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  1. Berta, Yes mam. I meant I recieve comp from the V.A. at 50% for PTSD. There was a mental health eval I had 6 months before discharge that determined I was having difficulty functioning that the people discharging me never considered because it was a civilian facility that gave the General Ability to Function test rating and my mental health medication while I was still enlisted. There's no mention of the medication or the test in my military records, but I pulled my records for the inpatient facility and submitted them. It was just a small chance that I thought they might change it to medical. I would be very surprised if they did after talking to people and reviewing what has happened in similar cases. Thank you for the link and the information. I'm hoping the review board upgrades it to Honorable. Given the information you shared and a few other helpful things I received from other people It looks possible.
  2. I am seeking either a medical retirement discharge based off them not reviewing my GAF score of 30something from a civilian rehabilitation facility 6 months before discharge and current PTSD diagnosis, or Honorable based off my PTSD rating from General under honorable conditions. My hopes aren't too high when it comes to the medical retirement, but I think it doesnt hurt to try. I think Honorable is more achievable in my case, but still difficult.
  3. Navy04 thank you for trying to help. It wasn't combat related. I was assaulted in the base living quarters. I am not comfortable with giving more information other than that regarding the circumstances. I did not do any drugs, nor have any positive drug tests. Just an on base DWI, a couple ER records for self harm threats, military alcohol use program records, and a record from a civilian rehabilitation center concerning alcohol use. My GAF score entering rehab was 60 something (which means I was very disfunctional) and my rehab discharge GAF was in the 30s (Still not very functional, but better). All the rehab GAF scores happened roughly 6 months before discharge. My command treated me poorly, and my supervisor told me not to go to the exiting medical exam so I couldn't tell them about my mental health. I doubt they considered my GAF score for anything since it was a civilian rehab I went to and there's no record for Prozac in my military record, but I have the information from the civilian rehab.
  4. MF6

    I just wanted to say thank you for your posts about your discharge upgrade. It gives me hope as I just filed with the BCMR regarding an upgrade to Honorable/Medical Retirement. Hopefully the new Kurta memo helps when it comes to my case. Thank you again!

  5. John999 I was discharged in 2009 when they were reducing the number of people they had in the military and didn't get help for my ptsd until late 2016 when the VA diagnosed me. I kept all my records and submitted a stack of evidence that seemed like it was an inch thick once everything was copied so they have little room for speculation as to my mental health while in service. Hopefully the new Kurta memo does something regarding connecting the dots and allowing V.A. records to be presented as evidence. If not I'll have to find a good lawyer.
  6. The first package I submitted through the DAV they sent through the VA and it got stuck there. I got a letter saying the VA doesn't handle such cases, exc. The DAV recommended I mail it myself to the appropriate board of corrections as the DAV must file through the VA and it might get lost again.
  7. Just thought I'd update the forum. After going to the DAV a second time to file for discharge upgrade they told me to mail it certified, signature required. I made sure to include my GAF score and my antidepressant medication I was prescribed while attending rehab for selfmedicating, all my records of any incident while in service, current ptsd diagnosis w/alcohol abuse in remission, family statements, my statement about how my superviser ordered me to not go to my medical appointment, and the following memo below that recently came out regarding the care of PTSD cases. Wish me luck. https://ctveteranslegal.org/breaking-news-kurta-memo-expands-pathway-discharge-upgrades-clients/
  8. They gave me General Under Honorable Conditions when I was discharged. (Two months before I was supposed to non-voluntarily separate early as Honorable (Due to troop cutbacks. I submitted a copy of the preseparation paperwork saying Honorable to them as well)) I heard or read somewhere a while ago about getting education benefits back if the discharge is upgraded to Honorable, but the person upgraded still has to apply with the VA to verify eligibility. I was hoping for that or maybe medical. The internet doesn't say a lot about medical discharges other than the process to get one as an active duty member.
  9. I separated from active duty service in the Air Force with in 2010 and had undiagnosed non-combat military connected PTSD with alcohol use in remission (According to my VA disability paperwork which puts me at 50% for ptsd.) This was granted the beginning of last year. I recently put in to have my discharge upgraded to honorable from general and have yet to hear back from them. (E-benefits say maybe I'll hear about it early February 2018.) There were a few selfmedicated incidents with alcohol that happened while I was active duty that resulted in going into a civilian rehabilitation facility, a perscription to an antidepressant, and a lot of suicidal ideation I recently admitted in my paperwork to the review board that I was afraid to admit to my command because they would do things like write someone up for a sunburn (destruction of government property), or purposefully keep spouses apart by writing one up for something they didn't do and keep them from going during their significant others' PCS (because someone else did it to them for five years and "they turned out fine"(There was no way to prove otherwise.)). I was recently reading about medical retirement from the military. It's a little confusing. I was wondering if there was a way to submit for reconsideration and medically retire from the military after separation?
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