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  1. I filed and sent all the notes from the Nephrologist that said it was HTN related or CHD related (I am 10% heart, 10% HTN). They do not want any more info from me but they did ask for the VA notes which again states Stage 3 Renal Insufficiency. The Ebenefits site says they'll make a decision between 8 Aug-18 Oct. It will be interesting to find out what they say. I'll post the results here.
  2. Even IF one can obtain space A for 100% TDIU or other veterans groups, good luck because even for retired military personnel there are very few flights since the Obama years. Maybe they'll pick up but so far due to his cuts the military has very few flights to anywhere.
  3. I was diagnosed with hypertension before I separated form the military and over the years I've developed chronic kidney disease (CKD) with eGFR of 54 sometimes int he 40's. And, I am wanting to get this CKD or renal insufficiency service-connected. I'm 10% on the hypertension already but don't know what the final outcome will be whether they'll combine the disabilities or rate each separate. So, I am wondering if I need a nexus letter from a physician or will the VA accept the doctor's notes from a nephrologist that says Diagnosis "Hypertensive chronic kidney disease with stage 2 through stage 4 chronic kidney disease, or unspecified chronic kidney disease. All the VA doctor's notes have the lab eGFR's at or near what the Nephrologist's office obtained. So do I need a Nexus letter? i guess it would help but sometimes doctors just don't want to prepare a letter.
  4. Folks, I'm 74 years old and not Housebound nor on A&A and I am 100& IU at 70%SC. Here is a listing of the SC disabilities: Bilat: Lt Shoulder 20%, Rt Shoulder 10%, Rt Knee 10%, Lt Knee 10%.. Other disabilities SC are: Impotence 20%, Hypertension 10%, Degen arthritis spine 10%, Tinnitus 10%. CAD 10% Rt Ankle 10% All of which I am awarded 70% SC items I can claim are Renal Insufficiency Secondary to hypertension 60%, Lt Ankle 10% (new) And even with the new ones I can claim it's 90%-maybe 92% unless the degenerative arthritis of the spine and the right ankle has worsened. I probably won't try to obtain "new" SC but have notified RO that I intend to file on the Secondary Renal Insufficiency. I hope this clears things up somewhat. Thanks.
  5. Thank you Buck! A former moderator I believe of this board led me to believe otherwise.
  6. i too am thinking about using the Ellis Clinic $500 for 4 claims and $100 for each claim thereafter. If he has to take an X-Ray is the cost of that in addition to the $100 per claim?
  7. I have received conflicting reports regarding 100% IU (70% SC) and then some years later a 60% SC is awarded. What does that make the person at 70% on IU? Is he awarded more money or reach a higher award of some kind? 70+60 doesn't equal 130% but is the IU considered 100% and then the 60% added to the 100% IU??? This is perplexing to me and probably a lot of other veterans.
  8. Broncovet, I'm going to ebenefits and file now. I have a;; the lab results and the VA has all the other data nad I'll use a VSO Representative on OKC. Thank you for listening and for the answers!
  9. I’m already 100% IU so the one month wait is negligible -right? I can’t receive anymore than 100%.
  10. Thanks Brocovet for being upfront! I do need to get Sc'd on the renal but I'm waiting for a repeat lab test in May and then I'll take the sC step along with about 6 other defects to be sc'd. Dunno why they want another repeat lab test because it's an ongoing problem over many years. I just wanted an idea on the percentages.
  11. I have a quick question, I've had hypertension for over 30 years and now my GFR is 46 which is Stage 3. I am not SC'd on the renal failure but am going to have to file in case something happens. The way I read the Stage 3 is as far as SC is concerned equals 60% unless Creatinine, BUN, Albumin or protein are spilling-if they are, it's 80%. Am I correct?
  12. Never mind the reply, I searched the internet and found that once a disability has been on the books for twenty years it is permanent even though it may have resolved as in my case the hypertension.
  13. I had no idea or knowledge of CRDP but I'll check it out and file if appropriate. I was in Vietnam and have tinnitus combat-related but all the other misc ailments that I'm SC'd on aren't related to Vietnam but according to what I've read that issue is moot. Thanks You so much for your insight and knowledge. I thought once a disability was sc’d for 20 years like hbp it couldn’t be taken away? It’s eliminated but can they still remove it from one’s disabilities? I still have the sc on the books.
  14. Buck, what did you mean by "If I have 20 years in?" I do have 20 years of the disability as well as 20 years AD in the military. Are you referring to having the disability for 20 years? I have that but I haven't had the IU for 20 years. Can you clear this up for me please?
  15. My IU is 100% and I am questioning whether the IU will be eliminated although the rating that awarded this says, "No further exams." I'm not A&A. My real problem is is if Congress addresses the veterans that are on IU and eliminates IU for everyone. I like most vets would not appreciate a compensation decrease.

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