus while in service. ** should i go about getting a different nexus letter stating that this was aggravated . Here is what my nexus letter said He born with flat feet. During his military service he carried loads weighing S50-70 pounds while marching 5-15 miles on a regular basis.In addition be participated in numerous parachute jumps. He reports that since the military. his feet have been hurting more, necessitating him to wear inserts all the time.Therefore, his foot symptoms are as likely, as not related t0 his activities during his military service. Thank you
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